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3.0 von 5 Sternen Doesn't differentiate in the kinds of entities, 19. Juli 2013
Patrice - Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen
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The main problem of the book is that it throws too many kinds of entities together and doesn't really differentiate which countermeasures work best for which kind of entities. For the novice it will be not easy to distinguish them.
Not all are creeping on the earth. The ones I encountered so far did't gave a damn about garlic, white sage smudging, electric-violet fire, white light, salt baths, putting the light on, protection stones like obsidian even put on the body part attacked (mostly the dead attach in between the breasts, the heart chakra or below, sometimes a bit above). Even the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram didn't work.

I didn't try that thing about the core images.

The only things I tried that prevented protection of attachment were being awake and real sunlight. Artificial light had sadly no influence, Maybe a full spectrum artificial light would work? I don't know. Maybe sleeping all day and staying awake at night would do the job, but that's not an option for all of us.

I read that the Rose cross ritual would work much better thant the lesser banishing ritual. The latter would only work if you have a personal connection with the god(s) or angel(s) involved. Otherwise the lesser banishing ritual would do just the opposite: attract spirits through the drawing down of the light and then giving it off in bursts in the four directions.'

What this book is great are Robert Bruces theories how the negative entities affect the human spirit body, how they look like and even his creepy theory (page 17) unfortunately proofed to be true, that deranged ghosts turn after some time into nonhuman Neg types (after around 100 years?). The deranged ghosts are always also psychic vampires as they loose energy with the time and their energy bodies fades. For that information alone I don't regret having bought that book.

At the moment I have no real protection solution for myself. I will buy a protection necklace of a Bastet priestess. Working with spirit guides and maybe gods or angels would help best I guess. Just don't know how to accomplish this.

I also recommend:
For that one you should have a bit magical experience


Further reading, but he works mainly with spirit guides. With some very helpful pendulum techniques:
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