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4,6 von 5 Sternen14
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Juli 2003
Ich sehe Gabriel Byrne als Schauspieler sehr gerne und habe mich gefragt, was in einem Buch wie "Pictures in My Head" stehen könnte. Nicht mit allzu viel Erwartungen kaufte ich das Buch und las es schließlich in 4 Tagen.
Es war ein richtiges Erlebnis, in diese Welt einzutauchen. Das Werk ist wirklich sehr gelungen, besonders die Geschichten aus der Kindheit und die Einblicke hinter die Kulissen der "Glitzerwelt" Hollywoods.
Für Fans ist es auf jeden Fall ein Muss!!! Und selbst für Leute, die ihn als Schauspieler nicht kennen, ist die Biographie interessant und mit einem gewissen Anspruch, also bei weitem nicht auf dem Niveau einer Dieter-Bohlen-Biographie, etc.!
Die englische Sprache, die mich zuerst etwas abgeschreckt hat, da ich dachte, dass er als Ire viel Slang-Begriffe benutzen würde, stellte sich im nachhinein als kein großes Problem heraus.
Poetische Klänge mit viel Wärme und Offenheit... Wärmstens zu empfehlen.
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am 24. Mai 2000
So you like Gabriel Byrne do you? Well this book will make you like him even more! In the begining it takes you to when Gabriel Byrne's mom and brother are getting ready to come home from the hospital. Gabriel's uncle often adds comical relief to many situations in the book. My favorite part of the book was when Gabriel talked about a nun that hit him with a ruler, I found what Gabriel kept saying to be extremly funny. Anyway this book gives you a perspective on one of hollywoods hottest stars from a different point of view. If you're looking for a laugh or just a great book, "Pictures in my head," is it.
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am 13. Dezember 1998
When I first found this book,I already admired Gabriel Byrne as an actor so talented that he truly becomes the characters he plays (a rarity in Hollywood, now or at any time). I was amazed to find that he is equally talented as a writer. But greater than any of this, his honesty, sense of humor and appreciation of the people around him make a rare man, one that it would be a privilege and a joy to know. I hope he plans to write more.
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am 23. Oktober 1999
Ich habe das Buch über viele Umwege aus England bekommen, und ich muß sagen, daß es die Mühe wirklich wert war. Eine spannende Abhandlung von Erinnerungssplittern aus früher Kindheit bis in die letzten Jahre. Witz, gepaart mit Ironie über einen Mann, der von der ursprünglichen Idee Priester zu werden umentscheidet und Schauspieler wird, etwas das vielleicht gar nicht so verschieden vom Priesterdarsein ist, bedenkt man doch, daß auch der Papst einmal Schauspieler gewesen ist. Vielleicht verbinden diese beiden Beruf(ung)e(n) doch mehr miteinander als man annehmen sollte. Sehr eindrucksvoll und bildlich geschrieben, kann man sehen, daß es auch in der Filmwelt Menschen gibt, die im Grunde genommen völlig normal geblieben sind. Man sieht auch deutlich das Gabriel Byrne noch stark mit seiner irischen Heimat verbunden ist. Insgesamtgesehen hat das Buch in mir den Wunsch entfacht Gabriel Byrne einmal persönlich kennenzulernen, wenn das auch eher unwahrscheinlich sein dürfte.
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am 24. September 1999
Remember that neat Irish cousin who always told those great stories? No? I didn't have one either. But reading this book makes me feel like I did. Far from the Peter Pan tell-all favored by the more bloodletting ilk of Hollywood divorcee, Mr. Byrne provides substantive detail as to why his epithet as "The Quiet Man" of the Hollywood Irish is deserved. Neither the nun's rod nor the naughty child is spared as a small Irish town and things Irish in general leap to life. Like other autobiographically rich tropes through letters such as David Niven, John Gielgud & Alec Guinness have done, there's enough detail to warm your cockles but not enough gas to fold your sails. Picture a Clive James diatribe through a lace curtain, with a little Liz Smith thrown in. This work occludes the "why me" self-doubt of stardom, while anticipating the generally assumed greed for acting celebrity Byrne eschews. For once, fans can say thanks that success has not gone to an actor's head, but to his journal.
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am 26. April 1999
I think that Gabriel Byrne did a superb job in writing this book.
He is quite talented as an Actor, but, the Creme de La Creme of being an Author. I admire everything he could account from his childhood in Dublin, Ireland, to how he was treated by his family, his marriage to Ellen Barkin, and to his two children (Jack and Romy), being born.
I don't know if Ellen and Gabriel are still together, but from reading of how Jack was born first, and to Gabriel's daughter, Romy being born three years thereafter. His Prayer to Romy, was simply fantastic! I truly believe he is an excellent father, and I am very proud of him.
If anyone out there has an address for Gabriel, I want to send him the first holy comunion cross, that was stolen from him.
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am 19. August 1998
Not only do we see into the life of the actor, but we get a glimpse of the fine man behind the characters he has portrayed. As a child seeking himself, as a young man seeking his path and as an adult seeking his place in contemporary life with his (now former) wife and his children, we have the rare opportunity to meet, know and love a fine man. If his future writings live up to the potential shown here, Gabriel Byrne will be one of the best storytellers to come on the scene in many years. I am eagerly looking forward to Gabriel's next venture and will cherish this one. Would that I could have the chance to meet him, not just through this book but in real life!!
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am 14. Juni 2000
This book started in a very interesting way, but its after-taste reflects the typical Hollywood way: Literature got mixed with the LA emptiness. The first half of the book is very well written, with character and soul. The second half seemed to be written in a rush, in a mere analytical description of facts where the author lost his powerful insights. The style of the final chapters are sort of cautious and maybe too "encrypted".
The book is certainly entertaining for people into movie stars' biographies (I am not one of those). It lacks personality for people that are looking for a refined portrait of an interesting lived life.
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am 31. Oktober 2003
I'm a huge fan of Gabriel Byrne and had to buy this book when I saw it... I was not dissappointed. Gabriel's easy to get into writing style made the book difficult to put down once I had started. His natural wit shined through and had me laughing out loud at numerous times. The book lets us share his first acting experience, the rise of his career and the birth of his first born child. This autobiography is not just for fans of Gabriel Byrne, other members of my family have read and enjoyed the book. I would reccommened this to anyone who is a fan, enjoys autobiographies or enjoys the Irish sense of humour. In short - fantastic!
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am 4. Januar 1999
Gabriel Byrne provides the reader with the rare and wonderful opportunity to step into the life of one of Hollywood1s most revered leading men. Experience first hand his poignant and often hilarious upbringing as well as his tenacious journey to stardom. Wonderfully written and is as informative as it is entertaining. A definite must for those who love and admire Irish literature and Gabriel Byrne.
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