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am 20. Juni 2000
For readers who are primarily interested in feng shui guidelines for arranging furniture and enhancing good luck sectors of their home, this book will probably prove to be a big disappointment. There is only minimal attention paid to house interiors in this book. However, for anyone with at least an intermediate knowledge of feng shui basics and an interest in pursuing an in depth study of the history of feng shui and the practice of Form School and Flying Star feng shui, this book is a wonderful source of information.
In this book the author provides a detailed history of the development of feng shui and its ties to Taoist philosophy. She also includes a short but informative explanation of the Chinese calendar. She then moves on to a brief description of aspects of the geomantic compass (i.e., the Lo Pan) that are salient to her particular practice of feng shui. A considerable portion of the book is devoted to Form School feng shui; that is, evaluating the landscape, both rural and urban, for auspicious locations. Some of this material is, admittedly, difficult to follow. I found the graphic representations of landforms to be somewhat esoteric and hard to understand. However, if you want to gain a thorough understanding of the basics of Form School feng shui as practiced by the Chinese masters, this is a terrific source of information. Trying to comprehend the material left me with an appreciation for why the Chinese require aspiring practitioners to be apprenticed to feng shui masters in order to learn the art of feng shui.
The author also teaches her readers how to apply Flying Star feng shui, which she calls the Nine Palaces. The flying stars refer to nine stars (five of which make up the Big Dipper) which are believed to exert an influence on one's feng shui. The author explains how to set up a natal chart for your home based on the directions faced by the front and back of the house and the cycle (according to the Chinese calendar) in which the home was built. From the natal chart you can determine the configuration of the nine stars and whether they portend benevolence or malevolence for each room of your home and its occupants. You also learn how to apply the flying star formulas on a monthly and yearly basis to see how the passage of time affects the feng shui of your home. The author includes many examples for you to follow in order to learn the technique. She also shows you how to assign bedrooms based on the occupant's year of birth and how to set up countermeasures to lessen the impact of destructive stars. Setting up and interpreting the charts requires some very detailed work, and you need to be comfortable working with numbers to really enjoy this approach to feng shui.
I have found it utterly fascinating to learn Flying Star feng shui. One begins to contemplate the idea that every house has its own life cycle and that some cycles are more auspicious than others in which to build new homes. (For example, the upcoming cycle from 2004-2023 will be a particularly good time to build since houses built during this cycle will have energy that is either "high", "good", or "rising" for 160 out of the next 180 years!) I have also found the book to be a very useful reference work for understanding Nine Ki (Nine Star) astrology as well as references to Flying Star feng shui made by other authors.
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am 27. Juli 1999
Dr. Eva Wong gehört zu den renomiertesten Feng Shui Beratern in Amerika. In Ihrem Buch beschreibt sie anschaulich die Feng Shui Formenschule ( wichtig für die Beurteilung der Umgebungsqualität eines Hauses ) sowie als einzige sehr umfassend das magische Lo shu Quadrat und die Berechnung der Zeitqualitäten. Keine einfache Lektüre, aber es lohnt sich.
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am 16. Oktober 1998
It would be difficult to overestimate the value of this book. Although Feng Shui is a subject which has attracted more than its share of charlatans, the beginner can approach Ms. Wong's work with the confidence that she doesn't promise more than she delivers. In a well-written Introduction (which itself is worth the price of the book) she cautions the reader against assuming that this ancient art can be mastered by reading any book, even this one. More than a "how-to" manual, the book places Feng Shui in the religious and cultural context in which it developed, and without which it can neither be practiced nor understood. The reader coming to Feng Shui for the first time has to start somewhere, and I know of no better place than in these pages. Justin Thacker, Los Angeles
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am 26. Dezember 2012
Inhaltlich ein tolles Buch, für Feng-Shui-Spezialisten sehr interessant, besonders die ausführlichen Erklärungen der Formschule. Allerdings ein wahnsinns Preis für ein kleines Taschenbuch, (aber leider ist dieses Buch kaum noch erhältlich und die Nachfrage groß). Desweiteren hat Frau Wong leider bei der Beschreibung des Sitzes der fünf Tiere rechts und links verwechselt. Schade, aber als Fachfrau kann ich darüber hinwegsehen und möchte dieses Buch in meiner Sammlung nich missen.
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am 16. Dezember 2013
Ein gutes Buch! Wird auch immer gerne empfohlen, da es besonders wertvoll ist mit einigen guten Zusammenstellungen und Überlegungen! ToP!
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am 8. Oktober 1998
It is very good text to learn about traditional Feng Shui, but is dificult to understand how to make the read of the house for make the magic square. And between the author Lilian Too and Eva Wong you find many diferences. Are they teach diferent schools?
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