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4,5 von 5 Sternen11
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 2. April 2000
Wiccan Warrior was just facinating. It was all about how to access the "warrior" archtype. Not the Conan the Barbarian kind of warrior, but the warrior energy that makes a hero a hero. The kind of person who wins fights by avoiding them, who is balanced, who is self reliant, creative, and rational. This is a book by a grown up. He shines an intense light on the Pagan path and forces us to see it in this light, and shows us a better way to follow the path we are on. He debunks pagan myths about dogma, ritual, tradition, hierarchy and lays out an approach accessible by everyone. We really needed this book! I found after reading it that I was examining all aspects of my life for ways to bring the warrior to the fore, and I'll be a better person for it. I loved the fact that this book incorporated wisdom from other philosophies in it, oriental martial arts masters, Indian Shamans, even Carlos Castenada and related it all to the practice of Wicca. It's like "Chop Wood, Carry Water" for Wiccans. In a genre in which every book is somewhat like every other, this book stands alone. A must have for every serious Wiccan, Pagan or New Age Seeker's library. In fact a must have for every young person's library.
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am 12. Juni 2000
Regarding one's mental, spiritual and social deportment as a Neo-Pagan/-Witch, this book presents some interesting ideas which are unfortunately hampered by the author's dislike of trad-oriented groups and people, to which he attempts to apply the label "old guard" as a faddishly derogatory epithet; he fails to recognize this "old guard" as the original impetus for his studies, and the reason that a book such as this can be made available to the public today. Considering the reference to "a sometimes hostile world" in the book's subtitle, one is unprepared for the author's hostility toward others' traditions.
That said, the book is well-written by an articulate author, and is still worth a read by mature Pagans who are able to ignore unnecessarily inflammatory material: it offers a brief reminder of the origins of NeoPaganism and of the pervasive influences of JudeoChristian thought within it; and pulls together some helpful concepts which here-to-fore were scattered across different philosophies (e.g. that everyone is ultimately responsible for his/her own behavior, that strength comes from knowing who we are, that every attendant at a ritual should participate fully in that ritual regardless of gender or sexual preference, that male mysteries are best learned from men just as female mysteries are best learned from women, that at heart of NeoPaganism lies not just the quest but also questioning and reasoning).
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am 9. April 2000
I opened this book with great hopes that it would be useful. I closed it with disappointment and dismay that so much of the information that the author presents as "fact" is incorrect.
It's clear that Cuchulain was heavily influenced by other authors with a very negative view of Wicca in its original form. He's taken potshots at just about anyone who was, or is, a traditional Wiccan. He's bought into rumors and published them as fact without any visible research, and I was appalled at the shoddy "scholarship" and general mean-spirited nature of the book.
The pagan ideas Cuchulain presents are interesting, and he has some good advice on how to live a good life and value Goddess and God. There is some valuable content--but separating out the good stuff from the bad stuff is difficult, and overall it left me feeling I'd been slimed.
It was totally unnecessary to be as negative and disparaging to the founders of the religion as this author is. My question, on finishing this book, is this: if that's how the author feels about it, why on earth would he call himself a member of it?
A much better introduction would be Vivianne Crowley's "Principles of Wicca," and "Wicca, the old religion for the new millennium," or Kenny Klein's book on male mysteries, "The Flowering Rod."
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am 9. April 2000
This is a no-nonsense, practical guide to accessing the Warrior archetype. Although the title is "Wiccan Warrior," as a non-Wiccan Pagan I felt that this book applied equally to me. Would recommend especially to beginners as it contains some important commentaries on Wiccan basics such as what Wicca is really based on and how modern the religion really is ... views that are often left out by other authors in preference for a more glossy, photogenic image of Wicca being the "ancient" pre-Christian "craft of the wise." Would also recommend this book to the more experienced, as it presents a wonderfully fresh view of Wicca and how to apply one's spiritual/religious beliefs to everyday life.
As other reviewers mentioned, this book is a short read, but well worth it. I especially enjoyed the chapter "The Initiated Warrior" - the initiation ceremony was beautiful!
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am 11. Mai 2000
Of all the pagan books in the world that I've read, this one definitely agreed to everything I believe. I consider myself pagan too, specifically ecclectic wiccan, and this book contained everything I've learned and then some.
Cuchulain uses Asain Philosophy and Wiccan theology to define what a Wiccan Warrior is. Pieces of his definition included someone who is: flexible in planning, uses their wits before they act, eats healthy and excercises... keeps body, mind, and spirit healthy, knows themself -weaknesses and strengths-, uses their knowledge and energy wisely and efficiently, researches and develops own spirituality, defines their own path, and never quits, unless there is need to.
I recommend this book to anyone of any spirituality or anyone who is atheist, deist, etc... basically everyone.
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am 11. April 2000
I recently read "Wiccan Warrior" and attended a workshop by the author. His persepective is fresh,insightful and in many ways parallels parts of my own path. He debunks the concept of initiatory secrecy and tradition fixation, instead offering a fresh prespective in which the individual utilizes what works best for them. His reference to "Chi" energy as a form of magic, a magic that is easily accessible and practically used is refreshing, as is his connection with not the "founders" of Wicca, but with the ancient spiritual traditions of which modern Wicca is an offshoot. A great read, and one which make the reader reexamine how they can maximize the energy flows in their own life.
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am 2. April 2000
I read this book the day before The Equinox, and it has provided me with some focus for the coming months. Now, much of what is in this book is common sense type stuff, but it is approached from a fresh perspective. We need to understand that the common definition of "warrior" does not do the term justice, and that is why the phrase "Wiccan Warrior" is not an oxymoron, as I at first thought. From my title, you can see that it is a quick read. I found that it was well-organized and well-written. I would recommend this book for those Seekers who are just beginning their journeys and for those who have a "few miles" under their belts alike.
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am 23. November 2002
Endlich mal wieder ein mutiges Buch über Wicca! Wiccan Warrior stellt die ungeschriebenen (und auch die geschriebenen) Gesetze des Hexenkults in Frage und prüft sie gnadenlos auf Herz und Nieren. Mit praktischer Einstellung und scharfem Verstand dringt Kerr Cuhulain ins Herz der Magie vor und bietet uns wunderbare neue Ansätze, um unser magisches Handwerk zu optimieren. Sicher nichts für Dogmatiker ( die ich übrigens nicht grundsätzlich mit traditionellen Wicca gleichsetze!), aber jeden, der die Hexerei als sich ständig wandelnden Lebensweg praktiziert, wird dieses Buch bereichern! Besonders gelungen finde ich es an den Stellen, wo Cuhulain die Funktionsweise der Magie erklärt. Ein Buch, dessen Anschaffung sich auch lohnt, wenn man kein Wicca ist, denn es strotzt nur so vor Anregungen, wie man sein Leben effektiver gestalten kann.
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am 1. Juni 2000
... And Cuhulain is right - the world does need more warriors, in a sense! This book has taught me so much more I dreadfully needed to know about Wicca, and the good ol' common sense a few Wiccans seem to lack (and being Wiccan myself, I've met a few of them, btw.), as well as leading your life in the walk of a true warrior... I can describe no further in words spanning a mere review... you'll have to see for yourself...
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am 31. Mai 2000
I am a military veteran and Wiccan. So, I was surprised and pleased when I saw this book, and even more so when I read it. Here is a fresh viewpoint on Wicca- from a spiritual warrior's point of view. The Wiccan mainstream has tended to marginalize the Warrior aspect of the Craft- and those who practice it. We who are veterans and police have a valid path, too, and understand the true role of the Peaceful Warrior.
This book rang all the right bells for me- bringing in aspects of Eastern disciplines, myth-busting, and plain old common sense. I think every Wiccan and Pagan student should read this. Even if you don't agree with all he says, his extensive notes and contemporary bibliography are well worth your time. No 'fluffy-bunnies' here- just down-to-earth common sense.
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