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5 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 5. Juni 2000
I hoped to find a broad overview of existing algorithms. Instead I got a small collection of over-commented code. It is true that this book contains some algorithms not discussed in similar books, but it also doesn't contain many algorithms that I consider a part of a programmer's standard toolbox. For example, there is no mention of string matching and searching. The author discusses an implementation of the LZ77 compression algorithm, but doesn't even give a hint as to the workings of related (better) algorithms. There is an implementation of the RSA public key encription, but no mention on how the private encription/public decription counterpart works. The discussion on hash tables only covers hash tables with linked lists, and not the easier to implement double hashing. And I could go on and on.
But the most annoying thing about the book is the author's commenting style, which render the code itself unreadable. Almost every instruction is commented by a 5-line high, 80-column wide comment block, exactly in the way that Rob Pike makes fun of in his "Notes on Programming in C" article, where he says: "Don't laugh now, wait until you see it in real life."
In short, I would only recommend this book to people wanting to learn some basic algorithms, but already have a strong sense of correct programming style.
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2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 9. März 2000
Just what I needed. One of those books I had to ring in sick to work, sit at home and read.
Writing commercial c applications for the Internet, I was looking for a book to give me assistence with my coding. What I found was something which caused me to go back and rewrite a lot of my work!
Starting by explaining exactly how memory is managed when calling fuctions, going on to explain, in english, how many commonly used stuctures in c work. Everything from hash tables to encryption. A good read for anybody interested in how code works. Essential for anybody wishing to write quality programs.
The best bit. This comes with c libruaries uncompiled with examples, fully explained in the text. Many of which I have used. Reliable, easy to implement and dramatically increase the quality of my code. Want a easy to use binary search tree? A few minutes work and it's there.
I also emaild the author, who was more than happy to help with a question.
Personally speaking, one of the best computer books I have ever bought.
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am 13. September 1999
Mastering Algorithms in C is the most readable algorithms book I've ever encountered. Not only does the author have a tremendous command of English, he has a writing style that is simply a pleasure to read. The author also deserves mention as having one of the cleanest coding styles I've come across. Having taught and worked with computers for over 15 years, I've seen many. It is no easy feat to present the subject of algorithms using real C code in a consistently elegant manner. This book does it wonderfully. Another feature of the book that works exceptionally well is its detailed presentation of interesting (and I emphasize interesting) real-world examples of how various data structures and algorithms in the book are actually applied. I'm a computer science type, so I especially enjoyed the examples about virtual memory managers, lexical analyzers, and packet-switching over the Internet. But the book includes many other examples of more general interest. Students will find all of the examples particularly insightful. Although most of the code in the book does make use of many of the more advanced features of C, an inordinate number of comments have been included which should help even the feeblest of programmer carry on. In addition, there are two great chapters on pointers and recursion. Exceptional writing, elegant code, great examples, not to mention a lot of entertainment value -- O'Reilly has another winner here. I highly recommend it.
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am 27. September 1999
I loved this book. Saved me so much time and effort when I had to delve back into C after a two year hiatus. The code works, and works well! Good discussion of the whys and wherefores of the various algorithms
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am 9. September 1999
Terse explanations, poor diagrams, poor coding style, poor writing style, and poor information covered on each topic listed in table of contents with probably the exception being the Huffman algorithms for data compression. The book is out of standard with most of O'Reilly's rich text and exhaustive detail and real world working code blocks and monitor like diagrams, but this book is nothing but fill and a terrible disappointment. The book is listed at Amazon as having 400 pages, not true, do not believe it, the book actually has 600. I suggest for the critism that Sedgwick gets, his Algorithms in C++ Parts 1-4 is truly the most detailed book on algorithms and data structures there is and it is the best to be a guru software engineer in problem solving and algorithm and data structure mastery. The next book to read that may be better than Sedgewick's is Sartag Sahni's Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications in C++ by MacGraw-Hill.
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am 23. Mai 2013
Haette ich es nicht schon, wuerde ich es mir Kaufen!

Die Beispiele in diesem Buch sind einfach super. Das eine baut auf die vorhergegangenen auf, und dabei werden auch Grundlegen sachen in der Praxis naehergebracht.

Als Beispiel:

Man schriebt eine "Linked List" (in 3 ausfuehrungen). Damit baut man im naechsten Kapitel einen Stack, wieder Spaeter mit diesen Beiden ein "Frame Management" und so setzt sich das fort. Nebenbei werden sachen aus der Praxis zur Erklaerung herangezogen, aber nicht im Detail erklaert :), was Frames sind und warum es sie gibt muss man schon wissen / woanders nachlesen.

Ich habe es fuers Studium und bin absolut zufrieden.

Es ist als Nachschlagewerk eher nicht geeignet (fast nicht) aber zum Ueben (Praxis) ist es fuer mich DAS Buch fuer Algorithmen!
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am 12. Januar 2000
I have read a half-dozen or more books pertaining to C Algorithms, and most of them were the same. This touched on the usual stuff - sorting, hashing, linked lists, etc. But it touched on these subjects in ways that are so general purpose that the sample code can be used with little modification! It also adds a couple of new things such as Set algorithms and an explaination of how to pass functions as paramenters to functions.
There could have been a few more examples, and he could have explained some of his material in plain english, instead of engineerese.
Overall the book is excellent, and I will refer to it often.
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0 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 8. Januar 2003
This book is really amazing. The description of each algorithm is written in a very plain way -- understandable for novices with basic knowledge of the C language. You need to get used to Kyle Loudon's programming and commenting style, but after a while you start seeing the advantages in his coding/commenting style. This book is an absolute must-have for semi-advanced C developers.
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