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3,7 von 5 Sternen3
3,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. Januar 1998
The best thing about this hard cover volume of 204 pages, is the photo on the dust jacket of a young, very attractive, and very butch looking woman.

The book actually is somewhat mis-titled, as the story has more to do with the main character's obsession with a neighborhood acquaintance who becomes a close friend, named Hadamar.

When the book begins, the main character, Kim Chernin,( it is told in the first person), is a young married woman in her thirties.
She seems to have a rather nice husband named Max, and a daughter who has gone off to college.

For reasons that remain rather vague, Kim decides to suddenly become a boy.
Oddly enough she never identifies herself as being butch.

Her hoped for seduction of Hadamar never is realized
Kim and Hadamar at times speak in vague, odd ways that makes the reader wonder if they aren't victims of some kind of mental disorder.

The situation between Kim and Hadamar never really comes to anything.

However, the book does offer a somewhat unusual and unexpected twist when Kim returns from a women's gathering and discovers what Hadamar has been up to during her absence.

This alone made the book worth reading.

As a lesbian who reads numerous lesbian works of fiction, I found I could relate to some of Kim's feelings, and have experienced knowing a woman similiar to Hadamar.

However, the book is written in an odd, disconnected with reality kind of way.
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am 9. Mai 1997
Ms. Chernin's autobiographical vignette is a well constructed narrative of her transformation from timid married woman and mother into a strong, impulsive lesbian. She likens this new power she has to the power a boy has. Personally, I think she is a little hung up on gender stereotyping but her point is well taken. It's a tightly written little book that should be of interest to women of all types, but especially for those of us interested in butch-femme dynamics as well as the transition from wife into lesbian. One does sort of get the feeling that had she not lived in Berkeley and been surrounded by fabulously interesting people, she might never have made this transformation, but she did and has created a very nice example of autobiography as a result
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am 8. Juli 1997
First, I was jealous of your priveleged lifestyle... no apparent work, surrounded by those who have the money and the leisure time to seek self-fulfillment. Oh, for the luxury of pondering! If you had less time on your hands, you may have made it with this babe, or you may have searched elsewhere sooner. I floundered for almost two years too; a first-timer, groping for someone inaccessible. Twenty years later, she still occupies my thoughts and rains on me like sadness on an umbrella. I applaud you for baring your mind and heart, and hope to run into you some day in Berkeley. Yes, life is serious
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