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am 15. November 1999
This book is an absolute must for anyone even mildly interested in conspiracy theory. You could read a stack of library books and still not get what you'd get out of this. Each "theory" (JFK, RFK, Area 51, Odessa Files, UFO's, etc.) is a legitimate theory which has been proposed elsewhere. The magic here is that the author has prepared, in comic book format, a synopsis of each theory. In ten minutes, you can get a very complete overview of any conspiracy theory out there. If you want more, there's a conveniant bibliography at the end, which I myself have consulted numerous times. I cannot begin to tell you how useful this book is, nor how quickly you can get a clear understanding of what's being said today on almost any conspiracy subject. The comic format is entertaining and very readable.....which is understandable, since the author has also been a top comic book writer for over twenty years now, I think, having authored Batman and some of the other better titles out there. Once again: easy to read, and a fantastic overview of various subjects which you can then find more information on in the bibliography. I STRONGLY recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in conspiracy theory.
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am 19. Mai 2000
Doug Moench has really produced a very fine, entertaining, thought-provoking, not overly fantastic survey of that hot topic, conspiracy theories. The various artists definitely help out too, providing alternately sinister and amusing visual accompaniment to the narrative. Some of the more off-the-wall entries focus on Jim Morrison's perhaps faked death and his subsequent intelligence activities (!), the supposedly faked moon landing, and Robert Lazar's tall tales about flying saucers at secret air force bases in Nevada. More sinister, and credible, theories focus on various assassinations and government coverups from the Cold War era, including the Kennedy assassinations, CIA ties to former Nazis, and various LSD/mind control experiments. Moench knowingly mixes the outlandish and hilarious with darker stuff that we don't want to believe, but that the reader starts to think after a while could have some truth to it after all. Easily the best entry in the Paradox Press "big book" series in terms of entertainment value, and it also deserves credit for (fairly) seriously surveying this fascinating material, some of which should be more openly discussed. Read it with the lights on.
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am 24. April 1999
This book of conspiracies had me seriously thinking before I was done. Some are, of course, ridiculous, such as "Moongate" or the whole "aliens created the human race" one near the end. But some are pretty convincing.
One thing the other reviewers forgot to mention was the guy in the hat, sunglasses, and trenchcoat who explained everything. I found myself referring to him either as the Narrator (definitely capitalized) or the Phantom Stranger (a comic book character who looks like him). The Phantom Narrator's sense of deadpan humor, along with his sense of impartiality, makes him perfect for this book. As far as I can tell, he loses his temper with the conspirators only twice: in the "Lone Nut Family Tree," and "The Casolaro Conspiracy Maze," both of which are incredibly tangled up.
All in all, a good (if scary) book.
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am 28. Oktober 1998
This is by far the best book in Paradox Press' Big Book series. Doug Moench, known to comics fans for numerous works including Batman, deftly utilizes his expertise with the medium to give this graphic novel the perfect tone it needs: a combination of offbeat, tongue-in-cheek black humor, and a creeping sense of building dread. The artists (some of the best in comics) are well-suited to the particular vignettes they illustrate in the BBOC, and the constant shift in artistic styles helps reinforce the book's aforementioned mood. Comics fans, conspiracy fans, alien abductees, and political manipulators take note: The Big Book of Conspiracies is among the best ever done on the subject.
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am 14. Oktober 1995
The latest in "The Big Book of" series is a brief but comprehensive
overview of the big conspiracies - from JFK/MLK/RFK to UFOs to
to more the more modern Whitewater and Casolaro cases. Are they
all related? You be the judge. Even as a conspiracy layperson, I
could see the stories stretch the facts a bit to make a point (or is
that what the Illuminati want me to think?) The number of people
murdered/suicided in this book is enough to make one think twice
about nosing around. Makes you think if someone may be monitoring
your trail around the net. The graphics are great, the web tangled,
and now I find myself keywording CIA and UFO on Amazon.
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am 24. September 1998
I don't believe every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike ... but some of the theories in this book are pretty damned convincing. For example, there's the PROMIS/Inslaw scandal -- some 40 witnesses have died in suspicious accidents or dubious suicides.
If _one_ person dies (for example, Vince Foster), it's probably an honest-to-gosh suicide. But when FORTY die, it's starting to look like conspiracy.
All I can say is that this book scared the bejeezus out of me. I'll never look at Masons the same way again -- cute little old guys in fezzes, or evil monsters bent on world domination? You be the judge.
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am 26. Juni 2000
Man! Paranoid fantasies don't come any weirder than this book. I've never seen a collection of conspiracy theories and revelations anywhere near this in scope and presentation. Presented in traditional comics format by a variety of artists, we're on a guided tour with a mysterious man in black specs who walks us through the Kennedy and King assasinations, UFOS, the founding of America by the Freemasons and any number of mysterious deaths of witnesses for any of the above. Fascinatng! This is enough conspiracy theory for another 20 years of X-files. Great job to Doug Moench and his art team!
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am 23. Juli 1999
Moench is one of my favorite comic book writers and themes of conspiracy and the occult turn up in many of his other works, going back to his classic Marvel Comics series "Master of Kung Fu" and "Moon Knight." So I was excited to see him turn his talents to the source -- history's most famous real conspiracy theories. He doesn't disappoint. This is like a graphic novel version of the conspiracy bible "70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time." Conspiracy buffs will drool over them both.
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am 15. Februar 2000
Excellent, hip, compelling, with some great comic book illustration. Lots of fun to read, the book pulled me in and I couldn't put it down. Makes a great gift, and it can be enjoyed by both seasoned conspiracy theorists and newbies. Very informative too, with lots of historical interest. Labeled Conspiracy Theory yes, but probably has some elements of truth. Fascinating!
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am 26. Mai 2000
Haven't you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors? This book gives you a glimpse of what might have gone on before every assassination and secret society creation. Paradox Press does it again, and this time, they'll make you laugh, cry, get mad, get scared and/or think. First, look over your shoulder, then look into this book!
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