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4,6 von 5 Sternen12
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. Januar 2000
I read this book to prepare for labor thinking, like most women, that there was no chance of complications if I prepared properly for a natural birth. Alas, we never know exactly how it will turn out, and both of my children were born by caesarian section. BUT, this book was invaluable in preparing for labor! The yoga exercises not only help to prepare for birth, but offer ways to exercise gently, improve circulation, and quiet your mind in the late months of pregnancy. The skills of meditation I learned by doing the exercises were useful in dealing with whatever occurred during my labor, including the unexpected. I credit the insights and skills taught in this book for the empowerment I felt at the birth of my children.
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am 18. April 1999
I am a childbirth educator and birth attendant living in Australia.I have been helping moms and their partners for nearly 20 years to be informed and confident in their native capacity to give birth normally, without all the unecessary medical intervention that is unfortunately occuring these days.There are heaps of books on birth to buy ,but still I am convinced that if a pregnant mother can only get ONE book-get this one.It is informative and very empowering and the photos in the new edition are fine and the prenatal exercises are great. The chapter on labour is good for dads to read too.It is a book for folks who would prefer a natural birth and the author is well aware of the consequences of routine medical interventions. Working as a midwife I see what goes on when women are not fully informed when they make choices about birth (more complications, more epidurals and alot more fear.)Read this book to see what options there really are available for birthing women. THEN make your choices(of birth place and caregiver).There are some other really good books around too. I am in the process of creating a website and will include these titles too, as well as info on relaxation tapes I have created for pregnant women. Meanwhile, please know that Janet Balaskas has great passion and integrity in her work to teach and empower birthing women. Any of her books are great.I have worked and trained with many people but the time I spent in UK with Janet so many years ago continues to inform my work now, and I continue to recieve fantastic feedback from the moms, dads, partners and midwives who I now teach and work with in Australia.If you are pregnant and wanting to hear and develope a positive attitude about birth (rather than the scary portrayal on popular media),you need to buy the right books and talk to the right people. Find an independent midwife in your area and have a chat. Talk to women who have a positive attitude about their birth experiences. Read this book and practice relaxation skills for birth and beyond.I hope this little book review and these suggestions are helpful.Giving birth is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman's life - a real gift..Enjoy the passion and the challenge and the opportunity to grow.
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am 5. Januar 1998
Of all the many books I read when preparing for the birth of my first child, this was my favorite. I used the exercises every night and they made a real difference in the ease of my 6 hour delivery. The focus is on physical preparation for labor through easy yoga postures, along with deep breathing and relaxation. The exercises are presented in an easy-to-use sequence, with clear pictures. The remaining text covers issues of pregnancy and birth with a focus on the the physicality of the entire process, espousing the importance of being ACTIVE throughout the process of labor (the antithesis of the traditional medical practice in which women are encouraged to labor from a supine position, despite the fact that this position is the hardest for both mother and baby and does not take advantage of the way our anatomy is designed to work.) The author encourages women to follow our bodies' instincts to discover the best way to move through labor, and illustrates the many different positions and postures that women have found to be comfortable to adopt and that help facilitate labor. The exercises prepare the reader to be comfortable in the positions she may choose in labor, strenghtening the muscles involved in squatting, pushing, etc. It includes good information on home birth and waterbirth. It is a succinct and very empowering book. I reccommend it to all mothers-to-be and their loved ones.
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am 23. Juli 1999
This book is super - if you can only get one book for birth preparation, make it this one. It has very helpful, sensible advice on labor and birth positioning and explains why proper positioning is so important for mother and baby. I found the photographs to be very helpful as well.
The best aspect of this book is the compelling argument it makes for laboring and birthing while UP, OUT OF BED. This book will also help dispel any culturally-implanted misconceptions about birth being some dreadful ordeal. Birth need not be that, provided mother is empowered with information like that found in this book.
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am 13. November 1999
I LOVE THIS BOOK! Can't say enough about it! We bought a copy for my midwife. I really didn't use the stretching part too much, but the body positions and ways to deliver, I read 30 times, highlighted and marked pages and re-read! My mom photocopied and enlarged the drawings of the positions I wanted to use and taped them to the wall so we'd remember during the delivery! I'd had 3 babies naturally, but doing my fourth one at home with an awesome midwife and my family and THIS book, was the best experience ever! I'd buy it for every pregnant woman I know could afford to!
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am 30. September 1999
Of all the books on childbirth I've read (and there are quite a few), this one is my absolute favorite. How I wish I'd known some of this information before my first and second births! I might have been a lot more comfortable and the births might have gone a lot more smoothly if I had only known more about the actual physiology of birth and which positions are most helpful in labour.
Ah, well, this time, I'm ready, and a lot of it is due to this book! I cannot recommend this book enough. It's absolutely wonderful.
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am 7. September 1999
I highly recommend this book to any woman who wants an enjoyable birth. I was terrified of the pain of birth, but after reading this book felt much more comfortable. I took a Yoga class at the suggestion of the author and my birth was fantastic! I had no episiotomy, no tearing, no epidural and was able to enjoy my baby immediately! This book is a great tool as to what to expect and how to prepare for your ideal birth experience. Get this book!
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am 1. April 1999
It is hard to take the information in the book seriously when there are 25 year old pictures in it. I kept checking the date of publication to make sure the info. was not outdated. The info. was good and informative, a little too anti-doctor though.
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am 9. April 2012
Excellent condition and great book for any woman wanting to know more about her body and one of the most important experiences in her life
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am 21. Juni 1999
I used it succesfully,and I give it to friends wich attend child.The best book I had during my pregnancy,better than french ones.
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