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am 5. Mai 2012
Das Buch ist im guten Zustand und die Lieferung war auch prima. Sehr preiswert kann das Buch auch nur empfehlen wenn man gescheit mit programmieren will. Natürlich ist die neueste Edition aktueller. Doch nach nachforschen und durchgucken des Buchs kommt man auf den Schluss dass viele der hier besprochenen Sachen auch in der ersten Edition noch immer aktuell.
Ich glaube ich holle mir auch die neue Edition, einfach mal um eine Historische Entwicklung zu sehen. Wahrscheinlich sind die gemeinsamen Punkte der Editionen auch noch für die nächsten 10-15 Jahre gültig.
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am 16. Januar 2010
This is an outstandingly good book about software construction techniques that lead to a sound, robust product. It starts with simple things like naming conventions, function layout and commenting methods, but covers the whole software development cycle of design, programming and quality assurance. Although it gives plenty of source code examples in several different programming languages, these are always short and easy to follow even for 'language foreigners'. Source code examples are only used to illustrate more general, important points, rather than specific implementation details. The author is careful not to force his personal style on you - which would be rather foolish considering the many 'religious' issues covered (naming conventions anyone? ;) ) - but presents his opinions supported by sound arguments that'll make even skeptics reconsider. The text is an easy read compared to more technical books and is covered with lots of very amusing short stories that highlight key points.
This book will be a great aid in keeping your and your coworkers' mental health while programming in a team under a merciless deadline.
If you are at all serious about programming - buy this book!
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am 4. August 2009
"In dubio, pro reo" - normally, I would give the book 3 stars. But given the hype and over-enthusiastic voices surrounding it, I was _very_ disappointed after the lecture, and felt responsible to give it 2 stars only as countermeasure against this whoopla. Why?

In short: "Code Complete" could give a nice, throughout overview of nearly every aspect of software engineering. But it is bloated with quotes over quotes of studies and goes too often into too much details but without really giving true background information.

If you read "Code Complete" with a keen eye, you will notice that there is virtual no first-hands experience of McConnell in it - only the mentioned quotes of studies. And it shows - it gives the naive reader the false sense of knowledge, but will leave him without a true grasp of the material.

From my own experience I have to say: Any software project manager giving this book to experienced programmers will getting compliance, but no commitment. Being blunt: They will scoff at the shallowness of the book, given its size. A more compact treatise would have been way better. So I consider this book a wasted chance - after all this, two stars, only, I'm afraid.
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am 11. Februar 2003
Alle positiven (sogar die scheinbar ueberschwenglichen) Rezensionen zu diesem Buch sind wahr. Dieses Buch lesen und verstehen heisst einen Quantensprung in EDV-Fachkenntnissen tun. Ich bedauere alle, die das Buch nicht kennen, es ablehnen oder nicht verstehen wollen - noch mehr aber deren Kunden, Kollegen und Wartungsprogrammierer. Jeder, der beruflich mit EDV zu tun hat (egal in welcher Position) muesste dieses Buch lesen.
Danke, Herr McConnell.
All the positive (even the seemingly over-the-board ones) comments concerning this book are true. Reading and understanding this book means to make a quantum leap in your data processing know-how. I pity all those who don't know this book, reject it or don't want to understand it - even more I pity their customers, co-workers and maintenance programmers. Everyone working in data processing (regardless of job description) ought to read this book.
Thanks, Mr. McConnell.
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am 29. August 2002
I use the book mainly for teaching purposes. Many of the young people entering the IT department have certain programming skills. Almost none of them ever got into contact with systematics in coding. Extracts of the book have helped me giving them healthy ideas on developing, especially in teams.
As for practical work, it contains quite a lot of trivia and even repeated information. Still that does not make it useless. In my opinion, a helpful tool in both teaching and daily grind.
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am 5. Mai 2002
I bought this book b'cos of the good feedback ... It took just one hour to realize that this book is worth nothing ... Just piece of obsolete bla bla ... mayber 5 pages are ok ... the rest ... forget it. I think the author himself is writing all this feedback; to get 5 stars ... message to real IT-Professionals: hands away!!
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am 25. Juli 2000
Though it's been over 6 years since I read this book, I still rate it as the most effective book I've ever read to improve my coding skills. This is truly a classic that every programmer or programmer wanna-be should read.
Not only is the content excellent, but the writing makes it a thoroughly enjoyable book to read. You'll see errors you (or the coder next to you) have made highlighted throughout the book. Another coder and myself read the book at about the same time, and we literally used it as our Coders Bible for the next 2 years. We had countless arguments (more intense than most religious doctrinal debates) on the best way to construct our code. This book was the accepted final authority for us.
I highly recommend this book to every junior programmer I come in contact with (or hire). It will help them avoid many of the errors most of us have learned the hard way.
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am 17. Juli 2000
More time spent getting the fundamentals of software development right could save industry a fortune, certainly more and switching to the latest language or develpment technique.
I've been developing software in various languages for twenty years now. In all that time I've found that there are very few books about software development (as opposed to language manuals) that have stood the test of time. Steve McConnell has written two of them this and 'Rapid Development'.
Code Complete contains an absolute wealth of information and guidance on how to develop commercial quality maintainable software. Everything is covered from designing to naming conventions to reviewing to testing to deploying. The impressive thing is that there is very little advocation of particular techniques (it's more important to have one than what it is).
I've made a two page tick list of checks that I regularly print off and hand out to people before code reviews and it's surprising how often the reviews are postponed so that people bring their stuff up to scratch. None of the items on the list are particularly specific (e.g. Are loop index names meaningful (except for small loops)? or Do all method and functions include comments explaing their purpose?).
Unfortunately, there are very many programmers out there who can write code for small tasks (e.g. exam questions) but who struggle when it comes to a commercial project and the situation hasn't improved over the years. It's not because they're stupid but because they're not being given a proper grounding in the fundamentals. Lots of companies send their programmers on courses to get them up to speed on particular languages but few spend any time making sure the programming basics are up to scratch. Given that the situation isn't likely to change very fast, this book goes a long way to redressing the balance.
It should be on every programmer's bookshelf (regardless of the programmin language they use) along with Rapid Development, Design Patterns and Refactoring.
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am 4. Juli 2000
Every software developer should read this book. It is concise, well written, and useful at every stage of software construction.
There are at least 3 copies floating around the office. As developers browse through other people's copies, they realize that it's a great book to have.
The only drawback, and this is just a sign of the book's age, is that it works primarily for procedural driven languages. This is almost assumed from the beginning, since Object oriented languages were much less developed then. An updated version for OO is necessary and would definitely be welcome.
The book describes practices how an individual programmer can make themself better at building software. By necessity, this overlaps other facets of software development, including managing projects, but the bulk is for the individual programmer.
I can't tell you how much this has effected my personal practices. It makes a world of difference, especially to the middle of the road programmers, which is the biggest group in the software community.
As Mr. McConnell says, the best programmers take a lot of this material for granted, and the worst think that they don't need it or that it doesn't exist. As a result, a lot of the practices go undocumented and are lost to those who could benefit from them. They are in this book and clearly spelled out and well organized.
If you are programming for a living, and want to get better at it, this is the book for you.
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am 13. Mai 2000
The book is fantastic. I have no formal training as a programmer, so this book helped me develop a much stronger understand of not just how to program, but how to program well.
As for the applicability of this book given the advent of the web: the book is still useful.
A web application may not be one big compiled program, but it is, some claim, an object that has urls as methods and get/post/cookie data as arugments. While web programming is different from monolithic programming in may ways, the lessons I've learned from this book have helped a great deal in the development of several web applications.
Sure, a new edition would be welcomed, but it is not required.
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