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4.0 von 5 Sternen Well worth studying!, 14. August 2014
Ned Middleton (British professional underwater photo-journalist & author) - Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen
There are a number of books within this excellent series from Osprey where one side of a particular force is compared to its opposite number (E-Boat vs. MTB and German Commerce Raider vs. British Cruiser to name two). They are not designed to reveal which side might have won in straightforward and equal combat (if ever there was such a thing!) but are, instead a comparison of whatever features, equipment, weapons, strengths and weaknesses existed at the time. Having studied the work, readers can then make up their own mind.

This particular work reveals every aspect of the German and Soviet infantry soldier at the time of Barbarossa and is particularly well detailed for a work of only 80 pages. After an informative introduction, we find 7 main Chapters as follows; (1) The Opposing Sides (Origins and combat role - Recruitment, morale and logistics - Leadership and communications - Armament, training and tactics), (2) Zhlobin 6 July 1941, (3) Smolensk 15-23 July 1941, (4) Vas’kovo-Voroshilovo 23-27 July 1941, (5) Analysis (Lessons learned by the Germans and by the Soviets), (6) Aftermath and (7) Unit Organisations. The work then concludes with Bibliography and Index.

With fully detailed military maps showing the opposing forces, the Introduction explains how the battles developed throughout July 1941. We then find the makeup of each side - right down to their background, morale, leadership, training and weapons. In the first of yet another excellent series of artwork, pages 20-21 show the fully equipped German soldier from front and rear with all his equipment, as carried, fully captioned. Four pages later we find exactly the same for the Soviet soldier which reveals considerable differences. Zhlobin, Smolensk and Vas’kovo-Voroshilovo are explained in an insightful and factual manner with each battle once again accompanied by first class military-style maps. As one reads these accounts, however, what catches the imagination are the small snapshots of peripheral events and information such as a short bio of a particular commander or a German officer being decorated in the field - all improving the overall fascination factor.

Personally, I found this particular treatment of Barbarossa wholly captivating and made even more exciting by the artwork for which this series of books is renowned. That, coupled with an immensely readable style of writing and an equally excellent series of historic images, makes this book well worth studying.

British army major (retired)
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