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3,6 von 5 Sternen5
3,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Audio CD|Ändern
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am 9. Mai 2004
Dr. Will Jennings is on a flight to a medical convention, leaving behind his wife Karen and their young daughter Abby - a juvenile diabetic who requires insulin injections. While Will is away the child is snatched by kidnapper Joe Hickey, assisted by his spouse and his slightly mentally retarded, huge cousin Huey. The trio has a carefully orchestrated plan, which worked well five times already: Within a 24-hour schedule the husband, wife, and child are separated, and in the end the child is returned to the parents unharmed. As a result the police were never involved. Faced with the prospect that Abby could die of complications of diabetes before the end of the 24-hour time scale, Will and Karen are forced to desperately push against the deadline - whatever it takes...
No matter what Will or Karen (separately and independently from each other!) think of to rescue their daughter the kidnappers already thought of it in advance and the Jennings always end up one step behind Hickey and his gang. Overpower one of the kidnappers, calling the authorities or involving other people - nothing works. Everything was taken care for and the situation just gets worse for the parents. This is an almost cruel scenario to deal with and also the best aspect of the story.
On top I really have to give Greg Iles two thumbs up for his choice and the description of the characters. On the one hand side there are no heroes here but desperate parents. On the other hand there are three inhomogeneous kidnappers who are completely different in character and behavior - some of them even likeable.
Unfortunately the author overdid it in the end of the book when Will Jennings tries to rescue his family and nearly kills dozens of innocent people when he crash lands his plane on a highway. With a better ending I would have been able to give a better rating.
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am 24. März 2006
Das Buche habe ich mir im Bahnhof als "leichte" Lektüre für die Reise gekauft ... ich habe von der Reise kaum etwas mitbekommen. Das Buch drecht innerhalb der ersten Seiten die Spannung auf und hält die bis zum Schuß. Der Erzählstil ist genial. Der ständige Szenenwechsel führt dazu dass im Kopf tatsächlich ein Film abläuft. Am Ende dreht die Story dann von absolutem Realismus doch sehr ins phantastisch Überzogene aber das kann sich der Autor gegen Ende des Buches gerne erlauben, man muß ja auch wieder aus der Story raus finden ;-)
Verbrechen könnte in seiner Einfachheit und "Genialität" tatsächlich so ablaufen ... Ach, ja: ich habe mir das englische Original gegönnt und eine Zugfahrt Stuttgart Köln und eine Köln München mit Rückfahrt dafür gebraucht.
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TOP 1000 REZENSENTam 10. August 2001
A good and thrilling book, an original and interesting plot. The author is a very good narrator and I enjoyed the thriller sincerely. However: The US authors as I described already several times, always take the same characters for their novels (it seems to be the "American Dream"): The main character is good-looking, rich, has good connections, the female hero is - of course - very goodlooking, very intelligent, very worked-out. Their child, of course, is very intelligent for his/her age, very understanding and grown-up. Can't their be an overworked, middle-aged, burnt-out ugly hero ? No, of course not ! Nobody would read it ! The last 40 pages show the Hollywoodian touch: Showdown on a high way with many crashes, fires, explosions, shootings.
But a satisfying read for summer holidays. It won't be the last I will read by Greg Iles. Recommendable. !
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am 18. Mai 2011
The first 300 pages are a first class thriller with an excellent kidnapping scheme. Things which could happen. Unfortunately during the last 150 pages the author is just desperately trying to find an ending to the story. The result are rather unbelievable and uninteresting happenings. Planes landing on highways. Everybody shooting at everybody and (you wont believe it) with a happy ending. I was indeed happy that the book was finished. 3 stars for the 300 first pages.
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am 9. September 2004
Joe, Hickey and Cheryl are kidnappers. They abduct children, ask for a moderate ransom in the form of a wire so that the transaction runs smoothly and is completed within 24 hours.
As they are about to kidnap Abby, Will and Karen Jennings's daughter, they can hardly imagine that this time their operation is going to be anything but easy-going. As for the victims, they are about to spend the worst 24 hours in their lives.
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