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am 8. Mai 1999
First Things First is a truly great book for which the author deserves all the credit. I want to use this occasion however to make a clear point about all the other books the author has been churning out over the years. It is true as somebody here suggested that many of the themes in one book are repeated over and over again in the other books. Applying the wisom of First Things First I can only recommend to anybody who is considering buying one of his books: Say Yes To the Important and say no to the unimportant, Buy First Things First and don`t get caught in the Covey Marketing trap. I don`t say this to ridicule Mr. Covey`s other books. But the great thing about buying with Amazon is to be able to read the reviews of actual readers and then to make informed decisions.Unfortunately Covey`s postulated "abundance mentality" led him to overflow the market with still another book that is hammering home the same message. I have no problem whatsoever with Mr. Covey making a great deal of money with his books. I just think that it is a pity that he is somewhat undermining his authority on the issues by trying to get people hooked on more and more insignificant material. If one buys a copy of the book First Things First and additionally the one tape program of First Things First, one will get the most benefit from Covey. Read the book, excerpt the key-points and listen to the tape frequently, it will change the mind-set, the conscience and thereby finally the behaviour. And don`t get addicted to Covey!
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am 18. August 2005
If working harder, smarter, and faster won't solve it, what will?

Allen denjenigen, die sich diese Frage im Berufleben schon häufig gestellt haben und die vergeblich selbst nach Antworten gesucht haben, gibt diese Buch viele interessante Anregungen.

Aus dem Inhalt:
- Der Unterschied zwischen Dringlichkeit (Urgency) und Wichtigkeit (Importance)
- to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy (physical needs, social needs, mental needs, spiritual needs)
- the true north principle
- die Schritte, um "First things first" umzusetzen
- the passion of "Vision"
- "center of focus", "circle of influence", "circle of concern"
- integrity in the moment of choice.

Meiner Meinung nach noch lesenswerter und wertvoller als die "Seven habits of highly effective people".
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am 10. September 2003
Gekauft mit einem Schulterzucken, denn Bücher oder Ratschläge wie ich meine Zeit optimal nutze hatte ich genug.
Durch den für mich einprägsamen und interessanten Schreibstil von Covey interessierte mich das Buch trotzdem, und die Neugierde hat sich gelohnt.
Die planerischen Passagen der Tabellen und trockenen Organisationshilfen habe ich etwas "schneller" gelesen, aber die Heranführung an das Thema sodass es auch nachhaltig hilft ist sagenhaft.
Daher mein Tipp: auch kaufen, wenn der Schrank mit ähnlichem Material vollsteht ... und noch besserer Tipp: wirklich lesen ;-)
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am 6. April 1999
I first read this book when the hardcover edition was first published, to the best of my recollection we are talking about 5 years ago. Before then I had read almost every book written on time management. The only thing I learned from them was that they all basically gave the same advice, and very little of it was helpful. Meanwhile I was still getting bogged down in little tasks and piles of papers, instead of living my dreams.
This book provided the direction I needed. When I first read about writing a personal mission statement, I did not believe I could write a one page document, never have to revise it, and still be guided by it for a lifetime. Well I was wrong, and they were right! When life gets crazy, I can usually find the answers in my mission statement, or in this book
Thank you Dr. Covey
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am 1. Juli 1997
This is the best book on time management I have ever read. "First Things First" puts "Seven Habits" into action. It takes the "Habits" principles--sometimes a bit too abstract (and obtuse) and shows you how to put them to work. If you find you don't have time for the people and things that are really important in your life, read this book. If you take the suggestions seriously, you will never again short-change what you love. And, if you do, you will be at least be aware of your choices. A word of warning, though: Covey has an entire catalogue of products to sell you to support "First Things First," but the company does seem to be committed to "principle centered" business
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am 9. Februar 2000
When I began reading this book, I was only reading it because it was required for a business class I am taking. I was skeptical about what Covey was saying because I felt my life was fine the way it was. The book got a little deep at times and I really needed to concentrate to get through it and understand it but when I did, I began to rethink all of the things I do in my life. Covey talks about "The Farming Principle." He tells you about a farmer that needs to plant the seeds and cultivate the land over a period of time to get the best results and reap the full benefits. He said that you can't do all of that in a day or a week and expect to really be successful. This was the point of the book that changed the way I think about things in my life. I live my life through cramming everyone that is urgent in and as long as I got it done at the end of the day, no matter what I had to put aside to accomplish it, I was a success. This is the wrong way to think because you really feel an emptiness inside for the things you missed while doing the other things. Covey shows us ways to look inside of yourselves and determine what our priorities are. Once you sort out all of the roles you play and decide what is most important, Covey shows you how to work all of it together so you finish your day feeling whole and fulfilled. Although I haven't completely implemented everything that Covey mentioned in the book, the seed has been planted and little by little, I am working on changing my life. This isn't something that happens over night but Covey gives you the steps and the encouragement to work on bettering the way you live your life to achieve true success.
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Stephen R. Covey bietet mit seinen Co-Autoren eine fundierte Analyse samt Bewältigungsstrategie unserer zunehmend unüberschaubarer werdenden Arbeitswelt. Erstmals erschienen 1994 und 2002 neu editiert scheint es fast zeitlos.

„First things first“, so der Titel im Original, klingt furchtbar simpel. Jeder der sich mit dem Thema aber schon einmal auseinandergesetzt hat, weiß, wie schwer es ist, diesem Leitsatz im schnelllebigen Büroalltag tatsächlich zu folgen.

Gerade Führungskräften stellt sich häufig die Herausforderung eben kein Micromanagement zu betreiben, sondern sich Zeit für das Wesentliche zu nehmen. Warum es sich lohnt und wie es funktionieren kann, zeigt Covey mit seinen Co-Autoren klar verständlich.

Aber auch Mitarbeitern, die keine Führungsaufgabe ausüben, kann es als Augenöffner dienen und mittelfristig die eigene Karriere befördern.

Denn die Aussagen und Hinweise sind brandaktuell, eine manchmal erschreckende Bestandsaufnahme unserer Zeit, aber auch unserer Möglichkeiten der Gegenwehr. Absolut empfehlenswert!
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am 4. Juli 1998
Covey and the Merrills have produced a time management book that is unlike any other. Traditional books on time management urge readings to prioritise and work smarter to fit all necessary work in. First Things First focuses on what is important and not on priorities. It advises readers to always do what is important rather than what is urgent.
Although I found this book insightful and full of good strategies I am yet to effectively implement them.
Like the 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' this book is overloaded with many concepts. At times these concepts are explained in a way that makes them more complex (I am sure that this wasn't the authors intent). The book becomes very heavy in places and takes a great deal of concentration to understand. This turns the reader off and it is difficult to move through the book quickly.
I would advise all owners of this book to also purchase the audio version. This is a condensed version of the book and it gives an excellent summary. It allows listeners to digest the concepts and discusses the right amount of information. After listening to the tape I found reading the book easier going.
I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and as the authors point out people must practice the techniques continuously. It is not an overnight cure only the start to future personal time management.
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am 2. Januar 1997
WHILE COPIES OF COVEY'S _SEVEN HABITS_ were still conspicuous business accessories on public transportation and at latte shops, the people who were changing the world had moved on to the book that cracked the shell on the third habit: putting first things first.

Everyone who has heard the phrase "time management" could suggest prioritizing. Covey, Merrill and Merrill dare to entertain, "How do you do that? How do you know what's first when your plans are buffeted by circumstances, business and people you love-whom you've already put 'first?'"

Excellence is not required by their success formula. You are guided in choosing how driven you want to be by your priorities, and you'll know what (or who) is suffering when you decide to read junk mail.

If your reluctance in addressing time management stems from (1) not wanting to lose yourself and your life in order to finish your list, or (2) no one can help you because you choose to wear more hats than the people who usually offer advice will allow, then _First Things First_ is the FIRST, and possibly only, book you need to read.
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am 9. Oktober 1996
First, let me say that i'm a mexican citizen so please do not be so hard about my english, any way i'll try to do my best.

i like to be an honest human being, so about "FIRST THINGS FIRST" it was a gift i got from a friend in San Antonio tx., and
even knowing that i have not ended the book yet because my job, in the first chapters i had readed i have found many ideas
to increase my succes as well as my productivity in the office, but the most important thing i have found is the real meaning
of the word "share" and this is because i'm starting to learn that i do have to have time for my family as well as for my profession

i do not know whats going to happen when i finish of read this "CLEVER WAY TO SHARE THE MEANING OF LIFE" but i'm sure that at the
end there is only going to be one word to "STEPHEN R. COVEY"............THANKS A LOT

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