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Once in a Lifetime (Lucky Harbor, Band 9)
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am 18. Februar 2014

Aubrey is not really well-liked in our favorite town of Lucky Harbor. Everybody still remembers her as the mean girl from highschool.

But she's not that girl anymore.

She wants to prove it to the town - she wants to make it as the town's new bookstore-owner.

But everything is not as easy as she hoped.... she still has lots wrongs to make right. Lots of secret and not-so-secret problems to work out....

Now she wants to end her horrible day with a vodka cranberry in the town's only bar - but who walks in....her EX-idiot-boyfriend. He wrote a Tell-All book about the town that makes Aubrey look even worse than she already does.

Enter: Ben.

He's been 2 years ahead of her in highschool. But they were never friends - there's always been this weird vibe between them - they seemed to instinctively know they were both too similar to ever be closer...

After accidentally throwing the drink in his face, Aubrey flees the scene of the crime and with nowhere to go, she ends up in the church. And Pastor Mike thinks she's there for the AA meeting.

That's where she comes up with an idea.

She writes a list with names of people she hurt, people she wronged in some way.

Time to clear her conscience and make her Karma look good again.

Ben is on the list too.

Ben left town 5 years ago after his wife Hannah died in a car accident.

He went on to risk his life building and designing water-systems in war-torn countries around the world.

But now he's back.

Just in time, it seems, to help Aubrey renovate her late aunt's bookstore. Without asking her, Aubrey's uncle hires Ben as a carpenter.

They pretend to not like each other on sight, but in reality they're extremely attracted to each other.

But Ben thinks that it could never work, not only wasn't he looking for a committed relationship - Aubrey wasn't his type at all.

Fantasy. Because the reality was that he and Aubrey wouldn't mix well. He liked quiet, serene, calm. Aubrey didn't know the meaning of those things.

But of course, Ben and Aubrey don't listen to their inner voices, and the voices of the town, that warn them away from each other..... they start something...

something sexy and romantic and .... could it be more?

But neither of them wants more. Aubrey is not Ben's type and he's not ready yet anyway.

And Ben is on Aubrey's list - and once he knows why he's on that list, he wouldn't want to see her ever again!


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


LUCKY HARBOR - I loved them all!!!!

I start reading one of those and I just can't stop and then it's over :(

I would be happy to have a new Lucky Harbor book every month for the next 20 years!

Once in a Lifetime was just as great as the others ...

It had everything a sweet Romance needs. Two very likeable and flawed people with lots of supporting characters - people we remember from the other books - and also new ones - like Ben's jogging partner Sam - the hero of book #10 ☺

The cutest 2 supporting characters were the 5 year old twin girls that Ben 'found' on the street and the way he tries to help them is just too adorable ☺

Of course Lucille is back too. She not only runs the town's Facebook page - she now has Instagram too ☺☺☺....

Luke and Jack with their ladies from the previous 2 books are back too.

another funny and very 'manly' thing about Ben...

he plays manly shooting games on his phone .. (words with friends!!!)

☺☺☺ cute!

It was the perfect romance for me!

Lovers of the Lucky Harbor series won't be disappointed - and to readers who never heard of Lucky Harbor - a thing I can't understand at all ;) ....


Now I can't wait for the next book - IT'S IN HIS KISS - Becca & Sam's story☺
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am 1. Juni 2015
Ich könnte jetzt sagen: kennst du eins, dann kennst du alle, aber das hört sich einfach viel zu negativ an! Die Geschichten der Lucky Harbor Bücher ähneln sich zwar tatsächlich alle irgendwie ein bisschen, aber ich möchte nicht eines davon verpasst haben zu lesen!
Die Charaktere sind allesamt liebenswert und verführerisch zugleich und lassen einem keine Möglichkeit das Buch aus der Hand zu legen! Es sei denn man ist fertig und möchte sofort mit dem nächsten beginnen!
Jill Shalvis schafft es ohne Probleme einem schöne Schmökerstunden zu verschaffen und ein seufzendes Lächeln auf die Lippen zu zaubern! Egal ob wie hier Aubrey und Ben oder andere Hauptpersonen, diese Bücher sind einfach ein absolutes Muss unter den Romantiker(inne)n und den Liebhabern leichter Literatur!
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