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4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 3. Oktober 2009
Im Rahmen meiner Vorbereitung auf eine Position im mittleren Management war dieses Buch eines von etwa 15, die ich zur Vorbereitung auf diese Position gelesen habe. Andere Titel, die 'Change Management' betitelt waren, erschöpten sich in Langatmigkeiten. Dieses Buch
ist (auch für die 'angelernten' Englischsprecher älterer Jahrgänge) einfach zu lesen, kommt schnell zum Punkt, und ist besonders für jene zu empfehlen, die zum ersten Mal Veränderungen 'in Gang setzen' sollen, und zweifeln, wie sie das 'führungstechnisch' durchsetzen sollen.

I read this book as a preparation for a position in the middle management, and this book was one of 15 which I read as an 'introduction' into the field of management. Other titels covering the subject of 'Change Management' extended into an endless field of words, and were loosing the thread in the fog. This book is easy to read, even for those who have been trained English 'on-the-job. The book covers the subjects quickly and can especially be recommmended for those who are ordered to introduce changes for the first time, and doubt, how to do this with 'a managerial mind'.
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am 22. November 1999
"Change is the only permanent thing" has become an extremely popular idea and everybody's talking about it everywhere. The difference with this book is that - unlike other authors - John P. Kotter systematizes the analysis of change inside organizations and he succeeds almost a 100%. I say almost a 100% because I think "Leading change" emphasyses a little bit more on "what" to do in order to face changes than on "how" to implement changes. Yes, I know that every company is a different world by itself and that many possible ways of implementation do exist, but in my humble oppinion this book should have had 20-30 more pages in order to explore in more detail this crucial aspect of change. Anyway it is an enlightening book on the topic.
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am 4. Mai 2000
As with all of Kotter's work, this has the personal perspective of someone who has been there. It deals with the realistic problems of leaders who don't take the time to actually understand the dynamics of organizational change. Kotter also puts the accountability where it belongs, with the leaders.
So many companies have been damaged by poorly led change efforts, and the misperception that failed change is the result of people just not liking change. In truth it is because they don't follow the processes that Kotter advocates.
This is a must read for people involved with change. A good supporting handbook is "Change and the Challenge of Leadership by Service Advocate a Massachusetts change leadership organization.
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am 23. Januar 1999
Kotter has encapsulated the essence of why most corporate reorganizations, down-sizings and overhauls fail in his title -- "Leading Change". His eight step recipe for successful corporate transformation is clear, concise and action-oriented. He supplements each step with practical "how-to" examples for distinguishing traditional goal management from the leadership of change. I was pleased that his techniques were equally applicable to smaller (260 employee) organizations like ours. We are hoping to have Dr. Kotter address our industry group on this most crucial topic for all business leaders concerned about their corporation's ability to transition to 21st century management structures.
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am 19. Juli 1999
Within my organization, we have recently implemented several change programs focused in improving quality and customer service. Most of what Kotter discusses we all know implicitly (the "things we don't know we know"). The value of this book is taking the implicit, organizing it and making it explicit (the "things we know we know").
For change leaders, the value is twofold; first, it is an excellent primer for members of the "guiding coalition." Second, it is an excellent executive briefing tool, surfacing many of the challenges that will be faced during the course of an organizational change.
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am 2. Mai 2000
Anyone who wants to know why most change efforts fail should read this book. It is a sort of handbook for transformational leadership, rich with examples on how to enact a change initiative. The only thing that I didn't like about the book is that Kotter didn't give the names of the CEOs and companies he talked about, something that would have given some perspective on the size of the transformations he talked about. But that is a minor complaint. All told, this book is a good departure from most leadership books today (which use so many recycled ideas). Kotter's insights are original and useful.
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am 5. Januar 1998
I bought Leading Change because of the reputation of John Kotter--he is the best student of leadership that I know of. I found the book to be exceptional. It is on the mark, simple to follow, and very much to the point.
I have shared the book with both of my daughters ( one a consultant at one of the big consulting firms and the other working on her PhD at Stanford)and they found it to be quite good.
I am ordering a few copies to give to some of our division presidents who face the need to lead significant change in their organizations.
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am 12. Oktober 1999
This easy quick read is direct hit after direct it of the right information required to facilitate change. Reader beware if your organization has problems adjusting to change this book will highlight your challenges. Take the medicine and share the book with any one you can get to read it. Great for change agents at all levels and key to successful mergers or acquistions in ths dynamically changing business environment. This book exceeded my expectations from initial reviews.
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am 14. August 1999
This is simply a great book on change, written by an expert on leadership....period. The narratives are well written and informative, and one is left with thought-provoking ideas. Also suggest getting a companion leadership book at Amazon that approaches the subject from a skills-level perspective and is also great for leaders at all levels: it's called "The Leader's Guide: 15 Essential Skills."
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A great book! Leading Change gives a wonderfully accurate and detailed description of the leadership prerequisites required to accomplish manufacturing change. Leading Change supports and augments the implementation of the advanced manufacturing techniques which are explained and developed in our book, Implementing World Class Manufacturing. Leading Change is a must read!
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