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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 16. Juli 2008
I have no idea how I discovered this book....or what made me decide to buy it. I guess the time was 'right'. And while reading through this wonderful manuscript I felt a feeling of wonderous, miraculous relief and happiness. So THIS is how life works.....!
Over a year later I decided to write this comment to help anyone else out there who is unsure about whether to get this book or not.
I have followed the processes described in this book and have found that I really am attracting a world to me that I only used to dream of, but believed I never could have! I feel so happy and appreciative,! so many more amazing things just pop up in my life to make me even happier! Wonderful friends, great relationships (including with my teenage kids - who would've ever thought that!)winning lottery tickets, beautiful weather, marvelous experiences with amazing people (and alone too! I never find myself bored and at a loose end any more)..Even my house plants are growing healthier than ever before! The better it gets, the better it gets! Abraham explains, in an easy to read style, how to lead a more fulfilled life, just by paying attention to how you feel at this moment and then reaching for a better feeling emotion. Stop paying attention to what you don't want, and start deliberately looking for what you DO want, and you'll find it... sometimes in the most uncanny places! Ask and it is Given! The best book ever!
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am 23. November 2004
In sehr klarer, einleuchtender und einfacher Weise erklärt Abraham, wie die Erschaffung der erlebten Realität abläuft und wie man sich eine Realität erschaffen kann, die (mehr) den eigenen Wünschen und Vorstellungen entspricht.
Dreh- und Angelpunkt ist das Gesetz der Anziehung: Das, worauf ich meine Aufmerksamkeit richte, wird mehr in meinem Leben. Dabei ist es egal, ob ich etwas wünsche oder ablehne, denn es gibt nur "Anziehung", ich kann nichts loswerden, indem ich dagegen ankämpfe. Nur dadurch, dass ich mich auf das konzentriere, was ich will- statt auf das was ich nicht will- "verschwindet" das Unerwünschte.
Abraham ist einfach zu verstehen und wirklich praktisch anwendbar.
Nachdem im ersten Teil die "theoretische Basis" erklärt wird, gibt es in Teil 2 über 20 praktische Übungen, die dabei helfen, Gefühle und Schwingungen zu wandeln. Dabei wird auf die jeweilige emotionale Verfassung eingegangen, denn wenn in meinem Leben gerade alles drunter und drüber geht, hilft mir der freundliche Hinweis, doch einfach "gute" oder fröhliche Gedanken zu denken meist herzlich wenig. Also gehe ich Schritt für Schritt vor und mit etwas Übung und Konzentration kann ich meine "Basis" immer mehr anheben.
Von mir auf jeden Fall fünf Punkte :)
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am 16. Februar 2009
Though I'm American, I bought this book in German 1 1/2 years ago because the German title of the second half of this book is named "Wunscherfüllung: Die 22 Methoden" while the original version barely mentions the 22 methods in the commentary. For those who are uncertain, I can confirm that this book also covers the 22 methods that can change a life overnight in English. After watching "The Secret" DVD by Rhonda Byrne like millions of others 2 years back, I sought to find more answers since The Secret lacked details about inner resistance or contradictions that avoided the creation of my dreams. If you're one of the lucky people who didn't just give up after a few months and move on with life as you knew it, you've now the found the ultimate bible. Finally, easy ways are presented from the ultimate gurus of the Law of Attraction to start changing your vibrations and emotions. If you're like me, you found it difficult to just start feeling good like The Secret suggests. This is a way to play simple, fun games that change the way you see certain areas of your life and by doing so, better your situation in each area. It also goes more into detail than The Secret did to better understand how these internal contradictions affect us. After 2 years, my life has improved 250% financially and relationship-wise. I continually read this book and get new things out of it everyday. Thus, I highly recommend it!
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am 6. Juni 2012
Today, having finished reading the Kindle edition, I upped my score from four to five stars.

Okay, I was initially annoyed by some shortcomings of the Kindle editions. This is why I had subtracted one point:

1. No five-way button navigation. That is, you cannot jump to table of contents, or from chapter to chapter, directly.

2. Use of a fancy, non-standard font, which is not as easy to read as the standard font.

3. Wordsare stucktogether likethis, omittingspaces for some reason, especiallyin thebeginning (Note: I couldn't find these any more - maybe they have been cleaned up).

That said, I am very glad a Kindle edition is available, and its lower price should make up for its shortcomings.

So why have I upped the score to five stars?

First, because this book is simply priceless. The 22 "processes", each and every one, are simply amazing. I have used only a handful of them so far - but they just absolutely WORK

Second, because the book says so ;-). Well, in case you missed it, just search for "pothole" and you will see what I mean.

Thoroughly recommended.
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am 21. April 2014
I'm so thankful that I came across the book. My Life has taken a wonderful turn for the better. The authors keep it simple and explain with day-to-day examples that makes it easy to comprehend.

The Law of Attraction is brought to ground level and you begin to understand why many things happened to you in the past and shall continue to happen in the future. If you change your thinking, you change your world forever.
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am 11. September 2014
I admit to have purchased and owned this book that I’m reviewing since January 15, 2010. My personal career and spiritual goals are what influence me to use the multiple ideas from this book. I’m very lucky to at least know what main career and spiritual goals that I plan to pursue regardless of what even my most talented critics may say. The ideas in this book have become even more important to me after being given spiritual signs/omens around July 16. 2014 of the main career that I must pursue no matter what and how long in my current life that it may take. Additionally, I am being given increasing amounts of information on how imagination is vital to shaping personal realities and this book has fun exercises that use the imagination factor. However, I wish to now focus on what is in the book in this review such as the following information:
Foreword by author Wayne Dyer and a preface on how Esther and Jerry Hicks connected with the information given to them by the being they call Abraham.
The authors share their three steps for whatever a person wants to be, do, or have.
Using Your Feelings As Guideposts
Different Degrees of Your Emotional Guidance Scale
Different Processes for molding reality: I’m in the process of fine-tuning how I use the processes, but I am finding the scripting, meditation, and dream journal to be among the fun and easiest. The best way to describe the scripting process is akin to the late John Candy movie Delirious.

This is a fun book, but the only catch is that it does not touch upon ways to line up personal goals in line with what a person is meant to pursue (in other words, lining up what you want to do with your intuition and in sync with the life contract of your higher self/soul). I reluctantly confess that I finally figured out that part out around 2-3 months ago and my feelings on this were confirmed from an e-mail by Heather Matthews (she was discussing her Manifestation Miracle program and how a person’s goals must intuitively match up with what their soul/spirit/higher self has planned in order for the reality creation efforts to be most successful.
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am 23. Februar 2010
OK, don't like those channeling things. But if I take this away the advise in this book is goold. Just doing the practices makes you feel good. And that's what I want, feeling good.
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am 28. Mai 2016
das war eine Zeitlang mein bibel, habe es überall mitgenommen, ich finde das ist sehr spirituell beschriebeben und ich stehe drauf
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am 1. Dezember 2014
In diesem Buch geht es um die schöpferische Macht von Gedanken. Die bewusste Schöpfung durch fokussierte bewusste Gedanken und Gefühle als Biofeedbacksysthem für den Anweder zur Orientierung, wo er sich gerade befindet.
Die englische Version ist der deutschen Übersetzung in 2 Bänden eindeutig vorzuziehen.
Dieses Buch ist viel näher an der Quelle als Secret und sonstige Bücher drumherum. Es ist sehr einfach geschrieben und wiederholt immer wieder ein Detail: Wie fühlst du dich gerade? Wenn du dich nicht gut fühlst, denke etwas anderes, einen Gedanken bei dem du dich besser fühlst....u.s.w.
Sehr hilfreich.
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am 7. Dezember 2015
Geniales Buch, in Deutsch sind es die 22 Wege zur Wunscherfüllung und die 22 Wege sind wirklich sehr einfach beschrieben. Es sind handfeste, für jeden durchfühbare Methoden, um mehr Glück in dein Leben zu bringen. Empfehlung: Unbedingt lesen!!
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