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am 28. August 1997
Film Directing Shot by Shot is a step back from the filmmaker's lens. This book is a praise of preplanning shots and putting them together in the filmmaker's head. Steven D. Katz has presented a great resource not laden with hard technical terminology limited to the professional.
Katz explores the graphic design of a shot, presenting alternate examples of shot layout side by side. The author encourages seeing shots on the storyboard and how they play together, seeing the movie as static pictures before any film is spent. As he explains: "look at each sequence as a complete statement. Developing an intuitive sense of the overall perceptual effect of a sequence is one of the skills necessary for visualization." (pp 160) He offers traditional process but encourages experimental methods where appropriate.
I was pointed toward the book as an art professional interested in filmmaking. Having read other film preproduction books this has been the best so far.
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am 10. April 2001
This book is the best book on directing that I have come across so far. As a film student I can say that it helped me tremendously. If I could only buy one book about making films - this would be it...
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am 1. Juli 1999
When I entered college to recieve a bachelor's degree, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. I ended up choosing a degree in acting, but have since wondered if that was the wrong choice. In the last year of college, I became interested in film direction, but felt it was to late to pursue that career. Mr. Katz's book has changed my mind. In less than one week, I learned more about the technique of film direction than I ever learned in numerous film, and television classes. This book was easy to read, yet not easy in subject matter. It challenges the reader to visualize the subject matter, and to work out common problems in his/her head. It uses an extensive study of soryboarding from both classic and fictional films to easily illustrate his technique. Although Mr Katz uses a pretty set theory of film mechanics, he does challenge the reader to experiment and to create new and exciting art. This book is a must for beginners in the film industry, and I have a hunch that advanced artists could learn a lot from it too.
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am 24. Mai 2000
You are always taking a chance when ordering a specialized technical book. Will it contain the knowledge you're looking for, in a format that you can use? This book passes that test with five stars. The author shares his craft with literally HUNDREDS of storyboards and photos, showing different shots, angles, perspectives and their effect on the viewer. This is the kind of book you wish you could find every time you went hunting for knowledge.
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am 24. Juni 2015
Der Autor erklärt alle Grundlagen und versucht diese auch anhand von Zeichnungen und Bildsequenzen zu veranschaulichen. Insofern ist das Buch als Basiswissen nicht schlecht.

Zu seiner Zeit hatte das Buch sicher einen großen Wert, da es außer Bücher kaum Quellen gab. Wenn man aber das Filmen lernen will, dann sind Bücher eben nicht das optimale Medium, weil man nicht wirklich sehen kann wie ein Shot wirkt. Der Autor gibt sich zwar alle Mühe und versucht anhand von Bildsequenzen die Wirkungsweise darzustellen, ein richtiger Ersatz für ein Video ist das aber nicht.

Heutzutage gibt es im Internet sehr viele Quellen, die sich mit den Grundlagen des Filmemachens beschäftigen, inklusive der entsprechenden Beispielvideos, wie man einen Shot drehen sollte oder eben auch nicht. Da lernt man in kurzer Zeit wesentlich mehr, als dieses Buch jemals vermitteln könnte. Insofern habe ich mich beim Lesen ziemlich schnell gelangweilt, weil die Grundlagen eben schnell erklärt sind und man sich das dann anhand eines Videos oder eben anhand von Bildsequenzen veranschaulichen muss. Das geht im Jahre 2015 im Internet einfach wesentlich besser als mit einem Buch, das zig Seiten mit Frame-Sequenzen zupflastert.

Fazit: Als Grundlagenbuch sicher nicht schlecht, aber es gibt wesentlich bessere Bücher, bei denen man echt noch was lernen kann, was man nicht überall im Internet findet.
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am 16. März 2012
Being a budding filmmaker, I've been looking for a book like this: A book that explains film directing step by step. How to start with a concept, storyboard (I really liked the storyboarding section), blocking etc. - it's all described very nicely. And it is very encouraging for someone like me who wants to become a director. I like that it focusses on the technical aspects, mainly camerawork. It tells you how to frame your shots and handle the camera. He implements a lot of good examples, fgrom Hitchcock films for example. Steven Katz makes a lot of important points here, especially by highlighting how crucial the preproduction phase is. Planning your project is one of the most important parts. I learned a lot from this!

I chose to buy the Kindle version of this book, since it's at least a little cheaper than the printed version, but I still find that 15 € for an ebook, at least that's the price in the German shop here, are too much, even though the quality of this book is very good.
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am 23. März 2000
This is an excellent book on classical film directing. The storyboards it includes from North By Northwest and The Battleship Potemkin, among others, are inspirational. It breaks down the classical shooting style in a fashion that is simple and clean...maybe at times a little too simple. Nonetheless, I'll keep it in my library forever!
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am 14. April 2013
Katz laesst nichts aus, ist sehr genau und deckt so ziemlich alles ab, was man wissen sollte, daher kann es in keinem Fall schaden, das Buch zu besitzen
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am 9. Januar 2000
worth it, if you only afford one book, this is the book. for people interest in directing & editing, either for pro or ametuer, you won't regret it.
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