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am 13. Dezember 1999
This book is the one that best answered the questions that came to mind after I first began reading the Earth Chronicles. After some independent study I had voiced an opinion online that I was convinced we were descendents of an angelic race, to which someone had queried, You've been reading Sitchin? Who? I asked. I did a web-search and found some critiques of Sitchin's reasearch, read them, and promptly went out and bought 12th Planet . Sitchin's scholarship and translation of the clay tablets provided the background and filled in the holes of my theory of man's origins. Like Sitchin, I too began my quest after pondering over the begining of the Noah chapter of Genesis that tells of the Sons of gods taking the daughters of man for their wives. Sitchin was way ahead of me, though. All of the Earth Chronicles provided new insights, with plenty of documentation to back up his theories. The Wars of Gods and Men was, to me, the most relevant for opinions to answers I was seeking. I have continued to read every other author I can find that tackles these subjects and have refined my own opinions about them. Zecharia Sitchin remains the vanguard in this quest, and I find his scholarship indispensible. For several years now I have been trying to find holes in his basic premise, only to find slight differences of opinions as regards minor points. Applying his translations of ancient wisdom, I invariably arrive at the most plausible answers to questions that seem to still evade modern scientists. When I read about a new scientific theory it is often laughable when I consider the most plausible answers can be found if only modern science and religion would shake their dogma and realize man has been in possesion of those answers for some 6,000 years. After Sitchin, I never feel I am any longer blind. He has assisted me in gaining my sight. If only the rest of the world could see so clearly.
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am 26. September 1998
I've now read ALL of Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series, starting with 12th Planet, and have decided that this is the best of the lot! Especially if you're into the mysteries of the Giza pyramids. Not that I would recommend anyone START with it without reading the others preceeding it in the series as they would be at a great loss for background. To do that would leave one with many doubts on where he is coming from and how he has derived a lot of things assumed in this part. I feel that this one is the high-point of the set, giving readers progressing through the series, something to look forward to if they are already bored with the first books in the series.
As always, Mr Sitchin, supports every step of his postulations with multi-sourced, cross-referenced, generally irrefutable evidence from uncorrupted ancient sources. He clearly states when he is making a personal assumption or conjecture, which is not often. Personally, I find his habit (present in most of his works) of misleading the reader temporarily, by following the traditional reasoning process, only to later refute it and explain the truth via his version, somewhat frustrating.
Time-wise, he begins, in this segment, with the earliest recorded times on earth, right up to practically thru the old testament. You'll find out what the Pyramids were used for, who built them, why they were closed off and even who was imprisioned in them. He even gets into who the biblical Abraham really was.
Again, prepare by reading the first two FIRST, but don't miss this one to tie everything together!
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am 4. Juli 2000
The prime focus of the third volume of Earth Chronicles is on Annunaki's dynastical relationships and with wars to gain rulership over certain lands and supremacy among them. Primarily exposed are Inanna/Ishtar and Marduk, which almost seem like they have blown up the whole "mission Earth" because of their struggle to became "The Mother/Father of the Gods". It is quite astonishing that Sumerian tablets, Vimana, Bible and many other sources report battles of unexplainable horrors, destructions and weapons. Who has shown them to the people, who has made them and fought with them? In the book there is an answer. People were at first only observers to this battles, but they were soon included to achieve goals of their God. The last scene (after which the Gods have deserted their beloved cities) should be nuclear explosion at the south side of Dead Sea and destruction of Sinai spaceport. Looks like people have copied the politics of Gods to the last detail, because such wars, destructions and sleazy politics can in similar extent be read anytime in daily news. Paradoxally weapons are the greatest developer of knowledge, but are so many times used to destroy it in reward...
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am 8. Februar 1999
Although I must admit that Zecharia Sitchin has lost a lot of credibility in the last few years with his last two books "The Cosmic Code" and that other one about the emissaries of the gods, this book still offers a valid theory about our origins and the forgotten history about mankind. He brings forth evidence that has been dismissed as pure myth by the experts and sheds new light on ancient ageless mysteries. Please note that these other "experts" have never even once debated with Sitchin, except perhaps about those two last books of his. The Wars of Gods and Men truly is his best books, and it will truly show you the origins of Giza, Baalbek, Jerusalem and other mysterious sites.
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am 1. Juli 1998
Sitchin brings myth and reality into synchrony in this exciting and credible history of Old Testament times. You'll never again accept the hogwash that the Giza pyramids were the burial places of (or even built by!) Egyptian pharoahs. And his explanation of the demise of Sumer sheds a bright light on the origins of the Hebrews and other biblical tales. Wide-ranging and meticulously documented, like all the "Earth Chronicles". Sitchin is able to combine brilliant and thoroughly supported scholarship with a story-teller's grace and timing, while resisting the temptation to embellish the truth as he sees it. I recommend you read the "Twelfth Planet" and "Stairway to Heaven" first.
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am 12. Februar 1999
Like ALL of his books, this one too is amazing, compelling, persuasive, enlightening, builds rationally and logically to each of its points BUT (there's alway a "but")is a bit difficult to read. Also, as with ALL his books, Zecharia draws his concise conclusions by bringing the knowledge of many sciences together. It is a must read for anyone with an open mind and thirst for knowledge.
I suggest the Earth Chronicles be read in their order of publication: 12th Planet, Stairway to Heaven, Wars of Gods & Men, Lost Realms,When Time Began.
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am 26. August 1999
Proves that when you keep an open mind people will throw all their garbage into it. Real scientists must be unble to decide whether to laugh or cry at this nonsense. Sitchin and his bank-manager must be laughing.
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am 14. August 2015
Das Buch zeigt eindeutig, dass sowohl die sogenannten Götter als auch die Menschen in dieser Region immer nur Kriege führen, und das seit 400'000 Jahren.
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am 24. Dezember 1999
for you are telling us this, and the goverment is letting you. SO IT MUST NOT BE TRUE!
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am 26. September 1999
excellent non-dogma portrail of genesi
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