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4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Oktober 1998
This was a very realistic book. Many people that have strong misconceptions about the true meaning behind Contemporary Satanism are really missing out on the facts revealed by Mr.LaVey. LaVey is a very dynamic individual and he is very realistic about the things modern society can do to an individual, whether he is a Satanist or not. By studying And being a Freemason, this book has truly opened my eyes to what many others restrict you from seeking forth. If everyone were the same,this would be a very boring world. Man has created God and Religion. Why follow the herd conformity of others. One must choose his own path and destiny. You are a God within yourself. I highly recommend that the reader studies the Satanic Bible and Rituals also. Many churches and pulpit pounders are leading millions of lambs into the slaughterhouse. As a Satanist, we DO NOT worship the Devil. WE worship God within ourselves . Everyone has their own God and beliefs. True Enough, but shouldn't you as an individual appreciate yourselves and those who truly love and appreciate you for who you are, and not by the way someone else wishes you to be? To Be, Or Not To Be? That was the question. I AM THAT I AM THAT HAS SENT ME UNTO YOU. This is the answer to that question. Seek and ye shall find. This philosopher's signature lies within the so-called "Great Book". Read and understand what you're reading before you give an honest opinion. Keep searching!!! I am very proud to have just entered my membership in the CoS. HAIL SATAN!!!
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am 9. September 1999
Endlich! Nach zwei Jahrzehnten wieder ein Buch mit der gesammelten Weisheit, dem Humor und den dunklen Beobachtungen des Gründers der Church of Satan, von Anton Szandor LaVey. Es enthält einige Aufsätze zu Themen wie Non - Konformität, okkulte Modeerscheinungen, das "Goodguy badge" und die Konstruktion von künstlichen menschlichen Begleitern. In dem Buch werden Instruktionen zum Aufbau von "total environments", Plätze magischer Anrufung, gegeben, an denen "Erleuchtete" den schädlichen Einflüssen der heutigen Existenz entkommen können. Auch der Aufsatz zur Lycantrophie, der Verwandlung in einen Werwolf, ist in diesem Buch wieder abgedruckt. Natürlich gibt es auch wieder Kapitel, in denen Musik empfohlen wird, es gibt sogar Noten und Text zur "Hymn of the Satanic Empire" (Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse) von LaVey selbst, und in den einzelnen Kapiteln werden diverse Autoren angesprochen, deren Werke zum Teil sehr empfehlenswert sind. Dies Buch ist eine lohnende Anschaffung für jeden Anhänger von Anton Szandor LaVey und andere Interessierte, wenn sein Interesse für künstliche Begleiter auch befremdlich ist (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 15. September 1998
This is a great book, and if you have an open mind yet don't care to really read about Satanism in its pure form, this book is for you.
A fellow Wiccan said:
>There should be a separate section for those...don't put us all together, our beliefs are not the same!!!
I think that's an interesting point; however, understand that if anyone is casually browsing in the metaphysical/magic/religion section, don't you think that perhaps a person should have a *choice*?
I don't think most Satanists would disagree: what is the matter with grouping Satan and Wicca in the same section at a major bookstore? Regarding Satanism, people are allowed to make their own choices, and those who know the way will follow their own path...
Have you even read this book?
This book is not necessarily about Satanism--buy it if you wish to be entertained, and at times, informed upon some lighter topics from LaVey.
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am 21. September 1999
Anton LaVey was an intelligent man. This book however has sparse intelligent thoughts amidst a book full of babble by an angry man turned bitter by age. Often I found myself skimming thru pages wondering if Anton was simply trying to fill this already thin book. Most of the paragraphs are noticeably elongated as if he were being paid by the word. The problem is this book has little to say. While there are some very good thoughts in this book there are simply to few to justify the printing process. Like his past works, he often falls into his own traps. Most of the points he makes in this book could easily be turned upon himself. Any religion is simply a point of view and Satanism is no different. I think Mr. LaVey started believing his own hype.
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am 21. April 1998
I'm a Satanist, but my wife doesn't think she is. It's the name and the religious connotations that she doesn't like, as there is a kind of biblical quality in most of LaVey's books. But in this one, he just lets loose and gives us a laugh, while at the same time explaining our religion in a much less religious context. She loved it, and then she read the other books with a more open mind. She still doesn't like the name, but she admits that she's followed the philosophy her whole life.
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am 29. Dezember 2014
Manche Aufsätze in diesem Buch sind genial, andere nur interessant, und manche sogar Mumpitz.

Was sie alle gemeinsam haben, ist aber, dass sie sich mit Themen beschäftigen, mit denen man sich sonst nicht beschäftigen würde. Ich habe das Buch jedenfalls nicht von vorne nach hinten verschlungen, sondern mich immer nur stückweise vorgearbeitet. Insgesamt finde ich es wertvoll.
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am 8. Juni 1998
If you truely want to know the truth about Satanism then I suggest you read this book. Satanism could be a great religion for you once you get to know what it's all about.
Another book that I suggest you read is the "Satanic Bible" for it is the basestone of all satanic books.
This books are best enjoyed with an open mind!
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am 9. Dezember 1998
When i was a child I was pretty much a loner & a book-worm. Coming across 3 books (The Devil's Notebook[my fav], The Satanic Bible & Satanic Rituals) opened my eyes & I won't say taught but showed me why the world was so backwards at times. I really enjoyed this book & the other 2 I found so many years back. I recommend reading them to anyone. I'm going to read Satan Speaks next & i hope I enjoy it as much as those.
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am 30. Dezember 1997
Sure, people might tell you to read the _Satanic_Bible_, but if you really want to learn about Satanism, read this.
This is where LaVey's sarcastic side really comes out. Hell, he has an entire chapter on whoopie cushions, and another on using the toilet.
Key reading for anyone interested in the "occult."
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am 7. Oktober 1999
If Satanism is a subject that interests you, or philosophy, or how to handle diffecult people in your life, then this book is for you. You could think of it as a 'Short introduction to Satanism' or as 'An insite to a realistic way of life'
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