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am 20. Mai 2000
This is very comprehensive. Thank goodness there is a comprehensive index, becuase the arrangement is a bit off-putting.
The chapters are broken down "chronologically" - The Thirteenth Month, The 25th to 27th Month etc etc.
Within each section it contains "milestones" type information - carefully labelled 'what your child MIGHT be doing' (it reinforces that children develop at different rates, but it still does encourage you to compare 'your child' with some 'norm'.
After that there are sections on 'What You May Be Concerned About' - for example, at the 19th month it might be 'night wandering, 'underactivity' or 'unclear speech' amongst other things. Thing is, these are not necessarily chronologically-linked. So you need to read right through the Table of Contents and use the index (some page refs are wrong, by the way)to find the topic you are interested in. Then follow sections on 'What You Need To Know' and 'What Your Child Needs To Know', again int he age-specific sections.
I think it would be much better arranged thematically. Perhaps a short section on things that really are age-specific. There are subsequent sections on things such as special needs children, toilet learning, feeding.
I have found the information on illness particularly useful and at other times much other information useful, interesting or reassurring.
I think this book earns its place in a parent's reference library. Its usefulness extends well beyond the toddler years, and for some things is still good in the early years of school (by which time life is so busy there isn't a lot of time for consulting books!)
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am 2. August 2000
It is a great book on toddlers. It covers almost everything. Let's face it, all books will leave a question or two unanswered. It's almost impossible to serve everyone's needs. I have enjoyed all of Arlene's books and they have served me and my family well. I'd like to suggest a couple of other books which would make any mom's (or Dad's) library complete: Mommy-CEO, by Jodie Lynn is for all parents who have toddlers and preschoolers (up to teens) and Your Baby and Child, by Penelope Leach. Combining these books with Arlene's will answer all questions. "Mommy-CEO" will also provide the humor so badly needed for us in this time of our lives. "Your Baby and Child," will demostrate wonderful "life-like" photos and instructions and "What to Expect," will complete many of the challenges we're bound to experience.
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am 6. April 1999
The "What To Expect" series of books are the best-organized, most balanced series on childcare I have found (and I have browsed through many and purchased many others). The fact that the authors provide, among other things, opinions on what might work for a given child seems to unduly annoy a number of parents and reviewers, even though their pediatricians presumably hold and deliver opinions as well. The book does NOT, contrary to the reviews, encourage mothers to stop breastfeeding at the age of one. It does point out, however, that continuing beyond then will make it more difficult to stop. This has been true for every woman I know who nursed a child beyond the age of one, whether they did so intentionally and happily or whether they simply were too exhausted to wean. As is true of all child care books, you should use only those ideas that make sense to you to help you make sense of the often incomprehensible -- the toddler.
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am 19. Februar 2000
In my experience as an early childhood teacher, toddlers and early preschoolers are similar in the basic parenting needs. Getting them to become independent is a good policy as long as it doesn't go over board. Why can't kids stay kids a little longer? This book has some excellent ideas but very little that parents can contribute as a reference towards the beginning stages towards emerging into early preschool. Toddlers learn so quickly and many enter a parent's day out program at 18-months-old. The book is a little behind. For parents who would like a book to take them from one reference to another beginning stage, I'd recommend a book we just finished in a parenting class: "Mommy-CEO." This gives 5 golden rules parents can use from infants to teens and we can go back again and again to pick up tips. It's different than Eisenberg and Murkoff's book because it tells us in simple terms exactly how to promote and motivate acceptable behavior from toddlers to teens from parents who have had success. Eisenberg's toddler book is fair to medium in today's fast track families.
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am 27. September 1998
This book is helping me a lot in rearing up my one-and-a-half year old daughter. I read all the notes and preface and introduction and followed the author's advice about referring to it not by chapters but only as the need arose or the symptom/behavior/whatever developed. Additionally, it wasn't the only book I read and, as the authors advised, I still sought the knowledge of my baby's pediatrician and my mother. I was glad that the book is comprehensive enough to cover all the possible problem areas a first-time mother could encounter. The best advice I could give future readers is, read it and take only those snippets of information or advice that best applies to your situation. However, the baby's doctor or pediatrician may still be the better judge of what is best for the child, as he or she is the one who knows the child's medical and, sometimes, family/genetic history.
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am 14. Juli 1998
I think the problem with some of the reviewers is that they are unable to take what fits for them and disregard what doesn't concern them. I suspect the grandparents from Luling, LA have conflicts with their kids that have nothing to do with the content of this book. The reader who claims this book is nothing but opinion should give a little credit to "experience". And the woman who says she can't live without this book might need a little family counseling. The bottom line is that this book is meant as a guide for people who are not experienced with being parents, and is not claiming to be the gospel truth. It is filled with good information and general guide lines supported by the majority of pediatricians. Just keep in mind that every child is different, and no single book will give you all the answers.
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am 3. März 1999
If you want to...have a handy reference around for when you've got a question about your kids, this book (and the other title, "What to Expect the First Year"), are solid, well-balanced guides. The information is presented in such a way so that it does not preach, and parents can use their common sense as to how to apply the advice to their situation. As a first time parent, I thought it was nice to have around, and is a lot easier than having to call the pediatrician -- or, worse yet, friends or relatives -- every time you've got a question. With this book, you get the basics and can decide for yourself what to do next without wading through all the guilt or nonsense of everyone else's opinions. Cuts down on the conversations that start, "Well, with *my* kids, I always thought it was best if ..."
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am 27. Januar 2000
The authors write the most comprehensive survey of all aspects of parenting a toddler. In particular, I find the advice on behavioral issues so helpful. Something I didn't "expect" to be so enlightening and thorough. The common sense format makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. A must for any parent!
I'd also like to comment on the customer review from NY dated 1/24. I do not think the author's biases on nursing and self comforting stand out any more than any other author on the wide variety of subjects on children that are out there. We are ALL passionate about raising our children the way we think is best for each and every one of us, including the authors. I'd be surprised if they were NOT apparent. I'm happy to know that you still found it helpful!
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am 11. Mai 2000
While I think this publication is an excellence medical and milestone reference guide, I feel it is too heavy handed with many parental "advice". The book gives short lame reasons why a mother must wean by 1 year or suffer the "consequences", and co-sleeping is painted in the most horrible light, regardless of the fact that many many families, including myself have sucess with co-sleeping and can be insulting with comments like I am "cowardly" for following my motherly insincts and not letting my baby cry it out when she is in need. My recommendation is to see this book as a REFERENCE and not a be all end all guide to parenting. Parents should follow their hearts and their instinct and not always what it says in some book.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
And like several previous reviewers have stated, take what works for you individually. Especially breastfeeding.
Le Leche is an agenda and practically condemn anyone who deviates from their RULES. My wife worked, so our boy was given breast, and bottled, either 100% breastmilk, mix or straight formula, whatever was available and WORKED for us. He has NEVER had an earache and only 2 colds, and he turns 3 in February. Plus, he was weaned at about 11 months. Soon as he figured out what teeth can do.
And getting confused when we would switch? What? Did he even care is the real question! If milk come out of it, he adjusted within two sucks of the nipple.
Great book. Recommend to anyone who cares about their children.. and themselves!
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