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2,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 31. März 2000
The food plan is so confusing that I gave up before I even began.This is how they try to explain how much "whole grains and otherconcentrated complex carbohydrates" to have in a day. "Have four or five servings of one of the following daily. Do not count unenriched breads, cereals, or flours at all, and count enriched ones only rarely." Oh, so if I eat a piece of bread or have cereal that isn't a "whole grain food" I shouldn't count it toward my daily total of foods and just continue to stuff my face?
Also, their use of the word "cheating" really rubs me the wrong way. "Cheat no more than once a month with no more than one serving of the following - cake, pudding, etc." I don't think these woman know the first thing about the psychological aspects of eating healthy.
They bugged me most on the very first page of the book where they wrote that in "century's past it was believed that God's will was the determining factor to a healthy baby." It's important to eat healthy ladies, but God still has a lot more to do with it than following your strict diet does! END
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am 11. April 2000
i found this book to be very discouraging and unrealistic to the majority of pregnant women. if one thinks about nutrition during pregnancy realistically, in addition to all the other demands that a pregnant woman has on her, it is just not a realistic option that a woman is going to spend all of her time on her feet cooking with whole grains and no sugars like they depict on the cover! how do i know? simple. i have given birth twice and both times i was either busy with college or raising a child to cook like they do in this book! i ate from the recommended food groups for each pregnancy, plus took a prenatal vitamin with iron. and my kids were respectively 8 lb 4 oz and 7 lb 14 oz (more than what their kids weighed according to the book). and they are above average intelligence, and have never had life threatening health problems. do yourself a favor if you are pregnant. find a nutritionist (maybe WIC) and don't exhaust yourself by trying to be "super pregnant lady". you'll feel a lot better
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am 28. Juli 1997
Herbal tea is dangerous?

No white bread?

By the time my wife and I had skimmed through "What To Eat..." we were concerned enough with what we read to ask our doctor. He dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "Everyone is trying to sell a book," he said. "The way to sell books is to say something extreme."

We found that the best way to use this book was to learn the principles (wheat germ and cottage cheese are "efficient" vehicles of nutrition, we found), but not become too alarmed by the extremisim.

Buy the book, stock your kitchen pantry as suggested, and even try some of the recipes...

but remember to take a deep breath, not panic and use your own common sense when it comes to feeding the life inside you.

PS: If you haven't done so already, take a look at the excellent "What To Expect When You're Expecting." It has the balanced, common-sense approach to the whole "baby thing" that this book lacks.
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am 4. Juli 1999
I bought this book during my first pregnancy because I liked the idea of "best odds diet" as it was presented in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" & was hoping for some practical tools & advice on implementing the eating plan & also some new healthy recipes. Now I have a 2 y/o & am pregnant again, so I thought I would give it another try. Still think this book is a clunker! We all know that "junk food" is not nourishing & that the nutritional requirements during pregnancy can be tough to keep up with, which is why some reproducable grocery lists & daily eating charts would be helpful for starters... and some recipes that actually taste good!! This stuff comes from the old-school idea that "health food" must be bland & boring. The overview in "What to Expect..." is more user-friendly, this book is didactic overkill.
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am 28. April 1999
The authors have managed to write a book that is highly opinionated and contradictory. Some of my favorite examples include, eat lots of protein as found in meat, but if you eat it, you may expose your baby to chemicals and hormones. Eat lots of fruit, but scrub everything first with soap and water and then peel all fruit so you don't expose your baby to more harmful chemicals. And my all time favorite, don't eat any sweets or bad foods, but if you absolutely must, you bad, selfish, weak person, limit them to once a week. This includes a piece of white bread, an ice cream cone, or a muffin made with sugar and less-refined grains. Being pregnant is to be paranoid enough. These women are alarmists. If you add wheat germ to your meals, snack on hard boiled eggs and fruit, and freeze yogurt into popsicles as a treat, you can save your money and buy something cute for your baby instead.
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am 26. März 1999
This book is a valuable source of information on health and nutrition for pregnant women. The authors are definitely extreme in their recommendations, but so what!! If you are looking for someone to tell you that ice cream, cheeseburgers, and lattes are good for your baby, then look elsewhere. Here is a diet to whick pregnant women can aspire, and feel proud even if they follow it loosely. If you tend to believe everything you read, then this book will probably frustrate you. If you choose to use this book as a tool to assist you during your pregnancy, then it will probably delight you. Even if you are not a vegetarian, check out Mollie Katzen's vegetarian cookbooks and use them in conjunction with this one. Her recipes are amazing and delicious! If you supplement her recipes with occasional poultry and fish, you will have no problem meeting the Eisenberg's dietary requirements.
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am 27. Juni 1999
The diet recommended in this book is totally unrealistic for the average American. You're under enough stress already, and probably sick enough already. Unless you already have an extraordinarily healthy diet, don't bother trying to make this big of a switch now. Example: this book forbids eating Total cereal because it has too much sugar! Puhleeze! They give you permission to "splurge" with a no-sugar bran muffin with fruit once a week. Whatever! Please don't encourage the alarmist authors by buying this book. Certainly try to eat healthy when pregnant, and if you have no idea what healthy eating is, read this book to get an idea of the radical end of the spectrum. Then be reasonable.
Oh yeah - the fish recipe was so gross that it made me have an aversion to fish throughout my pregnancy!
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am 16. März 2000
A friend sent me this book as she knew that I was suffering from 24 hour 'morning' sickness. After reading a few pages, I felt even worse! Instead of reassuring me, it made me feel that I was somehow failing because I could not simply deal with my sickness and eat the totally impractical Best-Odds diet. The tone is often patronising - for example, suggesting that I am ignorant or irresponsible if I order a tuna sandwich on white bread. It's maybe worth reading this book for the few practical ideas that it gives. However, after feeling guilty for several days for having eaten white bread - not wholewheat - for the first trimester (one of the few things that I could eat at all), I put the book away and decided to use common sense instead.
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am 28. August 1999
I found this book extremely helpful during my first pregnancy. I admit I didn't follow the Best Odds Diet to the letter (who could possibly be THAT disciplined?), but found that even after taking my own path, using the basic guidelines of eating things that can 'remember where they came from' I was never healthier. And I firmly believe that my healthy baby boy benefited from the diet I followed. I actually lost weight during my first trimester, and within 7 weeks postpartum (post-C-section, mind you), my pre-pregnancy clothes fit loosely! How many new mothers can make that claim?!? I think it's a great guideline, but as with anything else, you'll need to adapt it to fit your lifestyle.
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am 9. Oktober 1998
It was a very difficult diet to follow, and this from someone who was already seeing a nutritionist during pregnancy. If it had MORE recipies to help you eat the stuff they want you to eat, that would improve the book a great deal. But dont dismiss the herbal tea claims outright. It is very easy to cause an abortion through the right combinations of herbs. I know people who did it on purpose (a combo of certain herbs and vitamins) and have had it happen to me, once, also. Use it for a guideline to help yourself eat healthier, but I cant see anyone following it to the letter.
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