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4,5 von 5 Sternen111
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 21. Dezember 2002
Hawking ist nicht nur ein begnadigter Physiker, sondern auch ein sehr guter Schriftsteller. Ich kann dieses Buch jedem deutschen Leser empfehlen, denn es ist sehr verständlich in der englischen Sprache geschrieben worden.
Dieses Buch ist meiner Meinung nach gerade deshalb so gut gelungen, weil es einen in neue "Dimensionen" denken läßt. Das alltägliche Leben auf der Erde wird einem belangloser und das Leben in der "Raumzeit" läßt einem so manches alltägliche Problem in Vergessenheit geraten.
Im Nachhinein halte ich Hawkings Theorien für riskant und wahrscheinlich unwahrscheinlich, denn welcher von uns Erdlingen kann nur eine Ahnung davon haben, wie es da draußen wirklich aussieht. Das Buch ist aber so kreativ, gut und phantasievoll geschrieben worden, daß es jeden Leser einnehmen wird.
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am 1. April 2000
One of the greatest living physicists, Stephen Hawking is also an amazing popularizer of science, a characteristic of many of the truly Creative Geniuses as opposed to the Follower Geniuses who are so abundant in science. I recommend that the reader consult parallel texts of slightly greater mathematical and physical difficulty to better understand what is going on, if necessary with the help of consultants or tutors. I have already remarked in other reviews for on the difficulty of understanding entropy, for example, which comes in many types not all of which are similar, and its relationship to probability, chaos, and so on is not quite settled at this time. The interested reader could consult Ruelle's book (I forget its date at the moment) for a readable and inspired account of entropy by one of its pioneers. There has also been some recent work indicating that more information can come out of a black hole than Hawking thought. I recommend that readers also read Roger Penrose's two books of the last 20 years, which are also popularized science which compare idealism and materialsm (the latter as represented by computer Ingenious Followers, in my terminology). Penrose and Hawking discovered many of their discoveries together.
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am 27. September 1999
I read this for extra credit in my College Physics class. It was hard to understand at times but overall it made sense. Hawking tries to give an explanation of where we came from and where we are going. Unless you are interested in Physics/Space I would def. skip this.
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am 5. Dezember 2003
Stephen Hakings schafft es einem das Universum in einfachen Worten näher zu bringen. Dieses Buch stillt den Durst nach Wissen über die Hintergründe unserer Existens. Hawkings schafft es dennoch ohne Formeln (mal von E=MC^2 abgesehen) zurecht zu kommen. Das Buch befasst sich von Aristoteles Auffassung des Universums bishin zu Theorien des späten 20ten Jahrhunderts.
Das Buch liest sich sehr leicht (da Hawkings immer wieder lustige Kommentare einfügt) und man ist immer wieder erstaunt über das was man liest. Ich denke dieses Buch war SEHR gut investiertes Geld. Aber der Erfolg des Buches spricht wohl für sich selbst: es hielt sich 237 Wochen in der Bestsellerliste der Sunday Times. Nathan Myhrvold von Microsoft stellte fest, dass von Hawkings Büchern über Physik mehr verkauft wurden als von Madonnas Büchern über Sex.
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am 22. Januar 2002
I really do like the idea to address such an exciting subject to non mathematicians. The choice of topics is well balanced and gives you an interesting introduction into the modern view of our universe. In particular the introduction of sometimes contradictory models explain how physics works-the evolution of ideas. I personally admire one who admits errors in the course of his scientific career, as Hawking does. However despite the lack of any formula the book is not easy to understand. In contrary some formulas would help--at least the lengthy way of writing numbers (one million million million million million million million - a 1 with 42 zeros) does not increase the readability. I'm still looking for a book presenting formulas but explaining them and pointing out the consequences. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading "a brief history of time" and will now turn to "the universe in a nutshell". For all who have strong interest in topics such as relativity, quantum mechanics and space-time but are not willing to study mathematics this book definitely is an excellent starting point.
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am 14. April 2015
This book is easy to understand and explains the world in a very comprehensible way. Even my mother, who does not know much about physics, could easy follow the thoughts of Stephen Hawking. A magnificent scientist!
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am 23. November 1999
I can't believe that I had this book as a reader/text in a general science course a "few years back and here it is making another "go round". This time I read it just for fun and without the pressures of class deadlines. The book is by now a classic and I think one learns a bit more each time one reads it. By the way, if you like this kind of book, which takes fascinating science and puts it into an exciting read in layman's terms, try Nabokov's Blues and The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. Both are of the same ilk. When I first read Brief History of Time I found it a refreshing choice for a class supplemental text. I don't think one can read this book without gaining a broader view of ones world and what "makes it tick". It great that so many major scientists take the time to translate the fascinating turf of their trades into the layman's language which we can all find exciting. Looking around, there is some great science reading out there right now. But, this one's a classic. If you haven't read it, or read it only for a class, like I did, read it again.
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am 9. Mai 2000
Stephen Hawking is a very well educated scientist. The details he goes into about certain events in history is truly amazing. He gives examples from his lifetime on many of these events. Hawking is a very talented writer. He does not use too many big words but in the few incidents that he doeshe goes into great detail to tell you what they mean and also has a glossary in the back of the book to allow you to look up words that you are unsure about. This book has sold over nine million copies and is still selling. Some of the topics he discusses are wormholes, time travel, fate of the universe, forces of nature, and the expanding universe just to name a few. The one topic he discusses the most is the topic of black holes. He devotes two chapters of the book to them. The book has recieved great reviews and i can definately see why. If you are really into science and want to learn a whole lot more than I highly recommend A Brief History Of Time. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8. ( The special 10th anniversary edition contains a new foreword and updated chapters ). Enjoy!
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am 27. August 1999
There is no doubt that this book is astonishing. Far beyond my intelligence, there is far too much information to absorb and comprehend for the layman. Hawking has clearly demonstrated his superiority in the field of physics, I am sure that if I was face to face with him he could quite easily make the most complex theorem understandible to even me. The sign of a true teacher and intellect. What was most apparent to me and the reason why I would recommend this book to everybody is that the theories Hawking explains are about everything, and I mean everything. Something that should be attempted by us all to understand, if for no other reason than to make us realise how insignificant we are.
And yet what struck me after finishing reading it was how little we know. It is a humbling experience. The bottom line is that the subject matter is so immense that I really can't see it ever being grasped totally. And if we ever do finally understand this, it will be as Arhtur C. Clarke put it, childhoods end. I think it can safely be said that we are still in infancy.
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am 29. Dezember 2015
Very easy while also refreshing read, Hawkings can summarize a number of very difficult theories in a highly comprehensive and understandable way.
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