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4,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 10. Juni 2000
This is easily one of the best books I have ever read. Francine Rivers is incredible. The characters are realistic, the story is realistic. Written with an incredibly powerful style, it immediately transports you to another place and time. The range of characters is diverse, the scenery ever-changing. It is true that Rome has been likened to the Western culture of the day, but it is also true that Rome was exactly the way that Francine Rivers has described it. Simply wonderful. Believe me, waiting to read the sequel will be the hardest thing you have ever done.
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am 17. Mai 2000
Francine Rivers is amazing- and this is the series that proves it! When you read this book, you are instantly transported to 70 A.D.; her characters are so vivid and realistic,they become cherished friends. The character of Hadassah is skillfully written; a woman who lives her life as Christ would have us do, yet struggles with her own fears and doubts. A story that challenges the reader to examine his/her own life. I'd give it ten stars if I could.
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am 8. Mai 2000
Francine Rivers has truly created a marvelous work in this book, as well as the others in the series. The characters are so real, you miss them when you finish each book. Set in the years following the resurrection of Jesus, you gain a new perspective on the times surrounding the writing of many of the letters in the New Testament. The rich tapestry of setting in these books gives you much insight. I read the New Testament now with a wholly different view. This book has romance, hardship, unshakeable faith, believable characters, spine-chilling suspense. I give it my highest recommendation, which is reserved for very few books.
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am 5. März 2000
This book, this author...both are amazing. Francine Rivers became one of my favorites after I read "The Atonement Child", then "The Scarlet Thread".
I was a little wary of buying this book, since it takes place hundreds of years ago. I don't really like those kinds of books. I prefer the books that take place now. It took me a long time to finally buy it and now I'm like, "Why didn't I buy it sooner?" It's amazing.
You get caught up in the story of Hadassah, a young slave girl who loses her family when her town is destoryed. She is sold to the Valerian family and serves their daughter, Julia. Marcus, their son is intrigued by Hadassah and over the years that Hadassah is with them, he falls in love with her, and she with him. But, she will not comprimise her Christian beliefs to marry him.
Julia has incredible problems. She will murder, watch someone get murdered and do other horrible things without even blinking sometimes.
Another character is Artretes. He's a gladiator that has killed over a hundred people, but never felt satisfied over it, even though he has fame for it.
This book for me was a little bit slow in the beginning. I always wanted to hear more about Hadassah, but it would keep going back to Artretes. But, once this book picked up (which didn't take long at all) I couldn't put it down. You never know what will happen next and this book will keep you reading. Don't be like me and wait on buying it...or the other books. Invest in this excellent read today! And, don't forget to get the next two books as well. You'll want them after the last page in book one!
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am 3. Oktober 1997
Yeah yeah, I'm just another person who read this book. But I have to tell you something, books like these don't come along all that often. If I were able to, this book would be given a twenty, not a mere ten. It's that good; really!

Here is a brief summary for those who don't believe me. It's about a young jewish girl caught up in the Roman invasion of Jerusalem. Unfairly branded a zealot, put into slavery and marched back to Rome to be a participant in the bloody Roman games, she is saved at the last moment and sold as a slave to a high powered roman family. It is here where she matures, the handmaid of a high-strung, self centered brat named Julia, and the object of desire for Julia's older brother, the handsome Marcus. Yet through all her trials and troubles, her faith in her God remains intact, and steadily grows as she does. The climax is reached at the very end, and is so stunning and unexpected it will propel you to the bookstore for the next book in the series, "Echo in the Darkness."

The book itself is not about religion, per se; if you are not a Christian, you will enjoy this book just as much as a person who is. This book is mainly about the triumph of the human spirit, and the devotion, in the face of incredible danger and hatred, of a simple girl who never would have harmed a soul. It's a must read, which is simply why I gave it a (meager, in my opinion) ten.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
I borrowed this book from my elder sister while on holiday. I was so astounded by the characters and how easily they were to identify with! To start with, the book chronicles the start of a trilogy about a young Christian slave girl sold into a Roman family. There she finds herself clinging to a faith she took for granted and finding joy, peace of mind and a strong steadfastness in the Lord despite her circumstances. Fall in love with Marcus, rave against Julia and find yourself in awe of the power of the Lord. Rome in those days was not so different from now - extremes of poverty and wealth accompanied by greed, enterprise and the emptiness found in material things. I was so affected by this book that I took down the title, author and publisher's name so that I could order my own copy plus the next 2 in the series, An Echo In the Darkness and As Sure As the Dawn. As soon as these books came through the post, I stayed in my room till I'd finished reading them - there was no way I was leaving my room till I'd finished! Later, I ordered The Scarlet Thread and decided there was simply no point in looking for a better fiction/scripture writer than Francine Rivers. FR, you're brilliant - don't change!
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am 16. Juli 1997
A Voice in the Wind was a true "cannot put down" for me. In fact I found this book so engrossing that I quickly obtained the other two books in the series. I just could not wait to find out what happened to Hadassah and Marcus.

This Christian story of a Jewish girl and her prayers for the family she serves is unusual. It does not preach religion, but demonstrates the effects of loving Jesus has on a person. Hadassah serves her masters with devotion and becomes a valued member of their staff.

The love story that evolves is one of true passion. Passion that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat. These two love each other. Marcus's love for his family (especially his sister) makes him a great leading man. Hadassah's respect for his family and her own beliefs makes her the perfect heroine.

While the standards set by this young woman may be ones that would seem to make this an ideal book for young romantics, the society of early Rome mirrors our world today. Therefore, I recommend that it be set aside for upper high school students and adults. Open homosexuality and other suggested sexual activities may not be appropriate for some younger teens
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am 8. August 1999
I've read a great deal of Christian fiction, and it seems sometimes that almost all of it is about either American pioneer days or WWII. Seeing a book set in ancient Rome caught my interest, and I bought a copy as a Christmas gift for my stepmother (we share books quite frequently). I later ended up reading it when I was living in France for a year; everyone I know who's read it shudders sympathetically when they learn that I had to wait several months to read the sequel!
That's to give you an idea of how wonderfully gripping this book is. I have yet to meet someone who didn't like it, and all but one of the people that I've discussed it with (including men and women) feel that this series is one of the best that they've ever read.
It did have a few minor weaknesses (the key being that Rome did seem an awful lot like a Conservative view of the US; the anthropology student in me wonders if our culture was overly projected onto theirs). However, I loved the characters, and especially Hadassah. She seemed human and real, yet in many ways like a role model for what Christians can strive to be like. I would definitely recommend this book.
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am 16. April 2000
And I've read enough to get a good sample of what's out there. I have found a lot of Christian fiction has undeveloped characters, and repetitive plots in subsequent volumes (such as any Janette Oke book) This book was the total opposite. I totally forgot I was reading and was transported to 1st century Rome, Ephesus, and Germania. Ms. rivers totally made the characters come alive, and I could barely put it down from the first page.
A piece of advice: While you buy this book, buy the second and probably the third. Trust me, you won't want to wait for it to be shipped to your house. I just finished reading it, and guess what I'm doing: ordering the next book.
The only flaws in this book were that they made it sound too much like liberal America, although it does make you think. Some parts get a little graphic, so I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers (Ha ha, what a laugh coming from a 14 year old!) or people with a weak stomach. Other than that: READ THIS BOOK! If you don't like it, email me and tell me why!
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am 12. Februar 1997
I have never ventured to read Christian fiction. This experience with Voice in the Wind is one of the best. Hadassah, a Benjamite girl, lives through her cities destruction, starvation, and still holds her faith close to her heart. Never wavering, she brings peace to the Roman household she was sold too. At the risk of being exposed as a Benjamite, she shares her faith with a few people. Hadassah finds strength in knowing that she is not alone in her faith. The ending of the book surprised me and I admit to shedding some tears.
Francine Rivers knows how to weave a beautiful and warm tale. Ms. Rivers puts her faith into every paragraph and sentence. After Voice in the Wind, there are two more books. I have had the pleasure of reading BOTH books and find them equally as good! The outcomes of all the books are surprising and most welcome.
I recommend all three of these books to any person of any faith. They are on my top ten list of best read books!
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