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am 6. Juli 2000
This final Calvin and Hobbes collection, with it's watercolor cover of good memories, seems almost a horrid understatement to the meaning the collection had for the millions of Calvin and Hobbes fans. For the last time, we were going to see Suzie Derkins clobbered with a snowball, Spaceman Spiff disover strange and weird aliens, the Transmogrifier/Duplicator/Time Travel Machine. Never again would we get to wake up to Calvin and Hobbes in the morning newspaper, whether it was Calvin off informing Dad about his ratings among 6-year-old white males or Hobbes lusting for Suzie Derkins with those Jams ("Oh! He's in Jams!").
For anyone who enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes on any level, "It's a Magical World" is a must buy along with the "10th Anniversary Special". And even though the last Calvin and Hobbes currently hangs on my wall, a clipping from the final day of the strip, for those that didn't go to such extreme measures, it's extremely emotional to see that final moment with our favorite little spiky-haired 6-year old and his stuffed tiger sledding off into their Magical World.
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am 3. September 2000
Der eine oder andere wird Calvin und Hobbes kennen, schließlich sind Strips aus diesem Comic Ursprung zahlreicher Urheberrechtsverletzungen, aber schätzen kann man ihn erst nach Lektüre dieses Buches. Hier sind sie alle: Calvins philosophische Erkenntnisse, Schneemann Kunst und natürlich G.R.O.S.S (Get Rid Of Slimy grilS) der ultimative Club. Es sind die Erfahrungen eines hyperintelligenten wie auch hyperaktiven sechsjährigen, die den uns "Erwachsenen" gleichermaßen zum Lachen wie auch zum Nachdenken bewegen. Apropos Lachen, das kann man bis einem der Morgenkaffee aus der Nase läuft... Die Strips sind hervorragend gezeichnet und anhaltend originell! In "It's a magical world" findet dieser Strip leider seinen Abschluss, aber es gibt noch genügend Sammelbände (auch auf deutsch), so dass jeder in die Welt von Calvin und seinem Plüschtiger eintauchen kann. Wenn ich ein wenig Kind in mir bewahren kann, so soll es wie Calvin sein.
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am 17. Mai 2000
I loved Calvin and Hobbes when it was in the paper and I love it just as much now even though it's gone. Waterson is a true genius and has given us the most fall-over hilarious, touching, wonderful, brilliant comic strip of all time. Calvin and Hobbes are simply immortal characters. Professional novelists can spend there whole lives trying to create one character half as amazing as these two. I always will love Calvin and Hobbes and fifty years from now I still see myself opening up a Calvin and Hobbes collection and, as I have done so many times before, laughing my head off. Thank you Bill, your work has truly had an impact of me, and I'm sure millions of others. You are simply the best. There is no other way of saying it.
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am 2. März 2004
I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes- I really am. Still, I find this last collection is lacking something. It's hard to actually put the finger on it, but I had the feeling a lot of the strips had some pessimistic bitterness which I didn't find in the other collections. True, Calvin has always been cynic and analyzing „grown up" life; but to me there were just too many strips dealing with that everyday life treadmill and how we tend to take all possible fun out of life. Instead of making me feel better it actually seemed like Watterson really was fed up with what he was doing. There were also a few strips I somehow didn't quite get and where I found myself wondering what the point was- and I'm no dumbass, I've read all C&H collections so far and understood and loved them all. Maybe this is just my opinion; but I really think this C&H collection truly IS different.
I'd easily give five out of five stars to all the other C&H collections, but I would have rated this one even only three stars had it not been for that really really great last strip. That one's optimistic all over- Calvin & Hobbes are knee-deep in snow and go off into this magical world. That strip was so utterly beautiful it reconciled myself with the other, say, 30 percent I didn't like that much in „Magical world" and was worth an additional fifth star.
It's a pity there will be no more Calvin & Hobbes ever, and it truly makes me sad. Still, thanks for all those lovely hours I've had and will still have by spending time with Calvin & Hobbes, Mr. Watterson!
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am 4. Januar 2000
For over a decade, Calvin and Hobbes was a part of our families. We came to know Calvin and his suave stuffed tiger, Hobbes. We shared in his divine 'love' for his mother's cooking. We got the warm fuzzies as he and Susie Derkins played out their young romance through insults and secret G.R.O.S.S. meetings. We laughed at Calvin's vivid imagination through installments of Tracer Bullet, Stupendous Man, and the incomparable Spaceman Spiff (zounds!). And we cried and smiled through tears as Calvin learned the value of life and the pricelessness of a true friend. Calvin and Hobbes encapsulates every special moment of childhood, and can melt away the hard shell of even the most jaded and bitter individual. This comic strip is a celebration of life, and while it saddens me to realize that I'll never be able to share future adventures with them, I can always go back and relive those past moments again trough wonderful collections such as this. Since this book is the final collection, you owe it to yourself to own it in hardcover form. I can't recommend this book (or any of the others) enough. If there's a child somewhere in your soul, all of these books are absolutely essential.
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am 23. Juli 1999
I have been a loyal Calvin and Hobbes reader since I first heard about the strip, about 4 years ago. I can't say I was there from the beggining(not that many people were, the first strip appeared in only 54 newspapers), but I have all but three of the books, which I am planning to get soon. I have read every single comic that had been put in a book collection, and this book is one of his best. I still wish he was writing Calvin and Hobbes, even if he just put out book collections and didn't do newspapers, so he wouldn't have to worry about deadlines. Anyway, for any Calvin and Hobbes fan, this book is a must!
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am 7. Juli 1999
Calvin and Hobbes have touched a place in my heart where I know I will always be a kid. I'm 16 years old, and growing up and getting out on my own is a scary thought. Calvin and Hobbes remind me I'll always be a kid, and my imagination will always be there for me. Not to mention Calvin's methods of handling aliens who want to take over the earth are very interesting. This last book of Calvin and Hobbes is wonderful in that it leaves the kid and the tiger doing what they always do . . . be themselves. "It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy. Let's go exploring!" Read this book, and be a kid for a while!
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am 7. August 1998
I loved this book (so did my eight-year-old son and his stuffed tiger--my son's name isn't Calvin, but I bet you can't guess what the tiger's name is). The last strip is wonderful and told us all that Calvin and Hobbes would be forever in search of new adventures. A wonderful book--but it made miss Calvin and the furry feline even more!
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am 29. März 2003
Bill Watterson's creation of Calvin and Hobbes is for my taste the ultimate adult comic strip; six year old Calvin, his stuffed tiger Hobbes, and his extensive and witty vocabulary, can be laugh-out-loud hilarious.
In this large, softcover book, you get all the usual suspects: The dreaded Miss Wormwood, Calvin's schoolteacher, who has to put up with his imaginitive but lame excuses, snowball fights with Susie, Spaceman Spiff, who gets stranded on distant planets, and of course, his stressed out parents.
Other characters include two marvelous one-eyed aliens, Galaxoid and Nebular, who buy the earth from Calvin for 50 leaves, but when it snows, claim they were overcharged, and demand that Calvin bring the planet up to code, and Calvin's musings on whether there is an Evil Santa, who gives to the bad girls and boys "the dangerous, annoying, and corrupting toys your parents won't allow", and best of all, when he decides to be a Suburban Post-Modernist artist, and claims that "art isn't about ideas, it's about style".
Hobbes is my favorite cartoon animal, drawn as a stuffed toy when seen from non-Calvin eyes, but a wise and playfull being in Calvin's magical world. There's a lot of love between them, and the hug on the back cover of this book says it all. Calvin and Hobbes will appeal to the rebel in us all, provide numerous laughs, and warm our hearts on cold days.
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am 13. Juli 1997
Okay, okay, so I'm prejudiced. I knew I would love this book before I read it. What's not to like? Calvin is the quintessential smart-aleck, while at the same time maintaining an innocence that is completely endearing. Whether we identify with Calvin the child or Calvin the child within us, he makes us feel...well, NORMAL. Calvin's quirks are our quirks.

Not content to merely AMUSE us, Bill Watterson ENTERTAINS us. Calvin and his family (including, of course, Hobbes) are multi-faceted characters who stir up emotions and explore the angst of being a kid in a grown-up world. (And, for that matter, being a grown-up in a grown-up world!) Whew! What a task! And Bill Watterson does it superbly.
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