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am 16. Dezember 1999
Four years ago this book was part of a class taught by James McLeskey that changed my life. Because this book is so well written, and because it time after time moved me into zones of cognitive dissonance about what I knew and about what I believed, it had the effect of making me incredibly uncomfortable about my own unrecognized prejuidaces concerning folks with disabilities. As Shapiro says, it is the only minority group which we can join at any time, and the older we live, the more likely we are to acquire disabilities. I currently teach classes about inclusion of students with special needs in general education classrooms, and this book has received rave reviews from many students and made many others angry. As a teacher hoping to open space for questioning, that's exactly what I want in a book.
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am 7. November 1999
As a deaf person and an educator, I find myself very involved whether I like it or not in being an activist. I was taking a law class on disability law, and the second footnote in the required text was on this book. That intrigued me, and when I read the reviews about the book, I was even more intrigued. This book is a must-read for anyone who might or does work with the disabled. We no longer want the pity, the institutions, and the exclusion from society. We want to be viewed as normal except with one part or a few parts that may not function as some would consider normal. We want an equal education, equal opportunity to jobs, equal opportunities to participate in society. And everyone will be the better for it. Mr Shapiro as a non-disabled person, wrote a book that was compassionate but strived hard to see things from our point of view. This ability probably stands him in good stead as a journalist. He even taught me things I didn't know about other disabilities. Educators, lawyers, politicians, parents, social workers, and health care professionals need to get off their duff and read this book. They can no longer turn a blind eye or claim ignorance as an excuse to not allowing those of us with differences our rights under the law.
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am 16. Oktober 1999
I read No Pity when it was first released..No Pity is American as apple pie. The disability related material was well presented in terms of individual stories and examples of predjudice, struggle etc.. I found the analysis of the disability movement and the use of the African-American civil rights struggle for equality as a parallell struggle with which to compare the struggle by the disabled was handled without real exploration into the implication of that comparison. Basically I was annoyed by the lack of qualifiers regarding how the movements were so radically different and also how minorities are not really that visible in the disabled activist movement as a whole. For a better worded deeper insight into this common mistake by white (my assumption) authors regarding using the African presence to make a point read Toni Morrisons "Playing in the Dark". Note Morrison's own oversight of issues relating to how disability is used by authors to qualify their characters nature. In closing I suggest to read No Pity its ok.. check out how it employs the African American struggle when convenient but the fails to dig deeper. Thats its flaw. Peace.. One Love.
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am 2. Oktober 1998
This book changed my view of the world, of people with disabilites, and of people in general. Everything I thought I knew about disabilities went right out the window. Not only is it a real eye-opener, it's also a fantastic read -- interesting, funny, heart-breaking, rivitting, inspiring, earth-shattering -- everything you would want out of a good book. Everyone should read this book -- and then give it to all their friends to read (I have).
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