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am 9. September 1999
What can I say? This series has ruined me for all other Fantasy. Jordan takes what Tolkien started and magnifies it until it explodes into near reality. While it may have its occasional dull moment, this is by far, the richest, most expansive, and most undeniably consistent world of magic and intrigue that one could read. You won't put it down, and you'll regret not picking it up.
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am 26. November 1997
A world-filling story about the eternal struggle of good versus evil. The main characters all have a clear personality, with their own thoughts and visions about their world, and they each develop separately. A beautiful display of storytelling quality.
I found the books to tell a story well-blanced between characters and general storyline, where the views and notions of each character give the reader a good overview of the direction of the series as a whole.
On the downside: although characters and storyline do develop, they do not really progress. For instance, after six books, Nynaeve still jerks her braid to stop herself from pouting, and Rand finds himself in the same predicament, only on a larger scale. It is stretched out too far. Further, the world in which the book plays seems almost too conveniently limited by the Spine and the Blight. That could also have been done a bit more elaborate.
It also surprised me that since the breaking of the world, 3000 years ago, basic culture has not developed. What was lost in the breaking is only now starting to be rediscovered, and slowly at that.
As to the comparison with The Lord of the Rings, It definitively has similarities, as, I think, any fantasy work of this magnitude will have. However, Jordan has a very distinct style that nowhere gives me the feeling that I'm reading a Tolkien book. The Wheel of Time deserves a place of its own.
All considering, it is definitively one of the best series I've read. It was every bit worth my time. When I started, I read almost full-time for two weeks, finishing the first three books, ca. 2000 pages. I just couldn't stop!
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am 10. Juni 2010
Somehow Jordan doesn't let a long series flag or induce ennui to the same extent as e.g. George Martin's Song of ice and Fire. He introduces enough new elements in each volume to wake you up again - though sometimes the tedium of these series rambling on ad nauseum does grate on the nerves a bit and you wish he'd finished it in 2 slim volumes. But I suppose a couple of tomes are needed to evince the eldritch world of Rand Al Thor & co. There is indeed an interesting atmosphere that is not exactly Lord of the Rings-ish but has its own style and quirks. The characterisation of the various Aes Sedai & the fate-twisting Ta-veren etc. is very imaginative and inventive. So Jordan never seemed to tire of injecting new life into that cosmos. Not bad- but too much of it is nevertheless cloying and it's therefore best to have a good popular science or other non-fiction to read simultaneously, to water down the effects of spending too long in this epic.
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am 28. August 1999
I think that a simple five star ratting system is no match for the extravagant writtings of Robert Jordan. He is the most gifted author in this day and age. He has an exellent use of characters, he introduces a single character in a book as an unimportant character and then brings the character back,with importance, in a different book.Most of all I would like to disagree with Cynarion from Melbourne,Australia in complaining about the complexness of Robert Jordan's writting. I think that Cynarion was the one haveing problems keeping with the intertwineing story lines, because I am a fifteen year old male and I have no problem understanding and keeping with the complex story lines behind Robert Jordan books!
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am 9. August 1999
This series from Robert Jordan is so interesting and addictive that I can hardly put it down to do anything else. I started reading the series about a month and a half ago, and I haven't stopped reading since. I find myself imagining the world that he creates even when I'm not reading. Jordan describes everything in such detail that you can't help but imagine the world for yourself. The power that the story creates about the realm and the characters makes it seem so much more real. I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out so I can find out what happens to Rand, Mat, Perrin and the rest of the people being pulled along by the three ta'veren to confront the Dark Lord in the last battle.
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am 15. September 1999
The wheel of time books are simply; spellbinding. The imagination and innovation in this epic saga rival Stephen Donaldsons' 'Thomas Covenant the unbeliever.' The grand scale can't be compared it stands alone in fantasy literature. Tolkein has for so many years been the yard stick by which others fantasy writers are measured, I believe there is now another yard stick. When a book makes you feel alive, vibrant and intoxicated it must be good. All of the books in the wheel of time series have had this effect on me. My heartfelt thanks go to Robert for giving me this gift. My only request is Robert hurry to write Book 9. If anyone can help me with an expected date I would be eternally grateful.
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am 9. April 1998
I have read all 7 books in 'The Wheel of Time' series... TWICE... and am on constant look out for the next book. I must admit that at some points in the 7th bk the story drags and you find yourself wanting to jump to the 'good bits'. There are however enough of these to make it a good read.
I am absolutely dying to know how the 3 women in Rand's life sort things out, who is the Daughter of the Nine Moons, what about Bridgette and (fans of Soap should appreciate this) who is Niaomi? TRY IT!!!
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2 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 8. Oktober 1998
I have read every volume of this apparently unending tome and loved every moment of it. The only series I have read that is comparable is Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Donaldson, however, knows how to finish what he starts.
Jordan owes it to his readers to reach closure. One book every two years is way too long for a saga to go on. Will I have to reread prior books to maintain the continuity? However, his story and characters are so compelling that each book, with a brief synopsis of the prior one, can stand on its own well. So in short, it needs to end because I can't take the wait anymore! Will the Dragon ultimately go mad and break the world and become the fantasy genre's greatest anti-hero, supplanting Thomas Covenant? Or will I go senile before Robert Jordan ends this series???
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I've been reading fantasy almost all my life. Jordan's WOT is by far the best of the best. He trully _takes_ you into his world. I have read each book at least 3 times. Even though I know what is coming, his writing still has me flipping pages as fast as I can to read the next. If you want characters that you can feel, a story that you can live, and a world that you would die for, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time is all that and more.
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am 7. Februar 1999
I have read this wonderful series more times that I can count. I've got one copy to read, and one just to admire. Robert Jordan's books bring the reader all of the way into his world, making the reader feel what the character feels. It is so very frustrating having to wait for the next book. I do think, though, that #9 will be the end. Here's hoping!!!!!!
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