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4.0 von 5 Sternen Sean is a roaring lion until he has an asthma attack.., 15. Juli 1999
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Lion Who Had Asthma (Albert Whitman Prairie Paperback) (Taschenbuch)
The book is, however, based upon the circumstances of a real boy, Sean, who has asthma. In the story Sean pretends to be a Lion going about normal stalking activities in the jungle. When he suffers an asthma attack and becomes weakened he is no longer able to perform his boyish and lionlike activities with a lion's strength. The coughing and wheezing frighten Sean and the courage of the Lion vanishes as Sean lies down and is confined to his nebulizer. Sean's mother offers him a new avenue to explore with his imagination when she suggests he be a jet pilot. The whirring of the machine and the gas mask on his face provide realistic props for Sean's visualization. This simple story shows how sick children can use creative visualization and employ vivid imaginary settings as a basis for coping with their disease or disability. As Sean's bronchial tubes dilate and more oxygen is able to enter his lungs, the Lion in Sean returns and once again Sean's imagination takes him away to his jungle adventures. This book would be particularly valuable to read to junior children. They would understand and identify with Sean making believe he is a lion or a hippo in the jungle and then as a jet pilot. The text introduces the language of the special illness that Sean has. Words like asthma, breathe, cough and wheeze. The language also addresses the emotions that Sean goes through like fear, hurt, and the use of a lion obviously demonstrates the courage that Sean displays. The language is simple enough too for older children to read independently and introduces text challenges like the sound effects of the machine (nebulizer) and the lion - Rroooarrr, Zooom, Grrrrrrrroww.
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The Lion Who Had Asthma (Albert Whitman Prairie Paperback)
The Lion Who Had Asthma (Albert Whitman Prairie Paperback) von Nadine Bernard Westcott (Taschenbuch - März 1997)
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