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4,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 20. August 2006
The concept behind the five love languages is geniusly simple but incredibly important and eye-opening. Dr. Chapman focus on married couples in this book but once you go through the text you may also discover for yourself that it applies to almost every situation and relationship. I was thrilled to find out that my primary language is "Physical touch". Now I know why I tend to stay closer to people whom I like but they don't always understand it.

I have wondered why many of my girlfriends couldn't really convince me that they loved and cared about me. They were talking "other languages" such as "I love you", they gave me presents BUT I didn't have the feeling that they meant love. However, a simple hug hits the base. This book will reveal you a lot about yourself and will teach you how to find out and talk other people's "love languages" so you don't end up confused and frustrated. It is one of the most important and valuable books I have read recently and consider it a must have. Additional related bestseller "Scientifcally guaranteed multiple orgasms and ultimate sex" is also incredibly valuable book for everyone who wants the ultimate in their relationship or marriage. I highly recommend both of them.
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am 12. November 2013
Gary Chapmans book really helps to understand what makes oneself and the spouse feel loved. He uses clear examples and makes it easy to understand what is so vital for a relationship. From my point of view this book is a must have for those who are in a marriage or are going to marry.
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am 10. März 2014
All of the topics are right. I am married for 10 years. After 2 years with my wife we haven't learned to love each other in our primary love language. I started to work more, in the end 13-14 hours a day. My wife gave all her love to our 3 kids and got her love from her friends. 4 weeks ago she fall in love with her first real boyfriend. I found them in the night at the beach. She recommended me this book and also read the book by herself. I dropped one of our businesses and started to apply things which I know is in the primary love language of my wife. From her site there is nothing coming back so far. Even if it is to late for saving our marriage. I knew I will love my next partner in her primary love language. This book opened me to the most important thing in the world and this is our special relationships to our most loved ones
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am 29. August 2014
I finished the book during a trip. It is very interesting and even though my boyfriend doesn't like to read books, he did the test in the end and I found it very helpful for me to understand him. After that, he always tries to do some housework to show that he cares about me and I feel very grateful.

I really think this book is a blessing for all the couples that may have some frustration but want to improve their situation!
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am 17. Juni 1998
When I read this book and discovered my own love languages I thought, "Wow, I wish I'd have known this in my first marriage, I could have probably saved it". Now I recommend this book to all couples and folks even if they are in the process of divorce, it could be a relationship mender as well as help in the marriage reconciliation process, I believe couples in the process of divorce should put to practice the suggestions in this book before calling it quits. Who knows, it may start the fire again where you can communicate with each other and learn to love each other again. I saw humorous parts, as well as the serious. Discovered my own love languages and those of the man I'm involved with. I really think one of the keys here is giving. Jesus gave all for us, and that's what we do to fill our loved ones love tank. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I'm getting it for my kids for Christmas.
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am 27. Juli 2000
Shortly after my husband and I were married, a friend recommended this book as a solution to some of the trials my husband and I encountered during our first year of marriage. I reluctantly read it, not realizing how much it would change my marriage! We were both surprised by the results! My husband and I have since decided this would become a standard wedding gift in hopes that others we know may have the same opportunity to improve their marriage as we had. This is a fantastic book!
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am 14. Februar 2000
What I love about this book is that it is a resource that helps me with people in my life. The title mentions "mate," yet the book gives insight to how all of us speak different love "languages." It doesn't necessarily mean within a romantic relationship. Some people are more inclined to give little gifts when showing someone they care. These are people who usually "expect" little gifts to show them how much they are cared about. The same goes for physically affectionate people, people who believe words said are most important, and so on. This is a great gift book for those going into relationships, those suffering from a recent relationship ending, as well as those who are in a present relationship. It's for women and men equally. Read it and find out what language you speak and therefore desire. You'll probably realize why roses aren't always the answer!
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am 19. Mai 1999
How many times have you heard a wife exclaim, "I cook and clean for that man, and he never appreciates all that I do for him. I'm so unhappy" or the husband grouse, "Hey, I bought her those diamond earrings. I even get her flowers just to show her how much I love her, and she just throws them back in my face saying that I am just trying to buy her love. She keeps carping that I never share my feelings. She just doesn't know love when she sees it."
If one partner can speak only Russian and the other only Spanish, is it any wonder that there are communication problems. What is obvious in spoken languages isn't so obvious in love languages. The problem with love language is that the one partner thinks the other is just speaking very poor Russian while the other thinks their partner's Spanish is just terrible. This book is that very important eye opener that every couple should read. It will get them on the road to speaking each others natural language.
And they should read it at the beginning of their relationship rather than as a last ditch effort to save it. I give this book as a wedding present to all my friends that get married. There is no better way to help them get a long and happy marriage started.
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am 2. Juli 2012
Großartiges Buch, ich werde mein Leben lang davon profitieren.
Die Audio-Version des Buchs ist sehr gelungen.

Als glücklicher Dauer-Single hätte es mich vielleicht abschrecken können, dass sich das Buch scheinbar hauptsächlich an Ehepaare richtet, zum Glück hab ich es mir trotzdem angehört, es war jede Minute wert.
Das Wissen über die 5 Love Languages lässt sich nicht nur in der Ehe anwenden, sondern in allen zwischenmenschlichen Interaktionen.
Neben Partnerschaften kann ich auch sehen, wie sämtliche Freundschaften und Familienbeziehungen davon profitieren.

Das Buch hat mich zum Nachdenken angeregt wie seit langem kein anderes. Ich bin sehr froh, dieses wertvolle Wissen nun zu haben und schätze jeder, der es gelesen hat, wird das Wissen automatisch auch anwenden.
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am 12. März 2012
Der amerikanische Familientherapeut Gary Chapman beschreibt hier, warum manche Partnerschaften leiden und hat aus seiner Erfahrung fünf verschiedene Sprachen der Liebe entwickelt, die der jeweils andere für sich besonders wichtig hält; wenn er sich aber hier nicht angenommen und verstanden fühlt, droht die partnerschaftliche Kommunikation einzuschlafen und in der Folge auch das partnerschaftliche Miteinander.
Diese 5 Sprachen der Liebe hat Chapman definiert
- Sprache der Liebe Nummer 1: Lob und Anerkennung
- Sprache der Liebe Nummer 2: Zweisamkeit - die Zeit nur für Dich
- Sprache der Liebe Nummer 3: Geschenke, die von Herzen kommen
- Sprache der Liebe Nummer 4: Hilfsbereitschaft und
- Sprache der Liebe Nummer 5: Zärtlichkeit.
Wo ist denn Ihre Sprache der Liebe und kennt Ihr Partner sie? Kennen Sie auch die Ihres Liebsten?

Habe einer griechischen Freundin das Buch geschenkt und es kam auch an - etwas später als gedacht, aber es hat seine Wirkung nicht verfehlt! Die deutsche Ausgabe gibt es zusätzlich auch für Kinder und für Teenager!
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