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4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 13. März 1999
"Playing for Keeps" demonstrates why Halberstam so richly deserves recognition as the best journalistic writer in America -- and probably the best writer of sports books ever. Insightful, full of wonderful stories, he never fails to involve the reader and maintain one's interest. There's nothing better, I suppose, than a long book that seems like a short read and "Playing for Keeps", like all of Halberstam's works, is one of those books. Pick any of his titles, from the lengthy yet fascinating "The Reckoning" to the short yet wonderfully complete "The Amateurs" and you're in for a real treat. I started with "The Breaks of the Game," went quickly through all the rest and urge anyone to pick up any one of his books and start your own adventure into Halberstamland. Picking up "Playing for Keeps" is as good a way to become familiar with Halberstam as any and you'll no doubt find that, like me, you'll be hard pressed to find a better writer in contemporary American non-fiction.
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am 1. April 1999
Michael Jordan truly is larger than life. He excels as a basketball player. He appears to have all the values we hope our children will have. Last year, I got into a hotel elevator and stood next to Mr. Jordan. I looked up at him twice to make sure it was him, and yes, he smiled and started talking to me. He made my day! There are two things that I admire most about Mr. Jordan. One is his ability to push beyond physical limits to achieve even more. This is a lesson for all of us in whatever we do. The other is his ability to attract and work well with his teammates so that together they achieve more than any one of them can as individuals. This is also a lesson for all of us, and it does not only apply to basketball. Mr. Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have shown us how to excel on the court. To excel off the court, or in your organization, read THE 2,000 PERCENT SOLUTION, by Mitchell, Coles and Metz. They also push the perceived limits of progress to score twenty times as much benefit or get there twenty times as fast.
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am 4. März 1999
David Halberstam has long demonstrated an unmatched nose for nuance. His latest effort does nothing to tarnish that reputation. "...Playing for Keeps" is replete with "inside" information about Jordan, the Bulls and the tangled relationships therein. His psychological profile of Jerry Krause was particularly insightful and entertaining. For all the subtle details, however, Halberstam's effort falls short as a biography of Michael Jordan. Juanita? Mentioned once or twice. The kids? I'm not sure they appear. Even his father's death gets scant attention. Moreover, the book was poorly edited. While this may be attributed to a fast-track production schedule prodded by Jordan's retirement, it is a symptom that also affected "The Children" (Halberstam's last book). Overall, however, "...Playing for Keeps" will entertain basketball fans -- particularly of the hard core variety.
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am 17. Dezember 1999
I was glad to read this book, because Michael Jrodan is a great alethle, and one of my favorite. I really enjoyed reading this book, it really helps me on my way to succeed. I think this book is a great book for young adults, who loves basketball. This book really points out of how to win things or lose things. The author did a great job by giving examples, which I really enjoyed reading it. The book doesn't tell much about Michael's life, but it really tells how his games were like. I think this book deserves four starts on it. When I first read this book, it was very boring for me, as I read more and more, it turned out to be an excellent book. This book would made a great gift to those out there, it covers some of the details about basketball, such winning games and big come-backs. I think after reading this book, I've got to know more about Michael Jordan, the world's best athlete.
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am 30. April 2000
Out of the many, many, many Michael Jordan books out there, this is by far the best. David Halberstam does a great job not just capturing Jordan's life and career on paper, but the many people who were involved, such as Spike Lee, Jerry Krause, David Stern, and others. "PFK" is loaded with stories from Jordan's Carolina days, and obviously, his career with the Bulls. I think the best chapter in the book is the chapter which tells the story of a fabled scrimmage game at a Dream Team practice. That chapter was so good, they featured an illustrated version in a past issue of "ESPN Magazine". This chapter, and the entire book really shows the VERY competitve nature of Mr. Michael Jeffery Jordan, and I highly recommend this book to any MJ fan, or really any basketball fan, because as I mentioned above, this book goes above and beyond just Jordan, and is well worth the read.
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am 28. Januar 1999
David Halberstam, a great writer, has brought to life the story of the greatest athlete of all time, Michael Jordan. From Michael's youth, when he used to compete against his brother Larry, to being cut from his high school team, through the regimentation of Dean Smith and the University of North Carolina, Mr. Halberstam goes deep into the life of Michael Jordan and helps explain how this amazing individual brought professional basketball to what it is today. A fascinating account of all aspects of sport, it is timely reading now that the lockout has ended and the NBA tries to figure out which of its wunderkinds will be the next Air Jordan. I recommend any parent with a child, boy or girl, should read this book and underline the highlites to impress upon their children of the necessity of hard work, perserverance and just being a nice guy. Thank you Michael. We will miss you.
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am 17. Februar 1999
This is an enjoyable book. Mr. Halberstam uses MJ as the centerpoint around which he portrays America today. Sports, media, race and labor relations are written about in an enlightening way. There are brilliant partial portraits of the people in MJ's life- Basketball Commissioner David Stern, Spike Lee and the people from Nike, Bull GM Jerry Krause, the coaching staff at North Carolina, Phil Jackson and many more. There are many 'I wish I was there moments,' like the pre-Barcelona Olympic tune up game in Monte Carlo-MJ's team versus Magic Johnson's team- perhaps the greatest basketball game ever. There's a scene before the 1998 playoffs where the Bulls have a team meeting where players just express how they feel about their time on the team. It's a wonderful book, as good as any of Halberstam's books and he's written many excellent books.
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am 17. Dezember 1999
I think that this book is a very helpful book for young adult. I gave four stars on it, it really turned out good. I was glad that I got to know more about Michael Jordan after reading this book. This book doesn't tell much about Michael's life, but it really tells what he's good at. The author gave some good examples, which I've really enjoyed reading it. I believe that kids should take their time to read this book, especially those, who loves Michael Jordan. This book tells history to the present of today. I would love to get to know Michael better, I believed that I do know him a lot better after reading this book. This book is a great book for all ages. the first time I read it, it was very boring for me, as I read more and more, it turned out to be an excellent book, which really interest me.
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am 15. April 1999
Mr. Halberstam's book on Michael Jordan is absolutely fascinating. While I have always admired Jordan's game, I never knew what sort of person he was until reading Playing for Keeps.
Halberstam's book is quite flattering, and he often describes Jordan as a great person. At the same time, Halberstam includes many unflattering details about Jordan's personality. This technique allows the reader to decide for himself or herself what sort of person Jordan is.
After reading the Playing for Keeps, I appreciate Jordan's game more than before (he beat Utah, my favorite team, almost singlehandedly), but have a more reserved opinion of Jordan as a person. At any rate, the book is incredibly interesting and a wonderful read.
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am 30. Juli 1999
This is a well researched, well written book on sports and the "Jordan" era. I don't feel Halberstam missed anything in the way of information and commentary on the game. Not being an avid basketball fan, I learned a great deal about professional sports and the pursuit of excellence. Too bad for those who came away from this read without gaining any insight into what it takes to be great. The author is a true investigative reporter, intelligent and thorough. Unfortunately, today all it takes to be thought of as great is the right "look" and a flare for writing tabloid type articles.
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