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Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Clan Corporate (Merchant Princes) (Taschenbuch)
In the third part of the "Merchant Princes" series, main protagonist Miriam Beckstein, former high-tech journalist and unluckily, in a parallel universe also known as Duchess Helge of Thorold, is successfully grounded by her mafia-like relatives, striving to keep her docile, and , preferably, silent. While the Clan`s business structure is falling apart after the defection of Count Angbard`s right-hand-man, Matthias, Miriam/Helge is forced to cool her heels on Gruinmarkt, taking dancing and etiquette lessons. This is not going all too well, as can be imagined, and after undertaking one social blunder after another and a too short period of freedom, Helge is sentenced to private emprisonment and being married off to the dim-witted crown prince Creon.
At the same time, in the "real" USA, Matthias`revelations about the Clan enable agents of a special investigation unit to come up with a method of infiltrating Gruinmarkt. As it happens, the first agent to cross over is Miriam`s former lover Mike Fleming. Their first encounter is anything but romantic, the circumstances unexpected, to say the least, and Miriam has to run for her life and her freedom.
While the story starts rather slow and seems sometimes as boring as Miriam`s confinement to medieval quarters - there is a lot of intrigueing and manoevering without real and decisive action - it gains speed at a breathtaking clip and closes with a showdown of medieval proportions. There is no real ending, rather a cliffhanger keeping the reader wondering what will become of Miriam, pardon Helge, after the dust has settled down.
Stross once again tells a tale in the best tradition of Zelazny, seasoned with some SF- and Secret-Service-flavors of his own, making it attractive for fans of alternate-reality-SF as well as special-agent-stories.
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The Clan Corporate (Merchant Princes)
The Clan Corporate (Merchant Princes) von Charles Stross (Taschenbuch - 10. September 2007)
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