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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. August 1998
Win Wagner writes a book about Albert Einstein and his hypothesis on how to be an Einstein. In this book, he basis the intelligence of Einstein upon the number of axons and other nerve pathways as compared to normal humans. Basically, he believes that to become more intelligent, we must increase our number axons in our brain. To do this, he introduces his method called Image Streaming. In theory, his discoveries are profound, and revolutionary. Yet, in practice, they are hard to accomplish. Using Image Streaming to increase intelligence is difficult. First, you must have the will power to practice it day after day for a very long time. Secondly, his method is not a quick fix. It took Einstein at least 15 or 20 years of his life to grow that many more axons than the normal human. At 9, Eistein was still considered stupid. It wasn't until he was 26 before he was considered a genius. How can Image Streaming make you that much intelligent so quickly? Is it not true that the! methods taught in this book also require much time to implement? To use this book efficiently, one must devote sufficient time to produce an "Einstein effect." In reality, all geniuses already use, in one form or another (though they may not know it), what he calls "Image Streaming" since they were very young. Although he is probably correct to say the use of Image Streaming will improve your mind, it is more likely that if you wished to really become a genius, then you must begin using this technique since you was very young. Although Image Streaming is his major method described to improve the mind, he is very brilliant to incorporate other methods such as Free Noting, and Photoreading. Throughout this book, he brings up many very possible or intriguing theories about improving the mind. Yet, Free Noting cannot be supported by his claim to improve your notetaking. In fact, there has been scientific evidence to prove that activities such as Free Noting do! not improve your notetaking, and instead is worse than not! etaking. Also, the technique of Photoreading to read faster, invented by a different author, which Wagner agreeablely teaches is a difficult process to implement. It requires much practice have its full usefulness extended. The important thing to remember about this book is that it is not a quick fire way to improving the mind. Possibly a years worth of patience must be attended to his excercises before results truly pour in. His book is well written with numerous interesting facts. It isn't a bad idea just to read it for those interesting facts. In reality, it can be extremely useful to understand the concepts that he does bring up in this book for they are very insightful. If this book is read with other self-mind-help books, one can properly put together what is truly necessary to improve one's mind. Although it is quite difficult to accomplish and although I rate it 4 stars, comparared to other books of this nature, it is one of the best I have seen, if not the best.
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am 24. August 1999
Dr. Wenger's book provided me with a core technology, Image Streaming, for improving my creativity and problem solving skills. He also details several variations to use for different needs. I've used and benefited from the information in The Einstein Factor.
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