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5.0 von 5 Sternen A Well-Balanced Tribute to Harleys and Those Who Love Them, 1. Mai 2004
Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!" (Thanks for Providing My Reviews over 124,000 Helpful Votes Globally) - Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen
Most of the Harley-Davidson memorabilia books I have read do a fine job of either showing all of the models over time or telling the story of how the product has developed from the beginning. This book also does well in those areas. This Old Harley has the additional benefit of containing fine writing by many of the best authors who have ever written on the subject.

Here are the chapters and the key essays:

1: In the Beginning . . .

"What My Folks Didn't Know, Didn't Hurt . . . Me" by Allan Girdler (former editor of Car Life and Cycle World, and executive editor of Road & Track)

"No Motorcycles Allowed" by Arlen Ness (with Timothy Remus) (Arlen is one of the best-known Harley artists in creating custom machines)

"First Harley" by Peter Egan (columnist and writer for Cycle World)

2: Making History

"My First Motorcycle . . . and What It Led to" by Harry Sucher (well-known motorcycle historian)

"Catching Up on History by David Wright (author of The Harley-Davidson Motor Company: An Official History) (Be sure to catch the photograph of Jayne Mansfield at the beginning of the essay and the "unauthorized" out-takes from the original book)

3: On the Road

"In Pursuit of the Unholy Grail" by Cook Neilson (editor of Cycle magazine from 1970 to 1979)

"A Work in Progress" by Timothy Remus (author of motorcycle art books)

"Riding Through Time: A Knucklehead Returns Home by Buzz Kanter (motorcycle racer and publisher of motorcycle magazines) (This is a great story of riding a cherry red 1947 Knucklehead from Connecticut to Milwaukee in the mid-1990s)

4: Daredevilry

"Hell Driving" by Lucky Lee Lott (motorcycle stunt star)

"Evel Ways" by Evel Knievel (no introduction needed)

5: Legends

"Once Upon a Time in the Wild West" by Michael Dregni (book author) (describes the outlaw imagery of early motorcyclists)

"The Billy Bike: Re-Born to Be Wild" by David Edwards (editor-in-chief of Cycle World) (how the Easy Rider bikes were re-created)

6: The Mystique

"V for Victory: How Harley Conquered the World by Ciara Fox (dedicated Irish motorcyclist)

"This Motorcycle Way" by Dr. Martin Rosenblum (the historian for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company)

"The Perfect Vehicle" by Melissa Pierson (author of a road-trip travelogue)

Along the way, all of my favorite memories of Harleys are recaptured, both visually and in discussions about sound. How many young people today know that the reason that all of those valuable baseball cards got shredded against the spokes of bicycles in the past was to imitate the sound of a Harley?

After you finish enjoying this wonderful book, take the time to make a long road trip on your favorite Harley!
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