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am 18. Juli 2004
This beautifully illustrated book provides valuable information on natural remedies for health, beauty, home and pet care. The chapter Natural Health Remedies contains information on herbal teas, compresses and quick tips on improving one's well-being. Natural Beauty tells the reader how to make creams, masks, shampoos, massage oils, bath salts, aftershaves and lip balms from natural products. Natural House and Garden explains how to make your own air fresheners, furniture polishes, kitchen and bathroom cleaners and garden sprays from environmentally friendly ingredients. Natural Pet Care provides hints, tips and information on remedies with natural ingredients to keep the cat and the dog healthy and happy and to treat common ailments of pets. The text is enhanced by full colour illustrations and the book concludes with a list of resources and an index.
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am 2. März 2013
I bought this book after reading some very positive comments and because it was very cheap at the time. It didn't disappoint although some of the advice is quite basic but then.... It caters for beginners, maybe very young people and people like me who are a bit older and know all the basic stuff! There is a quite a good index which is useful if you want to find an ingredient or a condition. This book caters for everything from health problems to beauty products, massage oils, natural tips for house and garden, pet care (less interesting for me as I don't have any pets but which will interest a lot of people) and at the end it has a list with plants names showing the common name and the Latin one. There is so much information in it that I will have to keep referring back to it as it is quite impossible to remember even a fraction of it. Too bad some of the ingredients can be quite expensive as natural products often are anyway!

There are a few things I think are not considered correct anymore though but those are only small details like ingesting fibers in order to relieve constipation. Many doctors think now that too much fiber can actually irritate the intestine and therefore cause more constipation. Eating soy is also something not all the experts advise and it does seems that one needs to be careful with the kind of soy one eats, especially if it is not fermented. Milk products to prevent osteoporosis... the jury is not out on that either but it used to be an old belief. The chapter on cholesterol is maybe not accurate either as more and more experts are starting to back off the theory that cholesterol is bad for you and that there is bad and good cholesterol. Anyway, the women who live the longest seem to be the ones with the higher cholesterol levels. After having read quite a lot on this subject I think that this cholesterol hysteria is something invented in our lifetime and which will have damaged the health of a lot of people needlessly! Eating ten servings a day of fruit and vegetables???? Wow, that is a lot of fruit and vegetables..... and there are a few more things I can't agree with but this is a book worth buying anyway, reason why I still gave it 4 stars!
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