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am 21. Januar 1999
I liked it because it was an adventure
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am 1. Februar 2000
Looking Beyond the Harry Potter Stories.
If Rowling had not defied the "standard" trends in children's' books she would have never written her books. Lets hope our children learn from her to be innovative, bold, and creative on their own.
In your school days, do you still remember how you hated to read a long book? How many times were your book reports based prologues, forewords or book summaries you managed to find? Yet today's children are reading Rowling's books (over 300 pages long) two or three times. Her books have revived our children's interest back to reading books of length that is priceless.
God, I am so tired of hearing how our children rank so low the rest of the world in education. I have heard the same stories since 1948 when I was in high school and when I raised my kids. Yet the kids for the last 50 years have grown up, led and maintained this country as the worlds' greatest power of freedom. As in past generations Rowling is showing that our children have been underrated and when motivated have the abilities to read and lead our country.
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am 2. Oktober 1999
A great book for kids of all ages!!
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am 30. März 2006
Harry Potter had all the time thought, he is a completely normal boy. When he was one year old his parents died. Now he lives by his only remaining relatives, the Dursleys, who also have a son named Dudley. Harry hates the Dursleys who treats him not very nice.
A few weeks before Harry's 11th birthday lots of on Harry addressed letters are sent to Privet Drive Nr. 4. But as always, uncle Vernon is successful, to keep the letters away from Harry. And every day they became more! Because of this flood of letters, the family flew onto a deserted island. At midnight of Harry's birthday, a giant comes to them. The giant is Hagrid, who was sent by Albus Dumbledore, the head teacher at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. He wants to visit Harry, who is very amazing about that. Hagrid tells Harry, that the scare, which he has on his forehead so long he could remember, isn't from a car accident (how the Dursleys said all time). It's the remaining of an attack from Lord Voldemort, a very evil and mighty wizard, by which Harry's parents died. And now he should go to Hogwarts, the wizard school. He'd never thought, that he would be a wizard! Of course he needs some equipment for his knew school. So he followed Hagrid into Diagon Alley, the only magically place at London. Here Harry gets ropes, books and- not to forget- his wand. So, at beginning of the new school year, Harry is brought by the Hogwarts Express from London to Hogwarts. He even meets an other first-year boy Ron Weasley and both become friends. Arrived at Hogwarts, all new pupils are sorted by an old hut into four different houses. Harry is chosen for Gryffindor.
The lessons begin. They are very interesting, but Harry did learn something else: it is Quidditch, a sport game played on flying brooms. He even is selected for Gryffindor's house team.
Soon he'd found a new friend, Hermione Granger, who is very intelligent and clever. But he doesn't only have friends. Draco Malfoy, a boy at Slytherin is Harry's archenemy. Malfoy always think, he's better than others, because his whole family are wizards. And someone else Harry doesn't like. It's professor Snape, the potions teacher, who is really unfair to Harry and his friends. The time goes past. At Christmas Harry does not leave school, because he wouldn't back to the Dursleys, which he not really misses. So he spends the most beautiful Christmas he ever has been had, because he the first time in his life gets presents. The best one is an invisibility cloak, but he didn't know from whom. And in addition something else he isn't able to forget: Together with his Ron and Hermione he'd found out, that the philosopher's stone must be at Hogwarts. And they are sure, that somebody is going to steel it. The stone is saved by a three-headed dog, Fluffy. After the three friends had found out, that Hagrid has told a stranger, how Fluffy is bewitched, they are alarmed and try with all their might to stop the thief. In the end Harry had to fight against Lord Voldemort, the dark wizard, who has murdered his parents. But because of a care from his mother, Harry survived and can rescue the philosopher's stone.
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am 3. Juli 2004
Lange wollte ich nichts von diesem Harry Potter-Kult wissen.
Nun habe ich das erste Buch gelesen und jetzt bin ich auch infiziert.
Das Buch ist in Orginalsprache sehr einfach, flüssig und mit viel Spass zu lesen.
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am 18. November 1999
I was pleasantly surprised by this well written, nicely constructed story from a first time author. This certainly beats Goosebumps and the Star Wars pulp books. Obviously the author has already received plenty of praise already. I think the book is a fun read for adults. I've marked it down to 3 stars because I do not believe the content is at all appropriate for the early reader, ages 9-12, for which it is targeted in the U.S. It is a challenge for parents who are concerned about the glorification not only of witchcraft and the occult, but also violence and meanspiritedness. There is a lot in this book that pleases the senses as you read, but like so many hedonistic pleasures, the soul of the work is empty at best, and evil perhaps. What will your 10-year old child take away from this book?
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am 27. Juni 2001
I think that J.K. Rowling has written a wonderful book. It is very interesting. There are a lot of characters and you can identify with them, but sometimes there are too many characters and then it's difficult to understand. The acts in the school are also very interesting and exciting. You can also compare the Hogwarts wizard school with your own school and find differences and parallels. There are a lot of funny scenes ,too, e.g. the first three chapters. Especially the end, in which Harry tries to find the sorcerer's stone was written very exciting and interesting. All in all the book was a very great book. At first we thought the book was silly and boring, but now, we think the book really deserved its awards. Once for writing and twice for the story itself. A. Goeßling A. Kämpfe
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am 3. Juni 2014
habe keine lust mich irgendwo anders zu registrieren und bankdaten einzugeben...
dann werd ich wohl oder übel was anderes lesen
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am 22. Mai 2008
Rufus Beck als Meistersprecher der deutschen Hörbücher, Jim Dale als Magier der amerikanischen Sprache - nun war ich sehr gespannt auf die britische Version, präsentiert von Stephen Fry. Die Texte sind in herrlichem britischem Akzent gesprochen und bereiten daher große Freude beim Zuhören. Allerdings gelingt es Fry, im Gegensatz zu seinen Kollegen nicht den Charakteren wirklich Leben und Persönlichkeit einzuhauchen. Schade, denn gerade darin liegt die Magie des gesprochenen Wortes. Für Liebhaber der englichen Sprache dennoch zu empfehlen. Positiv hervorzuheben sind außerdem die sehr kurz gehaltenen Audiokapitel, die es erlauben den schnellen Anschluss wiederzufinden.
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am 31. Januar 2000
We are enjoying the Harry Potter series of books but inspite of the excellent stories and overall good writing, we have one major concern. Young readers want to believe in magic and dragons and wizards and such. If they are not prepared to understand that Magic, in this sense is a myth and all in fun, they may be encouraged to seek magical experiences through the occult which is the closest reality to the magic presented in the Harry Potter books. There is of course a very real spiritual dark side, only to anxious to initiate our young people into the "secrets" of witchcraft and supposed power over others. With this understanding, they are very enjoyable fiction.
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