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4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. März 2007
Eigentlich dachte die Reporterin Cannie Shapiro, dass ihr Freund Bruce und sie gerade nur eine Beziehungspause machen - bis sie in seiner neuen Kolumne "Gut im Bett" über sich selbst und ihre "vergangene" Beziehung lesen muss. Bruces Verrat trifft Cannie tief, weiß er doch genau, wie sehr sie unter ihrem verhassten Übergewicht leidet. Doch er reitet vor aller Welt gerade auf ihrem wunden Punkt herum, zumindest ihrer empörten Ansicht nach. Trotzdem steht sie Bruce in einer Krisensituation bei, woraus sich unerwartete Folgen für sie ergeben. Es folgt ein turbulentes Jahr, in dem Cannie sich ihrer Vergangenheit stellt, Freundschaften und Familienbande überdenkt und sich schließlich fragen muss, ob der richtige Mann ihr nicht schon lange unbeachtet genau vor der Nase gesessen hat ...

Jennifer Weiner trifft ins Schwarze mit ihrer einfühlsamen, wohltuend unsentimentalen Studie ihrer wohl gerundeten Protagonistin. Egal, um welche realen oder eingebildeten Schwachstellen es letztendlich geht - jeder wird wohl Cannies Komplexe und Selbstzweifel zumindest teilweise in sich selbst wieder finden. Doch selbst aus objektiver Distanz kann man nicht umhin einzusehen oder zumindest zu erahnen, dass man sich häufig selbst die größten Steine in den Weg legt und dass das Selbstbild brutaler als jedes Fremdbild sein kann. "Good in Bed" ist ein irreführender Titel, der eine Geschichte à la "Sex and the City" vermuten lässt. Doch trotz mancher klischeehafter Chick-Lit-Manierismen bietet Jennifer Weiners Roman vor allem eine unterhaltsame und zugleich berührende Geschichte mit einem sehr befriedigenden und dankenswerterweise angenehm unsüßlichen Ende. (HN)
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am 5. April 2005
Cannie is so lovable because she is not a standard-modell-perfect-type of main character as you find in most of the books nowadays. She is fat and was made insecure by her father who left the family when she was getting into her teens giving her the impression that she is not pretty or thin enough to be his daughter. Understandingly she has difficulties excepting her body as it is and it's a long way for Cannie to realize what's really important in life. So we laugh and cry with her and watch life change as new opportunities and friends appear where she would not have expected them. And was Bruces article about her really that bad?
I also recommend J.Weiners 3rd Book "Little earthquakes" - Read both of them! You will not regret it!
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am 11. September 2003
The main character Cannie seems to be a self-confident and adorable person - until the reader gets to know that she is BIG... Her former boyfriend Bruce is spreading the most intimate details about Cannie through a woman's magazine and not only he, but also Cannie becomes well-known by that.
So, along with the reader, Cannie is starting to doubt herself and everything she's acchieved so far when being attacked in this manner. She wants to lose weight in order to get a grip on her life again and probably to impress Bruce and to prove him wrong one day.
The poor Cannie is portrayed as naive - despite her occupational career - and I began to feel sorry for her at first, but then grew quite angry because she wouldn't let her real personality take over.
After about two thirds of the novel, all of a sudden a great and unexpected turning point emerges in Cannies life and the grey mouse is going through a rough time to become a colourful and sublimated young lady.
Respect! A great story with ups and downs and unexpected depth!
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am 4. April 2002
This is the best book I read this year! I laughed out often and I cried a little here an there. This is really a wildly funny an heart-warming story. Be warned: You'll find it difficult to stop reading!
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am 27. September 2007
I just got done reading Tino Georgiou's masterpiece--The Fates, and thought Good in Bed would be just the same old vapid chick-lit. Yeah, an overweight woman insecure about her weight. Wow, that's reinventing the wheel. Yet Cannie was different. She wasn't middle aged, like most protagonists in such works, she was in her late twenties. She wasn't an unattractive recluse who did nothing but eat all day. She was actual cultured, articulate and intelligent with an active social life. The book tended to be a bit topical at times, like Cannie's mother announcing at 56 years old she's a lesbian. But Cannie is uncomfortable with this, like most people would be. Despite being a Princeton graduate, living in Philadelphia, working for a newspaper their (a recipe for being a liberal if I ever heard one) Cannie cannot bring herself to put on a happy face about this development. Even the more farfetched events that take place don't seem so farfetched when written in Cannie's glib, self-deprecating voice. While not much on plot (an aspect that doesn't bother me as characters should dictate your plot not the other way around) the characters and stories are more than engaging. If you missed Tino Georgiou's novel--The Fates, I'd recommend reading that instead.
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am 24. September 2014
I read another book by Jennifer Weiner and loved it. Her voice came through loud and clear. Her character's voice, I mean. All her characters are sooo believable and strong. But I may love the topics she writes about even better. The last one was about addiction. This one about being overweight.
They're serious topics, but she is hilarious, and real and lovable. She is certainly my new favorite author. I look forward to reading more from her.
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am 19. Juli 2015
Ein sehr schönes Buch, etwas tiefgründiger, als der normale Frauen Roman Genre. Man kann sich etwas besser in fülligere Frauen reinversetzen, empfehlenswert!
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