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4,5 von 5 Sternen155
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 31. Juli 2000
Okay, okay, Pet Semetary is one awesome book. One of Stephen King's best works. I know thats what everybody says on every other book he's wriiten but i really mean it. The story can really spook the heck out of you, make you laugh, or cry.
The novel is about an M.D named Louis Creed who decides to work at the medical university in Bangor Maine. So he and his family pack up and move there from busy Chicago. There they find a great danger-- the roaring highway and those orinco semi trucks and they find a mysterious path that leads to a place called Pet Semetary. A place where animals that the road has taken are buried. What lies beyond the deadfall of the the place is an old Micmac Indian burial ground where the dead can rise... The story is mainley about Louis's obsession with the graveyard but I think that the story also tries to focus on the relationship between Louis Creed and his 80 something year old neighbor Jud Crandall.
If you do decide to read the book I strongly suggest that you not watch the movie first. It is not very good and will ruin alot of the key parts of the novel for you. The movie is short and gets into too muck sub plots of the novel and lacks characterization.
The novel takes it's time in getting down to business. (it's over four hundred pages long.) That leaves alot of room for you to fall in love, (or hate) some of the characters.
It is filled with death, love, ressurection, humor, and so on. I reccomend everyone read it.
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am 16. September 1997
Stephen King is known to be the scariest writer of this century. We all knnow Misery, Carrie, Shining and...Pet Sematary!

The people who saw the movie will certainly more appreciate this terrifying book about a doctor and his family being haunted by ghosts. When Louis Creed, a young doctor, and Rachel, his wife mother of two children, arrive at their new house in the Maine(is there one Stephen King book that doesn't takes place in the Maine?!),they reaaly don't know they live behind an old Indian cemetary. But when they begin to make strange nightmares and to see horrific ghosts(the people who saw the movie certainly remember of Zelda, the sick and monstruous sister of Rachel), they realize they're in deep trouble!

Certainly one of King's best, Pet Sematary will scare you and interest you. You can't stop reading until the last page. And on warning : don't read it at night 'cause you'll never sleep!

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am 19. Juli 2000
Die englischsprachige Ausgabe ist um ein vielfaches besser als die deutsche Übersetzung. Wer der Englischen Sprache auch nur einigermaßen mächtig ist sollte dieses Meisterwerk des Horrors unbedingt in der Originalsprache lesen!
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am 22. März 1999
I can't even being to describe this masterpiece. I read it a long time ago (subsequently I read it again to "experience" it again) and the memory i have of those 2 weeks is something you can not put into words. You feel something that you've never felt before.
That's right. This book makes you *feel* something. Each word, each sentence, each paragraph...they grab your mind and put you in that situation. The grief and horror you read about, you also feel. You feel it in some primitive region of your brain that you thought couldn't be activated unless something "real" happened. Well, fellow readers, SK has done exactly that.
I look back to those 2 weeks and i remember the emotions conjured up and it feels like i'm reliving something that really happened. I have to stop and say to myself, "It's only a book....this didn't really happen...please dear's only a book..." What emotions are stirred up from that bubbling cauldron deep in the psyche? Grief, sadness, horror, fear, shock, and worst of all: joy. Yes, joy.
Because SK makes you feel joy and happiness for the Creeds.
Then he throws in everything else.
I read in an interview somewhere that SK himself says he doesn't like to read Pet Sematary again. He said it was too disturbing.
I tend to agree with him. Although i plan on reading it again for the 3rd time sometime soon...
When it's dark out.
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am 5. November 1997
Are you interested in beginning to read Stephen King? Well, I think you should read Stephen King's CLASSIC GREAT NOVEL "Pet Sematary". This book is a scary one...yes indeed! But, you will enjoy every minute of it's horror, and all the rest of the spooky thing's involved!! Think of this: You move to a house. Right by the house is a path that leads to a Pet Sematary. Some old guy across the street takes you there and tells you stories. Freaky stories! He brings you to the Pet Sematary when your daughter's cat dies, and then brings you over a deadfall, which leads to an old Micmac Indian burial groud to bury the cat. Then, the next day, you see the cat walk into your garage! The cat goes crazy, smells, and smothers RATS!! That's freaky!! Now, what do you think is gonna happen when a human get's buried up there? That human is gonna eat like an animal, and kill like a wild one!! And Louis Creed, (M.D. may I add) gets a patient with his brain showing, Victor Pascow, almost dead, and begins to talk to him abo
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am 19. Januar 2015
Diesen Roman las ich das erste Mal kurz nach seiner Veröffentlichung und seit damals etliche Male wieder. Es ist unfassbar, welche Artmosphäre Stephen KIng mit wenigen, aber prägnanten Stilmitteln schafft. Die Handlung ist schnell erzählt: der Traum einer typisch amerikanischen Middle Class-Familie von einem häuslichen Idyll mitten in der US-Provinz zerbricht an dem Einfluß einer uralten böswilligen Macht, deren Zuträger der Familenvater Louis Creed wird-erstmal nichtsahnend und in bester Absicht. Besagte Macht (symbolisiert durch den Wendigo der Ureinwohner-Folklore) hat die Eigenschaft, Totes wieder lebendig zu machen-was aber zurückkommt, ist völlig pervertiert und verändert-eine Schöpfung aus dem Abgrund.
Als das erste Experiment dieser Art relativ harmlos verläuft-die Familienkatze wird nach einem Unfall zurückgeholt-entschließt sich Louis Creed nach dem Unfalltod seines Sohnes zu einem viel radikaleren Schritt. Als er sich der Konsequenzen bewußt wird, ist es bereits zu spät und das Verhängnis nimmt seinen Lauf...
Stephen King vereint in diesem Roman die Zombie-Thematik mit dem mystischen Horror der amerikanischen Klassiker, von denen Algernon Blackwood und H.P. Lovecraft sichtbar ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben. Jenseits des augenscheinlichen Grauens webt der Roman noch ein viel umfassenderes Bild eines Universums, das von uralten Kräften regiert wird, denen der Mensch hilflos gegenübersteht. Interessant ist auch die Perspektive, die King seinen Figuren gibt: Louis Creed und seine Familie erleiden das Böse nicht nur passiv, sondern werden durch ihre Handlungen und Gedanken zu Trägern dieses Bösen.
Somit kann der Roman auch als Warnung verstanden werden, gewisse Grenzen nicht zu überschreiten. Die ultimative Grenze ist der Tod, der in "Pet Sematary" allgegenwärtig ist. In keinem anderen von Kings Romanen erscheint er so furchteinflößend-auch nicht in "Revival", der ein ähnliches Thema aufgreift.
Wer diesen Roman noch nicht kennt, sollte schnellstens zugreifen. Und sich nicht wundern, wenn er/sie nachher abends nur noch zaudernd im Wald spazierengeht...
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am 6. April 1999
Wow. I have read many of King's works, and I was never REALLY scared by any of his books. I just thought they were darned good reads. However, Pet Sematary is quite different.
The plot revolves around young doctor Louis Creed, who moves to a remote little town in Maine with his beautiful family -- but they all get the feeling that the cute little town has a dark, evil secret. Wierd things start to happen when a college student comes into Creed's campus infirmary -- hit by a truck and as good as dead -- and sputters warnings out to him, and later appears in a dream, advising him not to pass the barrier at the end of the "Pet Sematary."
Louis's life starts to fall apart, and he senses a strange power. The "Pet Sematary" and the darkness which lies beyond it begin to control and destroy his life.
Doesn't sound scary -- that's only because I didn't want to give anything away. But, it is EXTREMELY creepy, even though I've already seen the movie about a million times.
I honestly have to say that "PET SEMATARY" gave me the creepiest four days of my life. Many scenes in this grim masterpiece will absolutely freeze your blood. I don't think I have ever been that "freaked out." In fact, I finished the book today, and last night the book scared me so bad that I was litteraly afraid to go to sleep -- therefore, I did not. I stayed up all night, afraid to turn off the lights and go to sleep, with nothing to do but read the book. This book is like the MicMac burial ground seems to control you, and forces you to unlock its frightening secrets.
If you are in for a good scare that no horror movie could ever give you (this coming from a hard-boiled horror fan, who does NOT scare easy, and I am being truthful), then order this book immediately. You will be scared....but you will not be sorry.
I think this book also has a moral -- don't try to fix it if it aint really broke. Also, as the tagline for the movie states..."Sometimes dead is better." Absolutely right.
Well, I am off now, to drink a pot of black coffee to make up for all the sleep I lost reading Pet Sematary last night.
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am 3. März 1998
In 500 years...when the art of story telling will take who knows what form...I often wonder how popular writers from our own era will be judged..will any stand the test of time? in the way that Shakespeare...Mark Twain..Chaucer Dickens and too many others to mention have.
Pet Sematary is one of my favourite King books. I've never particularly found his books to be scarey but that probably reflects more on my own warped mind that any fault of his...and in someways I am tired of hearing him denigrated as "oh that horror writer"... I've read hundreds of books...seen hundreds of plays ...and watched hundreds of movies....I've read pulp fiction...the classics...greek tragedies...poetry ..shakespeare..great works have a feel about them...they are evocative...beautifully written..make you think..feel..they take you somewhere you don't always want to a world inside your head...Pet Sematary does's account of the grief of the characters involved is so well portrayed it compares easily with the classics of any age. It is the 20th Centuries greatest the manner of the great tragedies written in the past...where the ascent of a character is followed by his sharp fall because of some flaw...pride...arrogance...greed...King adds grief to that list of tragic pitfalls.
I am probably preaching to the converted here a little I suspect..but if by any chance you have never given Stephen King a go...then try him..don't be put off by the horror genre...not all his books are classics for sure...but Pet Sematary and IT are two that are. I defy anyone not to feel the grief and pain involved...not to marvel at the beautifully descriptive prose..and despite the macabre happenings of the novel...not to empathise entirely with its' protagonists.
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am 6. Dezember 1997
IN 1982 Stephen King completed a novel entiteled "Pet Sematary" but refused to put it on the market for he felt that the public was not ready for a novel so horrifying. A year later Stephen King finally allowed the novel to be published, and it's a damn good thing he did, for this novel is an absolute masterpiece of modern literature. While reading this book I was astounded by the magnitude of Stephen King's brilliance. The way the plot is set up is tuly amazing, And it was very interesting how he illustrated the way the evil beyond the "Pet Sematary" preys on grief and circumstance and uses a person's rational thought and logic to influence their thinking and silence any guilt or thoughts that may ruin the spirits materplan, thus making the character's more succeptible to the cemetary's dark temptaions. This novel is so well written that the reader can truly understand how The main character was manipulated and compelled to do what he did. The book also has a general eeriness about it that will haunt you well into your sleep. The main factors that make this book so frighteningi are the twisted and extremely vivid imagery, the style in which it is written, which invokes feelings of great and consists of alot of clever foreshadowind which is subtle yet very ominous, and of course as in all of Stephen King's work the character's are portrayed so realistically that they are easy to relate to and the reader will often almost feel for them as if they were actual people rather than ficticous charactes. This gives the book a frighteningly human quality. And as the book's brilliantly constructed plot progresses and then climaxes in a frenzy of pain, violence, and utter horror, the author explores certain aspects of death and the dark side of human nature that few philosophers and writers have even concieved of. On the overall this is an ingenous book but I must advise you that this novel is profoundly disturbing and invokes feelings of unrelenting terror and extreme repulsion, but for those of you with a strong stomach and a taste for the macabre this is a must read. -Steven Peluso age 14
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am 26. April 2000
Have you ever wanted to be scared? Well if so, you should readSteven King's Pet Sematary. This story is about a family that movedfrom the city to live in the suburbs. When they get there, they discovered that it was totally different than the city. After they adjusted to everything, they discovered that their neighbors are always watching them. They are always watching them because they know that something bad is going to happen to them. They know that because whoever lives in that house never stays there. The thing that I enjoyed most about this book is that it always makes you want to read more. I really enjoy that when a book makes you want to keep reading. Another reason why I like this book because it's scary. I love scary books. Those are the only kind of books that I read. Another reason why I'm reading this book is that it is better than the movie. In the book, it elaborated more than in the movie. Another reason is it told more in the book than in the movie. Another thing I enjoyed in the book is the characters. The characters in this book are very interesting. The most interesting character is their cat Church...I think other people should read this book because it is very interesting to read. Another reason is, before you see the movie you should read the book because you will not understand the movie because it is not the same as the book
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