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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Russian Parks and Gardens (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Since the climate is not conducive to gardening, many may be surprised to learn that Russia has some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the world. What better way to visit them but from the comfort of an easy chair with garden historian Peter Hayden as your guide?
A former chairman of the Garden History Society and an honorary member of the Swedish Society for Dendrology and Park Culture, Hayden knows his subject well. He's the ideal person to compile "Russian Parks and Gardens," which is the first comprehensive history of Russian landscape to be printed in English. Many of the photos included in this volume were taken by Hayden himself and had not been published outside of Russia. There's a wealth to enjoy in 256 pages highlighted by 165 color photographs and 100 archive illustrations.
Hayden's history covers more than 800 years beginning with the initial gardens in the 12th century. We learn that it was Peter the Great who first introduced formal gardens to his homeland by bringing designers and plants from Holland, France, Germany, and Italy. Today St. Petersburg's Summer Garden, which covers 27 acres, is the most popular open space in all of Russia.
What is known as the English style of landscaping was brought to Russia by Catherine the Great who hired British gardeners to design parks for the privileged. In addition, many parks and gardens were created by wealthy families who had the wherewithal to do so, as well as access to thousands of serfs to do the work.
Naturally, the Revolution took its toll on quite a number of Russia's parks and gardens but many have been restored so that they are even more glorious today.
"Russian Parks and Gardens" is an amazing contribution to the annals of landscape history, and a joy to behold.
- Gail Cooke
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Russian Parks and Gardens
Russian Parks and Gardens von Peter Hayden (Gebundene Ausgabe - 1. September 2005)
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