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4,9 von 5 Sternen283
4,9 von 5 Sternen
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3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 14. Juni 2000
My favorite type of books is fantasy all because of this book. Three years ago, when I was in sixth grade, a friend saw me reading "The Woman who Rides Like a Man" over his shoulder (that's the third book in this series), and the next day he brought this book in to school and told me to read it in study hall. I loved it, and borrowed it and took it home where I finished it that night. I then went out and bought the rest of the series. The book is great, with a little resemblence to "Twelfth Night" (no, if you haven't heard of it, it's not a fantasy book. It's a play by Shakespeare. Sorry.) Alanna and her brother switch places, forcing her to disguise herself as a boy (luckily, her brother, Thom, does not have to disguise himself as a girl.) During the beginning of the book, Alanna tries to reject her powerful magical ability. However, she is forced to use it twice, and realizes that her "Gift" is a blessing from the gods, not a curse from them. Meanwhile, Alanna has to train as a knight. She is shorter than the other boys, and has more trouble, at first. But she works hard to overcome her height disadvantage (not by using magic to make herself grow; she tried that once and got a bad headache), and, while beating all the other boys at knighthood, Alanna still has to deal with issues of womanhood. And what will happen when she becomes a knight? She can't be a "boy" forever!
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am 23. März 2000
Alanna: The First Adventure is the first book I have ever read of Tamora Pierce's and is probably one of the best books I have and ever will read. I must admit, before Tamora Pierce I have never been a huge fan of fantasy. However, thanks to Tamora Pierce I have certainly changed my mind. The first book of the Song of the Lioness quartet is probably my favourite because everything begins in it. At the very beginning Alanna proves to be a very likable character: stubborn, conscientious, funny and nice. As it is impossible for girls to become knights she desguises herself as a boy and sets out to become a knight in the palace in Tortall. She makes good friends with important people, such as Prince Jonothan and the King of Thieves, George. She also makes enemies, such as Ralon and she despises Duke Roger of Conte, without any reason. As well as this she finally overcomes her fear of her magic and because of this she saves one of her closest friends. The end of the book isn't all resolved but her secret is discovered by Jon while fighting the Ysandir. However, I've got six words of warning: THIS BOOK WILL GET YOU ADDICTED!
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 23. August 1998
Alanna is a girl that becomes a knight by disguising herself as a boy at first. She is a great role model for girls and I love this book. I never used to really like books involving medieval times and stuff but now Medieval times are my most favorite time period ever besides now. If you haven`t read this, you should because people of all ages except young young kids will like this, I garauntee, if I knew how to spell that word. It is great and I read both series, the Lioness Quartet and The Immortals, by the end of the school year. Alanna is just so cool, I try in every way to be stubborn and go for what`s right, just like her. Daine is cool, too, in the Immortals series, but honestly, I think Alanna is cooler. It`s just so tragic at what happens to Alanna`s cat, brother, and lover in one of those books, I forget. But the books are just so cool and I`m glad I am not the only person that reads good books!
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am 29. Dezember 1998
Arrrhhhhh!!! I really hate these books!! I stay up late in the wee hours of the night..... just so I can finish the next section! I'm crabby in the morning and all I want to do is read this dang book! I don't care about anything that's happening in the real world... I spend precious school hours pondering what happened in the book and whst will happen! I don't want a book to be more interesting than my life, but sadly.....I hate these books! By buying a copy of this book, you are commiting yourself to spend the rest of your free time reading about Alanna, the warrior woman and her life, and Tortall, and Jonathan, And George, and Myles, and Roger(grrr), and gary, and Theyet, and Burri, and George's mother and the king and and ...and... I can't beleive my life less interesting than a fantasy series! This is so pathetic...(me, not the novels)
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am 9. Dezember 1998
I first met Alanna a long long time ago, when there was only one book. I will never forget arguing with my school librarian over who would get to read the second book the night that it came in. She let me go first, and I brought the book back for her before first period the next day. I breathlessly awaited the release of the others, and have had hardback copies of all of them that I have carried with me for over a decade now. I've read them countless times: in a sandstorm in Nevada, on rocky mountain peaks, in the depths of the Grand Canyon, and I've read them rainy days in the mountains here at home. These books and I have been on many adventures together, and every time I open them I learn from the folks inside. Time and time again, good old patient George's wisdom has helped me understand, appreciate, and deal lovingly with the Alannas in my life - I have never read of a greater hero than he.
These books have a lot to say about facing challenges and accomplishing what you want to in life, but the greater message is to pick your challenges wisely. It's easy to get so caught up in chasing a dream that you lose sight of what's really important, what you will take away with you when the adventures are over. Remember that in the end, Alanna's biggest challenge is not saving Tortall, but is learning to love and to allow herself to be loved. When the adventuring is over, what you're left with is your memories and the people you have to share them with. Alanna teaches us that learning how to love is the most difficult and greatest adventure of all.
If you read this, Mrs. Pierce, know that you've been an integral part of growing up for a lot of us. The most important answers I've found were all inside the books all along, waiting for me to understand as I lived and grew. Thank you. Here's hoping that I manage to tame a Lioness of my own some day.
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am 10. November 1998
This is one of the first novels that I had ever read. I first read it out of my elementary school library. The entire Lioness series captivated me. When I got to high school I actually went out and brought the entire serious. This is a series that captiviated through time. You go through the same emotions that you went through at 9 when you are 16. This series kind of grows with you because the older I got the more I began to understand about this series. When I first read this series I went from one book to the next and when I finally got to the last I was reluctant to finish it. I wanted to savor the book, I didn't want the story of Alanna to finish. I feel that the main character Alanna is one of the best developed female heroines in all of literary history. She is a 3-dimensional character, with spunk, personality, and wonderful gifts. Alanna is a character that you can relate to. She has feelings and she goes through some real life emotions. I think that the supporting characters in this series are also fabulous. George, John, Liam and the purple-eyed cat which guides and protects Alanna. I feel in love with George because of his tough and mischevious exterior and his love of fun and good heart. I was glad when Alanna realized that George was the one for her. I loved John for just simply being John. As the series progresses the feelings that I had for John changed but I believe that is what made the series great. It was ever changing but still it managed to have a familiarity and a comfortability that most books lack. I love this book and it made a real difference in my life. This was the series of books that started me on the path to being the avid reader that I am today. I am now in college but this series still holds a special spot in my heart.
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am 16. Mai 2000
This book is an epic story about a young girl named Alanna, who dresses up like a boy to make her dreams come true. Knowing the punishment is harsh, Alanna conjures up the courage to chop off her hair and switch places with her twin brother. Her one and only goal is to become a knight and do good deeds. Not wanting to accept the Gift the Gods gave her at birth, the Gift to heal, she is told she must use it in order to please the Gods. As her brother Thom goes off to learn sorcery, Alanna takes the risk of her life and prays that her seceret about being a girl is safe with her and her inmate, Coram. As the story begins, she befriends the prince, Jonathen and many more. Of course there are enemies along the way, but there is no obsticle Alanna can't face without a little courage. (And lessons from her friend George, a seventeen year old man who helps out Alanna when she needs him.) This story enspired me to do what I am told no questoins asked! (LOL) Very accurate with its information, Alanna is a series I would reconmend to anyone! I bought it in the morning, and was done with it that night. This book sucks you in and seduces your soul. Makes your mind tingle with question and surprise, and grow with the characters as they grow. Dissapointment never rose in me, only anticipation and excitment. I also caught myself falling in love with the ever so popular prince, Jonathon! If you love adventure, romance, mystery, and excitment, read Alanna and I guarantee this book is for you! Thriving with fun and enchantment, Alanna is surely my favorite series yet!
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 29. Juli 2000
the best books I have EVER read are from Tamora Pierce. She is a great author who ALWAYS keeps you in suspence and on the edge of your chair. I have read most of her books from Alanna, Daine, Kel, Briar, Tris, Daja, and Sandry. I for one think she is one of the BEST authors and can't wait for the rest of her books to come out. So hurry up PLEASE!
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am 10. März 2000
I thought this book was absolutely wonderful, especially since I've read the other three. I never thought I would have ever begin to love a book soooo much! I still can't get over it. The way it all fits together, but yet how unpredictable, and mostly how BELIEVABLE it is, it just shocks me! I began to realize how much I adored it when I read the Immortals series, which I didn't think was as good. Alanna is my complete and utter heroine, and I can't believe she had so much courage to do it! The way she takes all the deaths, even though the people are sooo close to her, and the way she struggles to keep her secret, and her friends and lovers, it just overwelms me! I could sit here for the rest of my life, just reading them over and over again. Whenever you try and explain to someone what the Gift is, or how she came across her many charms, its virtually impossible! But the way Pierce does it, I understand the world so well, and it really seems real, like there really is something out there, or some place, how she describes it! OK, OK, so maybe I'm nattering on a bit, but I just can't ignore it! It is just so wonderful! I could never read a better book! I adore Alanna and all her friends, and I think George is wonderful! I also adore the way she carries on as a woman in other books, just doesn't drift away, because she can't! She is my life's heroine, and I will never forget her!
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am 3. September 1997
I am writing this for my son (age 8 1/2 and reading quite a few grade levels up)who just purchased books 2, 3, and 4 of the series. He loved it for all of the reasons mentioned in the other reviews. I would just like to add a few things. First, I originally picked up the book where it had been misfiled in the regular science fiction section - it was supposed to be in Young Adult - and bought it for myself! I thoroughly enjoyed it as a reminder of my younger days when things were clearer and as one of the reviewers said painted with a broad brush and bold colors (sorry if I misquote). Other adults should also enjoy it if they are willing to take it on that basis. Second, my son who is at the "girls, YUCK!" age had no problem identifying with the heroine. Alanna was immediately classed with his friend Liz as "she's really a boy" - sorry for the male chauvinism, but that is his highest accolade for a girl. So, Allana is definitely for people of all genders. Third, and my one warning for parents of younger readers, about mid way through the book Alanna hits puberty and begins menstruating. When I read that section I didn't really think about it - it seemed nicely handled in a way that would probably reassure girls entering puberty. Then my 8 year old son read it. Let's just say that my wife and I had to get into subjects we had thought safely in the future
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