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am 21. April 2000
This book faces the same problems as so many others like tries to stretch a 90 minute television show to fill 275 pages of text. Diane Carey, DS9's resident TV-book adapter, was called in once again to work on Way of the Warrior, with mixed results. While she can competently flesh out the dialogue portions of a script, often the conversations, having been designed for a TV audience, aren't very exciting. This episode required a lot of visual aids to work, and the book can't really provide. None of the characters are satisfactorily represented, instead, the obvious is simply stretched out with details to fill the pages. Granted, there are a few scenes thrown into the book that didn't make the episode, but they aren't really necessary and seemed kind of boring. And when we got to the highlight of Way of the Warrior, where all of DS9's new weapon's systems are revealed, the book really skimps out and spends all of about 3 pages describing the grand battle. This book is about as good as can be expected, but it doesn't really stand up to the standards set even by other, original, Star Trek novels.
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am 14. Januar 2000
Daß herausragende Fernsehepisoden immer wieder in Buchform erscheinen ist inzwischen eine lästige Nebenerscheinung geworden. Wenn man die Geschichte sehen kann, dann weiß ich nicht, wo der Sinn darin liegt, sie nochmal nachzulesen. Wenn herausgeschnittene Szenen oder nicht verfilmte Szenen enthalten wären, dann könnte man es noch verstehen. Aber die simple Nacherzählung des Drehbuches ist es nicht wert, gekauft zu werden. Ein schönes Beispiel, wie man es anders machen kann sind die Filmbücher zu Generations oder First Contact, denn hier sind zusätzlich Szenen enthalten, bei Generations sogar der alternative Schluß. Aber „Way of the Warrior" enthält keine solcher Besonderheiten und ist deshalb nur einen Stern - für das Coverbild - wert. (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 22. Juli 2000
I just recently bough this book and read it within a week after I recieved it. I have never seen the episode, so this was a great way to find out the whole story behind Worf joining DS9. I had a lot of enjoyment reading the book. I enjoyed that Worf and Gowron interacted with one another. This gave me a lot of insight to Worf with his feelings of after the Enterprise was destroyed and questioning himself if he should stay in StarFleet or go back to Qo'Nos to be what he is..A Klingon. This story was one of the best stories in the trek genre in my opinion [I know that there are other stories that are also very well done.] So if you enjoy stories dealing with Klingons, Worf and DS9 this is one book I would highly recommend!
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am 22. Juli 1998
The Way of the Warrior is a very complex story which forms the basis for the fourth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We see peace thrown out of the window in the whole Alpha Quadrant without any help from the Founders (well, that remains to be seen...). It's a political story, but also the story of Worf finding a new home and making the choice between his heritage, being a Klingon, and his upbringing, his Starfleet career and philosophy. The book starts a bit slowly, but after Worf's arrival the action truly captures the reader. The feeling about events running out of control is superbly sustained and Worf's conflict is heartbreaking. I think he'll make things even more interesting on Deep Space Nine.
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Eine wunderbare Präsentation der Story, die für sich genommen schon lesenswert ist, selbst wenn man die Fernsehfolge schon gesehen hat. Careys Sprache ist leicht und amüsant zu lesen und die Art wie sie "The Way of the Warrior" präsentiert ist göttlich. Auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10 ist dieser Roman eine 9,5 für Miss Carey.
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