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am 23. Februar 2000
If I had to be reincarnated, I would be reincarnated as a Klingon. Even though Klingons take no prisoners, they have a few smooth edges. Some how I do think that the whole Klingon race and Klingons in general are misunderstood. This book gives some virtues and good says that can be applied today. My favorite saying is "Revenge is a dish best served cold." and this saying can apply to anybody, even ex-fiances.
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am 1. August 1996
In the quest for more and more spin offs in the Star
Trek market, this book stands out. Rather than another
novel, or nitpicking reference volume culled from the
shows - this presents authentic alien literature: the
proverbs of the Warrior Race!

Providing insight into tlhIngan (thats Klingon: think
Bejing versus Peking. The standard English term
is a corruption of the correct pronounciation, just
as the old name for China's capital city was) culture,
this book cleverly draws from the film and video incarnations
for pithy Klingon phrases. The author (compiler),
Marc Okrand created the language and clearly knows
his Trek.

Illustrating almost every proverb is a relevant black and
white. The proverbs are presented in tlhIngan Hol and
DIvI' Hol (Klingon and English), along with a paragraph
or two discussing the cultural background, and occasional
grammatical tips.

The book is well organized, so that you don't really
NEED the The Klingon Dictionary (also by Okrand), the authorative guide
on the language. However, it makes a great companion to
it. Someone seeking to learn and use the language would
do well to buy both books and use The Klingon Way as
a workbook of phrases to study with the vocabulary and
grammar provided by the Klingon Dictionary.
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am 13. Juli 1997
`The Klingon Way` is a fascinating look into the heart of the Klingon soul. Set up as a proverb list with relevaent cultural and historical facts surrounding them; this work expounds wisdom and knowledge applicable not only for the attainment of an honorable death but of an honorable life. Although drawing a bit heavily on previously stated maxims, it is still a great work worthy of owning. Having M Dorn and R Dawson, as Lt. Cmdr. Worf and Lt. Torres, respectively, narrating this is just the icing on the cake. Highly recommended
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am 7. Juli 2000
Astounding. This is one of the books a Klingon fan would love to read. Trust me, you'll be intrigued.
The Klingon proverbs and their meanings in the book will help us understand Klingon culture and society.
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am 30. März 1998
This book doesn't tell a story at all. It tells the reade very much about Klingon culture. If you are interested in it you will love this book
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Alles in allem ist THE KLINGON WAY: A WARRIOR'S GUIDE nicht das, was der Titel verspricht: eine gute und tiefgründige Einführung in das klingonische Wesen und die klingonische Kultur. Tatsächlich gibt dieses Buch weniger Einblicke in diese Dinge, als das Anschauen der ST-Folgen. Insofern ist A WARRIOR'S GUIDE ein absolut überflüssiges Buch.
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