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am 27. Juli 2003
After reading two incredibly fast-paced and exciting novels by Brad Meltzer, I had hoped that Vince Flynn would measure up (at least), especially in view of the raving reviews. Well, not so. I continuously felt as if I were reading a sequel (which, of course, Separation of Power is), but this feeling has not happened to me in the past in reading sequels prior to prequels. The first half of the book concentrates on recapping the prequel, so I guess I won't have to read the latter, which I wouldn't anyway. The rest of the story is plain boooorrrring and so are the dialogs. I never understood the relationship between Mitch and Anna. Why did she bother with him anyway? What a waste of my money.
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am 1. Oktober 2005
I enjoyed this book very much. Like other Flynn books, it combines a healthy dose of Mitch Rapp's espionage exploits together with some polical games by the guys on the Hill. I certainly enjoyed this book a lot more than Memorial Day, which was simply over the top. The story is interesting and exciting, and takes us to some interesting places, although I felt that the descriptions of some of these places were either thin or shallow. Milan in particular. Given the Bush/Blair government's very successful propoganda camapign, Flynn can be forgiven for putting Saddam Hussein and his non-existant weapons of mass destruction at the centre of the story. And I particulary liked the handling of the US-Israel relations. It is probably right on the mark! I respectfully disagree with one other reviewer here who states that Flynn's books are well-researched. There are multiple errors in this book that simply should not be there. There is no BIA airport in the United States, BIA is Bastia Poretta airport in France. One assumes that Flynn means BWI? Similarly, American Airlines doesn't fly Boeing 747 aircraft. It hasn't done so for 20 years. And, even when it did, it never flew to Milan-Malpensa. After reading this string of errors, I really have to doubt how well Flynn does indeed research his books. That fact notwithstanding, I enjoyed the story a great deal, and can heartily recommend it to anybody who enjoys action-packed espionage.
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am 30. August 2013
super toll geschrieben...spannend von Anfang bis besten alle Bände von Anfang an lesen...hoffe es geht noch weiter so ...viel Spaß
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am 16. Februar 2014
Klasse Buch, Sendung kam wie angekündigt. Wenn man anfängt mit lesen kann man es gar nicht mehr weglegen, Vielen Dank
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am 29. Dezember 2001
Honey, I'm home. How was my day? Well, I can't tell you. It's a matter of national
security. Oh, by the way, I brought someone with me. Yes, we were lovers, but. This is
work. Really.
Would that fly at your house? Sure it would. But Anna and Mitch's situation is a little
complicated. Anna is NBC White House correspondent, and she feels a need-to-know.
Mitch is an extra-legal CIA assassin, and feels a corresponding lack of want-to-tell.
Maybe his bosses can give him a little help. After all, he works for the deputy director of
the CIA and, indirectly, the president of the United States.
They have problems of their own, Bud. Irene Kennedy faces confirmation hearings as
new agency director, and Bob Hayes has just gotten big news from the head of Israel's
Mossad. Saddam has three nuclear warheads abuilding, in a bunker under a hospital.
Luckily, Mitch is just the guy to clean house for them. He's ready to get out of his own
house for a while. Anna is steamed over the catty kind of colleague he drags home. So it
is time once more for him to summon his special-ops skills, saddle up, and lead Special
Forces into hostile territory.
All this is told straightforwardly, within the conventions of political thrillers. The
narrative is mostly chronological, and sticks with the simple past tense most of the time.
Not as compelling as Tom Clancy, but just as believable and certainly entertaining.
Remember the words of John Rambo: "Sir, do we get to win this time?"
Priors: The Third Option, Term Limits, Transfer of Power.
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