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am 11. September 1999
this is a book that actually made me grateful to the writers of the t.v. show despite all the things they've tried to pull over the years, they gave us good dominion/cardassian/breen conflicts resolutions and fly-by-nights. I don't know who Diane Carrey is, but what she knows about my favorite charactors is based on federation propoganda and little else. Evil evil evil. the only slightly bright spot is that Garak (who is NOT the revenge type) is a LITTLE better done in that scene. I will never ever ever buy a book from this woman ever again. If she can't control her predjudices long enough to write a book she shouldn't be writing books.
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am 18. November 1999
Like Equinox, Diane Carey Fouled up big time, I Wont even go into how bad this novelzation was, Hey Diane, If Your Reading, STOP NOVELIZATIONS OF EPISODES! Go Back to Writing them, Not Disgracing the fine episodes that were shown on TV....AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! GET THE ENCYCLOPEDIA!
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am 29. Juni 1999
I guess I can live without the best Trek out of the four, if it means the Breen are history too. Those guys give me the creeps. Especially the way they talk. I guess I've gotten used to the basic premise of "Trek linguistics"--that aliens all talk perfect English while the humans talk funny. Like in the original series ("Keptin, another wessel ees following us.", "But Captain, me puir engines cannae take any morrrr!" as well as the Next Generation (the generic Med-basin accent of Counselor Troi, all the more charming as delivered in her warm, soft-spoken voice, and of course the resonant Shakespearean tones of Picard which match his Roman coin looks), and finally, Deep Space Nine (with a chief engineer who talks like the Irish cop on the beat and a doctor who talks like Bond...James Bond). But all the aliens--Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Vorta, Ferengi, Jem Hadar, the Founders--all talk like network TV news reporters. Except for the Breen--they say stuff like "rowrbazzle", "sladle-slaitch and "squarkbool"--but Damar, the Female Founder and Weyoun can understand every word. I tried to find out what they were saying by rewinding the tape and kicking in the closed captioning. Know what that says? "Electronic Speech". Gee, thanks.
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am 30. Juli 1999
It's a sad day in Star Trek when one of the two best Star Trek tv shows ends(the other best show being TOS of course). And of course, we couldn't have done it any better than the Great Screw-Up of the Galaxy...Rick Berman! I couldn't believe how little coverage DS9 got when it ended. Sure, it got some, but after it ended, poof, it's gone! Now, I'm sure when Lost In Space II(for those who don't know, I'm referring to Voyager!)ends there will be talk about it for years. Anyway, this book is excellent(especially since it wasn't written by the god-awful Daffyd ab Hugh!!!). The only scenes I didn't like were the Kira-Crazy scene(but that was made excellent with the Garak and Damar chit-chat), and the Bashir & Garak goodbye. I loved what Garak said, and the whole way he acted during the scene, but then again this ending was good also. Once again, Diane Carey proves she is one of the best Trek writers. The space battles are awesome, the character writing is fabulous. It''s amazing!!! Before I end, I'd like to say thank you to the First Great Bird of the Galaxy = Gene Rodenberry, and also I'd especially like to thank the Second Great Bird of the Galaxy = Ira Steven Behr, for making DS9 what it was.
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am 23. Dezember 1999
Als ich endlich das langerwartete aber auch lang befürchtete Ende von Deep Space Nine gesehen hatte, war ich beinahe hysterisch vor Begeisterung. Was sich die Produzenten dort haben einfallen lassen, übertraf meine Erwartungen bei weitem. Noch am gleichen Abend habe ich mir dann das Buch von Diane Carey aus dem Schrank geholt und endlich gelesen - ich hatte es bereits Wochen dort stehen und wollte aber erst das Finale sehen. Das kann ich auch jedem nur empfehlen! Das Buch orientiert sich sehr am Drehbuch und hat kaum Spielraum für zusätzliche Szenen. Allerdings kann man hier besser nachlesen, was die einzelnen Charaktere fühlen, wie sie denken, was sie hoffen. Das ist gerade im zweiten Teil des Buches besonders wichtig wenn es für so einiges heißt: Abschied nehmen... Ich kann das Buch nur jedem nahelegen, der das tolle Finale noch einmal in sich aufnehmen möchte. Dafür ist die Adaption gut genug. (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 3. November 1999
Da ich auf das Seasonfinale von DS9 schon sehr neugierig war, bestellte ich die Romanvorlage dazu gleich. Da ich, als ich den Roman las, von der 7. Staffel noch keine einzige Folge gesehen hatte, tat ich mir anfangs relativ schwer mitzukommen. Viele vorige Ereignisse mußte ich nur aus den nun gegebene Verhältnissen erschließen. Dennoch fand ich einige Entwicklungen, die sich innerhalb des Romans abspielten, recht interessant. Umgekehrt hätte ich mir ein Seasonfinale nach 7 Staffeln auch irgendwie spektakulärer vorgestellt. Einige Fäden wurden nicht wieder aufgenommen, vor allem fand der Handlungsbogen um Benny Russel zu meiner großen Enttäuschung keine Erwähnung mehr. Wie weit der Roman die Folge gut wiedergibt oder sie auch weiter ausbaut, kann ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht feststellen, da ich die Folge immer noch nicht gesehen habe.
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am 4. August 1999
This book seems hardly more than a transcript of the actualsaid lines. It lacks deapth of it's own and tension of it's own. It'ssort of a report, not an fullgrown gripping story. Though (of course) everthing is set and ready for tension. The actions really SHOULD be a terrific read, but because of the style chosen, it is not.
I suppose that, when you read this book after you've seen the last episode on TV, you'll relive that episode while reading. And that that will fill the style gaps that are disturbing me now. But that hardly qualifies this as a good book.
And for those of you who are not familiar with the series: do not ever buy this book as a starter. You'll miss all necessary reference to even get through it.
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This book is a very good novelization of the final days of DS9, the TV series. The last few episodes went by so fast. I loved the series more than I realized. I was much more deeply invested in the characters than I ever realized. This book let you experience the final acts and decisions in an extended time frame -- the last episode of the TV show just went too fast to allow complete understanding and acceptance of its finality. This book gave extra insight into the feelings and motivations of all the charcters in their final DS9 days. I loved the book and didn't want it to end.
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am 23. November 1999
Diane, I wrote to you several years ago when"Ghost Ship" was released. I told you about the cover graphics,remember? Your talents do not lay in the rewrites of shows. You are a creator of stories and you do it very well. Stay with your original plan to create new stories. That makes the best reading from you! The upside down Galactica on "GHOST SHIP", is what I wrote to you about years back,remember? Stay away from the fast stories and easy books and just be you. Your Civil War stories are a very fine read too. Best Regards: Zack
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am 3. Juli 1999
It was an excellent book! I couldn't put it down. I finished it in a day. Then I read it again. I was disappointed when I saw the episode because the book expanded and explained more. It talked more about how the people felt before they left for the final battle, the Cardassian Resistsance, and why the Female Shapeshifter stood down. I really liked how the author described the battle scenes. I thought the ending was good too because it showed Kira watching all her firends leave. I reccomend this book to all Star Trek fans
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