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4,4 von 5 Sternen
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Okay, bear with me, because I do not know how long this is going to take. I started somersizing about 8 months ago, and for the first three months it was fantastic. I could eat as much as I wanted as long as I combined well and steered away from those 'funky' foods, and I lost 15 lbs. I was addicted, literally to this diet for months...then Christmas rolled around and from December to May, I started having a lot of trouble with, well, food to say the least. Once I discovered what I could not have, I craved it everyday...I couldn't go without sugar long enough for the cravings to subside, so when there was a 'special occasion' I would find myself eating WAY to much, stuffing myself, saying, 'it doesn't matter, I'm going back on my diet tomorrow' which I would. Okay, to make a long story short, I gained back all the 15 pounds I lost and more, because I felt so deprived. When I finally decided it was too much, I 'quit' and started eating anything I wanted but in more moderate amounts, and guess what? Two weeks after I stopped this low-carb stuff, I lost 7 lbs. I eat healthy now and exercise, I am still losing weight, and I do not feel deprived in the least, there is no need to binge on unneccessary calories. Nevertheless, I still learned some important tips from this diet, 1) the only thing you really need to drink is water, tea is good as well, and I still drink milk, but no more sugary fruit juice and soft drinks for me, they are out of my life for good...2) I now eat far more fruits and veggies then I did before I tried the diet...3) fat is NOT all bad, mono-unsaturated fats from nuts, avocados, and olive oil, are good for your body and should be eaten moderately every day...however whatever these low-carb people tell you, saturated fat is NOT good for you, it never has and it never will, just face the facts and limit your saturated fat intake, in the long run, you will be thankful you did...5) I heavily limit my intake of white flour, and instead eat lots of whole grain bread and pasta (semolina is not as processed as white flour and therefore does not raise blood sugar as much), however though I am careful about sugar, I do not deny myself of its pleasures, in moderation of course...and finally, though somersizing certainly didn't give me this insight, I have learned to nourish my body with food as oppose to stuffing my self, or rewarding my self with eating a good meal. My self confidence has improved greatly, and I no longer count calories, or monitor everything I eat, and I think this was key to helping me lose a few pounds after I finished this diet....and besides, and I know I denied it all at first, if I saw this review six months ago, I would have ignored it and said 'I lost weight, I don't care',..however most of the weight is water weight, because carbohydrates naturally have a lot of water in them (hence the 'hydrate') and although you lose a lot of weight at first, most of it is not fat but water, which makes up 60% of your body mass soon as you eat more carbs it will come right back...bottom line, don't be fooled, maybe you will ignore me now, but come back six months from now and you may be a little more open to my story...maybe some of you can completely adapt to this lifestyle, but I couldn't, and I am sure there are more people like me than not...this is a great crash diet...but if you want to lose weight in the long term, you must take care of your body AND your mind...I hope I have been some help to some of you who are confused as to how to deal with this issue. Thank you for listening (I know I am a very long-winded person, so if you are still reading I commend you for your patience)
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am 22. April 2000
I hate reading long reviews, but I feel I needed to write this much, the book really deserves it.
I was skeptical until I read the reviews here, and then finally the books, so I'm adding my contribution, in case some one like myself chances to read this. I was about to buy a book like Dr.Atkins, and I live in the UK, so the web is all I have to learn about his books and other low-carb plans, and I'd only heard of Suzanne Somers through her sitcoms, but knew little of her, so her book came as a surprise to me. While these are her books, she didn't invent the basic theory, but she has given it her personal touch through much hard work, making it easy for us to understand and follow. After reading the foreword by Dr.Schwarch..(spell?) you know the principles of 'somersizing' is something more natural, and it's just the way our body works, I mean there had to be a way to eat and not get fat, and this is the way! I originally brought both her books, but like many others I didn't actually start reading them until a week or so later. At first I was a bit worried, I didn't mind following the rules so much, but her recipes did daunt me, many can be expensive and take time to make, although I must stress there are many cheap and simple recipes in there as well.
I'll explain my story a bit first, I'm 18/m, and starting July last year I came down to 180 by losing 60 pounds in 4 months, through diet, exercise and severe motivation, but I soon plateuaed, and became disheartened, I kept exercising, and ate less fat, but still the last 10 pounds stayed, so I began to ate normally over the next months, I put a few pounds back on, but nothing serious, as I kept active. After some time I decided to finally get rid of the 10 pounds, and realised the high amount of bread and pasta I was eating was going no good. I eventually found these books, and within a couple of weeks of following the plan, I did lose weight, and went down to my lowest weight ever, and this was while eating supposedly 'fatty' foods, and guess what? I had hardly done any exercise during that time! But while a few weeks may remove your first excess 10 pounds, it won't lose the last 10.
After a few weeks I couldn't keep with the plan because I was the only one in my family following it, so it became hard and pricely to just arrange dinners and foods separately for me, and my Mum's curries and such were going to waste.
Only recently have I gone back to the diet, this time my family won't stop me, plus I learned I don't HAVE to follow the recipes in the book, and I've now gone around developing my own recipes and snacks based on the 'rules' and this is how it works, get the simple plan committed to memory, and everything after is a breeze. My family won't bother reading the book so can't understand it when I eat cheese, cream, bacon and eggs etc.. but once you read the book you'll completely understand it, and it's how our body naturally works. Our bodies NEED natural fat, any doctor will tell you that. Our cells are made of fat, but eating the incorrect fats, and with the wrong foods, will certainly cause havoc. Don't think eating fats all day is what you do, the main component of the plan is vegetables, and there is some carbohydrates. I could explain the whole plan to you, but reading the book gives you such a better picture.
Please don't copy my lazy and stubborn family, if you want to lose weight, and are willing to sacrifice some foods, then this is the way. As Suzanne says, the benefits far outweigh the loses. I personally hated being hungry, and couldn't understand how my body was benefiting from no fat and being hungry, but she gave me the solution. If you only want to get one book, then I'd say get the second one, but if you're serious then get both to get a more complete picture. And don't worry once you reach your goal weight, you'll be able to get back some of those foods you left out. I wish I could say I've lost the last 10 pounds while I write this, but it's still early days, and hopefully I can write a new review when I do, but all I can say is, it's been a week on the plan and already I feel better, so does my belt.
After you read this book, you'll laugh at other diets and the low-fat foods - which are 'apparently' better for us.
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am 9. Oktober 1999
I have been eating low-carb for 4 1/2 months and it is only starting to work for me now. I have dropped my cholesterol level more than 60 points and my clothes are getting looser, but only very slowly. Perhaps due to a damaged metabolism, some people take longer than others to see results, but it does work! Additionally, I have stopped "spotting" between periods (have been doing this for the past three years, with no insight from my OB/GYN about this) and my eyesight is improving, and my feet are no longer numb (symptoms of high blood insulin). I have a family history of adult-onset diabetes so this plan has been a lifesaver. One thing I do avoid is eating the all carb/veggie meals, because my body can't handle that amount of carbs at one meal, and I limit the amount of nonstarchy veggies that I eat, too. Also, Stevia, available at health food stores and most GNC outlets (or they will order it for you-get the powdered rather than liqiud form, it tastes better) is better than using Equal because it doesn't cause a rise in insulin levels, which aspartame does for some people (Suzanne makes this point in the book). Above all, have faith and don't give up. Some of us just take longer to respond. I'm glad I didn't go back to Weight Watchers out of frustration. If I had, I would have lost "weight" in the form of water, some fat, but mostly muscle tissue, and I'm guessing that all of my symptoms would have returned. Another way to look at your situation is, losing weight is only part of the overall goal of improving your health. Keep your blood insulin levels under control, drink your water, exercise, too, and the rest will fall naturally into place. Don't compare yourself to all the lucky people who lose weight quickly on this plan. Results do vary for individuals- we are all different! Good luck and keep up the good work! : )
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am 16. Juli 1999
I have been following this food plan for about 6 or 7 weeks, and although I have lost only about 5 lbs, I know that it is healthy and it does work. I developed gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, so after reviewing the ADA diet, I decided to eliminate all refined carbs. I ate as much red meat as I wanted to, and used regular salad dressings (not with sugar). My blood sugars were very stable, I only gained 20 lbs, and my cholesteral and triglycerides returned to normal. My baby weighed 9 lbs, 13 oz., and had no rebound hypoglycemia or calcium-magnesium imbalances after birth. I ate lots of veggies, of course, and only ate fruits two hours after dinner. When I read Suzanne's book, I couldn't believe it! On my own I had stumbled on to exactly what she and Dr. Schwartzbein advocate. I had lost a total of only 7 lbs of fat during my pregnancy, which isn't impressive, but it sure convinced me. I want to reassure anyone who isn't losing as fast as the others, not to get discouraged or give up. I agree about Stevia being better than nutrasweet. When I switched to Stevia, I didn't feel drained after drinking one cup of decaf, and it helped drop another pound or two. One caveat I do offer, however. According to my Mass. General Hospital dietary dept. manual (I'm an RN), onions are classified as a high carb veggie, grouped with carrots, beets, peas, winter squash and turnips at 7 gr. per half cup. So although I do eat them, I use them only as seasoning, in small amounts. As for the reader who thinks eliminating sugar is unhealthy, I don't know where he/she gets their information. Above all, my mood has been elevated by eating this way; on the traditional low-fat, high carb "diets", I was always cranky, glum, and thought about food all the time. After a so-called "healthy" low-fat pasta meal, (regulation one-half cup) I was always exhausted! Whole-wheat pastas are less draining, but I still restrict my intake of them. I feel much better eating a variety of all kinds of animal protein, and my lipid profile is normal. Thanks, Suzanne and Dr. Schwartzbein!
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If it sounds to good to be usually is! I bought this book on a Friday, read it over the weekend & started the program on Monday. I enjoyed the book, even though I was very skeptical. Eat all that fat & lose weight? I was very excited & ran out and bought tons of fruits & veggies (which I love anyway) and whole wheat pastas & breads, sugar-free sauces, etc. My goal is to lose 15-20 lbs. A friend of mine lost 15 lbs in almost 4 weeks, so I was sure it would work for me. After reading all the reviews about people losing weight on this program, I thought this would happen with me as well. Well, I did it for 2 1/2 weeks. I completely followed the diet to the letter, did not cheat at all, and did not lose one single pound in 2 1/2 weeks. I also think it's too hard to give up sugar completely because it is so hard to find products without any sugar. Also, no potatoes whatsoever & fresh, summer corn-on-the cob? But you can have fat, grease, butter & cheese? I am type O blood, I don't know if that makes a difference in this diet. The loss of sugar, which I don't really indulge in anyway, made me irritable & lethargic. I did not like the way I felt while on this diet - very weak. I am better off eating smaller portions of all foods I like & exercising at least 3x a week. I don't think this diet works for everyone. Congrats to everyone who is losing the weight on this program. Maybe I didn't do it long enough, but to me it was pretty hard to stick to - you DO have deprivation of food. Also, the "waiting period" between eating carbos & proteins (3 hrs.) was difficult. This was too good to be true for me. I will try eating low-in-saturated- fat meals, fruits, veggies, grains & exercise! (I DID enjoy reading the book, though & the recipes are great).
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am 14. Juni 1999
I was very skeptical in buying this book but I am very glad I did! I have just started to follow the ideas in this book but can tell already that they are exactly what I needed to lose the weight I haven't lost from having my son 2 1/2 years ago. The combinations of Proteins/Fats and Veggies and Carbos and veggies, etc. makes alot of sense to me but I will admit at first the recipes were very very intimidating to me. Don't let it scare you. Start by using the quick reference guide at the end of the book to get used to putting various foods together, then start using the recipes. I just got all the ingrediants together for some of the recipes I want to try from the back of the book and I must say they look easy enough, and save for a few ingrediants that may have to be found at a whole foods store or specialty store, I found everything I needed.
Another tip I have is for lunch, if you don't have time to make one of the recipes, steam a veggie and buy a grilled chicken sand. at a fast food place and don't eat the bun! I did that today and felt satisified and happy to have followed the plan. It's not difficult to do and makes alot of common sense. For you people who thought you could buy the book and instantly lose 10 pounds - get back to reality! Eating right takes work, eating wrong is easy.
I found the book very informative and interesting and will probably read it again to pick up what I missed the first time. I found the pictures in her book very interesting also. I can tell you right now she has every right to be proud of her family and if I had written that book I would have included my family too!
I would love to get emails from people who have quick recipes that they are using that are working on this plan and would love to share any ideas I have too. I really believe this book is it. One reader made a comment about contacting Suzanne Summers with questions, I would love to too, but to thank her too!
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am 14. Mai 1999
I went into menopause at 45 and gained 30 pounds in one year. All of a sudden I'm not sure what to do. I ask that this weight come off so I can think of other things besides what I look at. But I'm an American Woman living in this world and it's all around me. I can't handle the weight.My friend kept telling me to add fish and go into The zone. But the book baffled me. I just kept excercising. I ate less and exercised one hour and a half every day heavy for three months. Took diet bills, did what ever it took and the weight turned to muscle but that was it. I lost weight for a week. Then I ate and exercised and gained even more. Suzanne Somers diet is great because it's so healthy. You can eat vegatarian easily. I eat Indian food a lot and it works perfectly. I don't eat the rice and it's a carbo meal. I put fish with vegtables and it's protein. I think of it as Krishna's diet.(Krishna loved Cows Cream and butter and fruit.) I've had to add fish to my diet which I'm not fond of but menopause for me has not been easily. I've been on this diet for 20 days on level one. I don't know what I would add on two. It's so easy. I have lost two 1/2 inches around my waist, once inch in the hips and one inch in my thighs. I havent' lost any weight yet. It's been great to eat so heathy. Giving up sugar is no big deal. Cream is very sweet, and so is butter and actually ripe tomatoes are the best. I have no problem staying on this diet for life. I like Suzanne's cheerful nature and attitude. I think she must by now be a professional at this weight stuff and the best to champion the diet. If this doesn't work I'm going to Dr. Atkins which makes me very concerned as I can't really stand the thought of two weeks of no fruits and vegatbles. Oh lease Diet Devi make this work. I like it. Here is a good flan receipe and it's really great. 5 Eggs, 1 cup of cream, 1 cup of water and put it together with nutmeg and vanilla.Put it in a pan of water and cook for 40 minutes on 400. I don't add sugar because i find it way to sweet after giving it up. ALthough it sounds horrible to eat so much cream it is very satisfying and it's hard to really eat too much. I hope this is working. My seond favorite is I cut a large eggplant in strips and dried it in the oven on 200. The thin slices are chewy and good as a substitute for bread when I get depressed about eating cheese straight. Good luck everyone.
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am 13. August 1999
Dr. Diana Schwarzbein who wrote the forward to this book has a book of her own, "The Schwarzbein Principle : The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger" in which she explains in detail the scientific rationale behind a low (not "no")carbohydrate diet. I heartily recommend her book be used as a companion to Suzanne's. What she says is that if you have been yo-yo dieting, or dieting with a low fat diet or even overeating carbohydrates in a typical North American diet (in other words, most of us who are overweight) have likely lost muscle mass and possibly bone over the years. I know that I have been yo-yo dieting for 25 years.
Therefore, when you follow a healthful low carbohydrate way of eating, incorporating fat and protein in healthy amounts, your body will first look to build up its muscle mass, balance its hormones, (i.e. reduce insulin resistance)and burn fat. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you will not necessarily see your scale move because you are gaining muscle at the same time as you are dropping fat. In the last 6 weeks, I have lost only 2-1/2 pounds and was feeling very discouraged. However, yesterday,I noticed my clothes were a lot loser and I have dropped a whole dress size! Now I know that had I lost 2-1/2 pounds on the scale prior to being on a low carb diet, fat loss would never have amounted to a whole dress size. In other words I have been losing FAT even though I am building muscle.
The other thing is to watch your carb intake. Buy a carbohydrate counter and using that and Diana Schwarzbein's book as a guide for how many carbohydrate grams you should consume, you will lose FAT. Good luck!
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am 16. Juni 2000
I started Suzanne's plan Thanksgiving 1999. The first week or two was a little bumpy because I had to keep going back and reviewing food combos because my thinking was so low-fat program oriented. Once I got how the combining worked, the weight started coming off quickly. Before getting on the program, my weight heading toward the 380 pound mark and getting to the point of needing a cane to get around. The pain from arthritis and a ripped knee was excruciating. 83 pounds have come off and still going. No more arthritis pains. I am able to walk up and down stairs now. In the beginning, I could only go up one step at a time with both feet. I plan to lose 140 more pounds and with this program, can do it. But just to be pain-free was worth following the plan. There was a 4 week point in February when only 3 pounds came off, but stuck with it and the weight started coming off again after the plateau. Don't give up! You can do it! I am 50 years old, and have been on countless diets. A few years ago, I lost 92 pounds,on a low fat program, but it took a year and a half to lose it, and was hungry all the time. With Suzanne's program, I am not hungry. (I call it a food program, not a diet because I don't feel like I am on a diet). After a while you won't miss breads and sweets. Now I look at those foods and realize all the chemical junk made me so miserably obese. Now I see sugar and white flour as being something I am allergic to like an alcoholic would be to alcohol. Try the program, if you really follow the combinations this program will absolutely work. 83 pounds in 7 months has made me have a positive outlook again.
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am 6. Dezember 1999
Started the program in September and was shocked when I stepped on the scale the day after Thanksgiving. The program works. But ladies I warn you, your breast size will shrink along with the rest of you. I'm not hungry at all. No more bloating after meals. I have replaced Nutra Sweet with Stevia (liquid)just as Suzanne suggested. they now can be found at GNC, and switched to decaff espresso (no more heart palpitations).I have rediscovered my love for vegetables and eat more in variety than most vegetarians do. I eat better now than ever before. Started cooking more at home with those fabulous recipes. I have 5 more pounds to go before I'll consider level two. For those of you who aren't losing with this program make sure: that you are cooking with the right oil (corn oil is a big no no), make sure sauces and salad dressings are on the side just in case some sneaky sugar found it's way in. An alternative to gravy and salad dressings for vegetables and salads are salsas (without sugar or corn starch/syrup) and hot chili oils. Also what to snack on in between meals? A quart of bottled water. Two quarts a day meets the minimum daily requirements. Excercise 2-3 times a week (remember you want to be fit not fanatic) and the weight will melt off. A sugar free chocolate is made by the Belgian company Guylian It's like 80% dark chocolate (comes in milk chocolate also).
Can someone answer this question: Is the green plantain (starchy not sweet) considered a fruit or vegetable? I had fried green plantains with roasted chicken and green salad last night, and did not get bloated. E-mail me.
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