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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 7. Juli 1999
Carolyn Myss writes about the individual human energy system, but dosen't take energy thinking far enough--that's why many of her arguments break down. When thinking about any sort of system, one must consider the smaller energy systems which compose it, as well as the larger systems in which it is embedded. Each system "level" has its own sort of consciousness and imperatives to follow. The "level" at which our conscious egos work is only one piece of the complex puzzle of reality which composes and enfolds us.
Thus, from a systems perspective, disease can follow dysfunction on ANY level, from the cellular to the social or environmental(and maybe even the galactic). One example would be cancers caused by pesticides--here,the human collective's disrespect for the planetary environment would be wreaking consequences through the illness of individuals. There need not be a particular biographical factor in the genesis of such a cancer, for as a individuals we are all subject to consequences following our collective actions.
Similarly, disease can spring from breakdowns on the cellular level of our systems--thus, plants and animals fall prey to illness in the wild (as they also do from human-caused habitat destruction and pollution). Would Myss say that these non-human creatures were responsible for their illnesses because they did not do their soul or emotional work? Non-human biological systems succumb to disease--what does her model say about this?
To say that biography is the only (or principal) factor in illness is taking a one-dimensional view of disease and the systems it disrupts. Things are much more complicated than that.
Myss similarly oversimplifies in her comparison of the Christian sacraments, the Hindu chakra system, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. These ways of seeing the human spirit-path are similar only on a very superficial level--it would take years of study and personal practice of each of these traditions to understand each one, much less to undertake a "compare and contrast" exercise.
There are better books out there about the chakras--books which were written years before Myss began writing. However, for an even more in-depth understanding of energy healing I would recommend reading some of the new books out on systems thinking, especially as it pertains to biology. (Kaufman's book "At Home in the Universe," is one such book--there are many others listed on Amazon.) Also, any books which explore sub-systems within the human psyche (depth psychology) pertain to this field, as any ego-self wishing to heal will have to do business with the "others" which exist within and which have their own energies and axes to grind.
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am 1. Dezember 1998
Although some people might find Myss' transcultural correlations hard to swallow, I don't think that's her point: the chakras and the Tree of Life aren't necessarily "literally" true, but they show convincingly that people from a wide variety of cultural and religious contexts have arrived at the same underlying truths about the body/mind connection. And her interpretations of the causes of various illnesses make great sense to me because I've seen plenty of this among my relatives and friends, e.g., someone who had a fatal heart attack shortly after suffering a personal and professional defeat -- thus literally "dying of a broken heart"!
Another thing that impressed me is that Myss succesfully avoids what Joan Borysenko calls "New Age guilt," i.e., "illness means that you're spiritually deficient." She points out that the causes of physical illness are complex and there isn't a simple one-to-one correspondence between the body and the spirit; furthermore, spiritual healing can and should take place even if the person doesn't recover from the physical illness.
I also heartily concur with her remarks on "woundology." I've seen far too many people who have made "recovery" the focus of their entire existence. To me, that's just exchanging one addiction for another, and if a person can't get beyond the whole issue they'll be stuck there forever. All in all, this is an enlightening and helpful book, and I heartily recommend it.
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am 1. März 2009
In seiner Art einzigartig. Dieses Buch kann durch kein anderes ersetzt werden.

Caroline Myss zu erleben, wenn sie mit Menschen arbeitet, ist sicherlich die beste Voraussetzung, um dieses Buch erfassen zu können.

Wenn Caroline Myss einen Patienten sieht, arbeitet sie präzise wie ein Scanner und betrachtet alle Organe und alle Energien, die in den Organen aktiv sind. Danach gibt sie gezielt und umfassend ihre Anweisungen. Das Heilen bleibt jedoch zu einem guten Teil dem Menschen selbst überlassen.

In ihrem Buch: Why People Dont heal and how they can.
(Hier die Audio-Collection:)
The Caroline Myss Audio Collection: Why People Don't Heal/Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice/Spiritual Madness
schreibt sie mehr darüber.

In Anatomy of the Spirit legt sie ein Werk vor, in dem die Eigenschaften der Chakra-Energien präzise mit den Aufgaben der Organe in Verbindung gesetzt werden. Caroline Myss eröffnet damit eine Sicht auf die Wirkungsweise des Menschen, die in solch ganzheitlicher Form kaum an anderer Stelle zu finden ist.

Anatomy of the Spirit ist wahrscheinlich das wichtigste Buch, um zwischen dem Verhalten eines Menschen und seiner Gesundheit eine gerade Linie ziehen zu können.
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am 26. Mai 2000
Have you ever walked into a house and gotten a funny feeling that something was wrong? Some kind of "bad energy" left over from an argument or perhaps someone had died? Ever get a "wierd vibe" from someone? Caroline Myss's continuing exploration into the human energy fields is a wonderful validation of what many have already experienced but were never able to clearly conceptualize. It's a relief when someone can do that for us (Hey, I'm not crazy!). Once over this stalling point, we can move forward and explore these areas of human experience more constructively.
Caroline's main thrust in this book is the energy flow through the body and how it relates to physical health, and a detailed description of the quality of the energy at each chakra level. She uses the Jewish Tree Of Life and the Christian sacraments as symbolic representations of the qualities at these vibrational levels. Caroline describes in general how the energy flow at the various chakra levels can be disrupted and the subsequent consequences to health in that part of the body.
Anyone who is interested in the healing arts, especially the fields of energy medicine, will find this book invaluable.
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am 29. Juni 2000
I have started working with the suggestions in this book with results in a very short time. It is simple to understand and extremely thought provoking. I highly recommend it to anybody wishing to understand more about themselves and the healing processes that are very important in our lives.
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am 1. März 1999
This is an interesting book that will certainly evoke very different responses in public. For someone who has only embarked on a spiritual journey the book may be just too much to absorb at once. I recommend reading the preface at least twice, in which the author says, "it is only through years of practice that you will fully develop your own intuitions". Well written and clearly formulated, the book's contents are perhaps too concentrated to be immediately convincing. The case stories are a bit simplified and therefore the conclusions drawn from some of them appear too simple to evaluate. It seems as if the author had to quickly lash out most of the knowledge she acquired, and as if the book was written honestly and passionately. She appears very self-assured and not the least in doubt on the anatomy of the human spirit.
A lot of emphasis is put on personal responsibility for our own health and well-being, which is good, and certainly necessary in today's society. This creates, however, a danger of forgetting that this responsibility goes both ways. At present time, there are a number people employed to take care of that responsibility, but who neglect it to a point where what they do is a kind of parody of what it should have been. We have to heal ourselves before we can do anything else, but we must also make an effort to make this society do the same. (Not meant as a political manifesto, just a warning to potential readers. People take often things so literally, that I am afraid they might interpret this book as " become aware, heal yourself, be forgiving and kind and everything will work out fine, for just about anybody". This is not what the book's message is, but I am afraid that some people, who cannot imagine that it might take a lifetime to achieve something that appears like a formula on 300 pages, might just do so.)
Warning for the people who are just recovering from any kind of abuse or trauma: Even though the author justly states that one should not perpetuate oneself as a victim, she seems to be ignorant of the depth of struggle the abused people have to go through, the length of time it takes for such people to heal, and even the dramatically different levels of energy that divide the abused from the unabused. While justly criticising self-victimising, she does not register that for most of those people it is only a stage that they eventually get through. She shows surprisingly little compassion. She also appears, quite naive in what she proposes. I laugh at the idea that the seriously "wounded" people can just brush it all off with a shoulder shake. It can all be done, but it takes time. A long time. At the end a long recovery process, or well after it, a former abuse victim might read this passage and nod approvingly, nut not necessarily. In the middle of a process, it will only hurt the people who have already been hurt more than the rest of us can imagine.
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am 22. Januar 1999
Rarely do we find someone qualified enough to speak intelligibly about several fields of study at once, even more rare when these fields happen to be as esoteric as energy intuititionism, psycho-therapy and spirituality. Regrettably, Ms. Myss is not one of those rare individuals. Her book, "Anatomy of the Spirit," for example exhibits those characterisitcs that torture an educated audience. If people did what she herself does (or even what she says!), our lives would be more chaotic instead of more whole. To give an example, at the heart of Ms. Myss' doctrine one finds a carelessly selected combination of seeingly similar, significant and central elements from three of the major religions: Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism. Regarding Christianity, Ms. Myss chooses to use the seven sacraments because she sees in them a "symbolic meaning" to the total disregard of the actual meaning of the sacraments, not to mention, the significance of Christ who is at the heart of those sacraments (which she pejoratively sets aside as the "religious significance"). She, however, under the self-proclaimed authority of "symbolic significance" feels priviledged to manipulate these truths to suit her own program. This example is by no means isolated. On the contrary, she manipulates otherwise significant theological and philosophical ideas so frequently within her book that a careful reader is left with nothing but confusion at the end. Such behavior hardly qualifies as either reasonable or professional. If her audience actually adopted her method, not to mention, her confusion, we would not witness a more harmonious lifestyle among human beings but rather a return to the cacophany of Babel. An educated reader would do well to spend her or his money on something else truly worthwhile.
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am 20. Juni 2000
I credit Carolyn Myss (and this book and her tapes, "Energy Anatomy") with giving me a solid and thorough understanding of the Chakra system. As a medical clairvoyant, she demonstrates how energy medicine, far from being a new age fad, is truly on the cutting edge of healing. By the way, there's a great, extensive interview with Dr. Myss in Nina L. Diamond's "Voices of Truth: Conversations with Scientists, Thinkers, and Healers."
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am 28. August 1999
This book is a wonderful sumnation of the spiritual teachings of both the caballistic and chakra spiritual systems by a person who has seen and experienced them first hand. As I had presented in Tucson Arizona, these principles are totally consistent with what we know about brain physiology and quantum physics. Though my book covers the less spiritual more mundane aspects of optimizing brain function, it emphasises that there is proof that regular spiritual practice within a system like that put forth by Carolyn Myss (one that emphasises insight and forgiveness of self and others) will produce measurable changes in your brain state and your life...I have seen it first hand!!...all the best to Carolyn Myss for having written a true and tough new age classic in a field filled with lots of "soft and mushy" trash...Kenneth Giuffre MD, author, "The Care and Feeding of Your Brain"
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am 19. Juni 1999
There is much to commend this book. But as with many wise, insightful books of our time (Chopra, Majid Ali) it betrays an ignorance of the truely devastating nature of abuse -physical, psychological and sexual - on our deepest energies. It is quite impossible for the truely traumatised to apply Caroline Myss's principles, precisely because the trauma is so great that many stages of healing need to be passed through before this sort of "letting go" philosophy is applicable. Ms Myss writes superbly for the confused, the gloomy, the angry. But not for the most wretched, in pain among us. If your emotional baggage is modest, this book is good for you. If not, I would look elsewhere, although there is sorely little comfort to be found for us amongst the New Age/Enlightenment/Eastern movement. Whilst they make speak truths, they are indeed only partial truths.
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