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4,2 von 5 Sternen21
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 20. Oktober 2013
Auch wenn es etwas eigen anmutet, daß ein amerikanischer MP so frei über seine Zeit und Methoden verfügen mag ist es einer der besseren Reacher Bücher in meiner Meinung. Spoiler - der Tod der Mutter und der Auftritt des Bruders war zwar etwas überflüssig für den Fortlauf der Geschichte und auch für die Entwicklung der Figuer Jack Reacher nicht unbedingt nötig, aber noch mehr stört die Tatsache, daß er am Schluß des Buches eine Kugel zurückläßt, die meiner Laienmeinung nach eigentlich zurückverfolgbar sein sollte? -Spoilerende, sehr empfehlenswertes Buch aus der Reihe
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am 18. März 2015
Therefore Reacher is into the case because of an old enemy, it's a poor finish where Quinn the reason for that case has a short term part. And even more surprisingly, Reacher has scrupel to finish the whole gang during his first try only because of Beck an his family.
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am 2. August 2015
I have already finished reading the first six books of Jack Reacher Series and then started to read this one. I have been a big fan of Reacher Series and the writer Lee Child and I am not disappointed in this book. The writing style is a bit different than the other books yet enjoyable. In this story, Reacher couldn't show his detective skills much as the mission is a bit personal and it required a lot of killings! Different but another great Jack Reacher book!
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am 20. Mai 2004
One day in Boston former MP Jack Reacher spots a former army intelligence officer named Quinn who Reacher thought was killed years ago. His request for answers leads to an undercover operation set up by the FBI which targets Zachary Beck, who is believed to be a kingpin in the drug trade. Quinn and Beck are connected but how? The FBI agents manage to hire Reacher for an off-the-books operation to rescue one of their missing agents investigating Beck and infiltrate Beck's imperia. The closer Reacher comes to unravel the truth the more dangerous it becomes to hang around. And time is running out quickly...
The biggest difference to former books by Lee Child is the new writing style. This Jack Reacher novel is written in the I-narrator style which takes some time to get used to and leaves the reader with a more limited view. The title of the book has a double meaning since "Persuader" is also the name of a shotgun/paramilitary weapon. And of course weapons play a big role in a Reacher novel... as usually.
Reacher goes in, wins Beck's trust, does his "job" and tries to get out. That's it. Due to the simplicity of the story Reacher's detective skills are not used and needed as before - unfortunately. By the use of flashbacks the reader learns about the real motive that drives Reacher to fulfill this very personal mission.
Unfortunately there is one issue here that needs to be addressed as well. Lee Child's brilliant book "Killing Floor" is a pretty violent book with a lot of killings. This time however violence gets a new twist since it is Reacher who becomes a killer! A quick summary: In cold blood Reacher kills one unarmed, three (at that stage) defenseless and two men who are not even aware that he is around. None of them is killed in self-defense (anymore) or tries to kill him at this point. As a result Reacher commits six times first degree murder!
To say that the end justifies the means, since all of them were killers themselves and really deserved no better, would be a very questionable morality and could not be accepted here! These murders are hard to overlook and they do not cast a good light on Jack Reacher. This change in character gave me a very uneasy feeling that I did not need to have before in any of Lee Child's books.
Bottom line:
For those of you who happen to like the Reacher character before and enjoy movies like e. g. "Last Man Standing" this book can be recommended. It is easy to read, entertaining and you won't have to twist your brain to get through it quickly.
If you are a pacifist who despises violence and/or you are disgusted by it please don't come anyway near this book!
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am 13. Dezember 2004
Non-stop action, a lot of suspense, a very good thriller and an absolutely must-read for all Reacher fans. However, if you have not read a Reacher thriller before, I recommend to start with "Killing floor", the first in the series. Anyway, the case-solving detective part is a little under-represented, the shooting action part a little bit exaggerated. Reacher is the kind of guy who stands for justice not law -- and this time it's clearer than ever. Anyway, a great read and surely to be read before starting with his next installment where Reacher is still young and military cop.
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am 19. Oktober 2004
Actually I really enjoyed it. The story of Jack Reacher playing an undercover agent in an unofficial investigation should not be scanned for a highly logical and stunning plot, but if you want an entertaining revenge-story, this is the book to buy.
Quite new is the high amount of Reacher's back-flashes into his time as an MP, but they are very professional placed and not interrupting the story at all.
All in all, we have a great vacation novel for very long days at a sunny beach (in harsh contrast to the one occuring in the book).
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am 1. August 2013
Takes some times to find out why the this title was chosen. Good story, and not everything runs as smooth as in some of the other Reacher stories.
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am 8. Mai 2013
Jack Reacher is the best! One does not get tired of reading it. Already buying book number 14. Lee Child knows how to keep us readers entertained.
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am 5. Januar 2013
Wie Lee Child's The Enemy: Immer einfach der Über-Macho Jack Reacher mit aufgepappter menschlicher Komponente - man muss ihn einfach mögen!
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am 8. Juni 2013
another good book, fast moving and always keeps you thinking.The plots are well written and keep you wondering what is coming next.
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