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4,6 von 5 Sternen58
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 12. Mai 2013
In my opinion a good fantasy novel consists of the following parts (my score in the brackets after each one):
1) good writing style (4/5)
2) "realism", meaning traceability of the characters' actions, the world, the story, ... (2/5)
3) interesting plot / story (5/5)

1) The book is written in an ego-perspective. This allows a fast progress of the story and a believable elapse of time. Another advantage is that the reader is not constantly forced to wait for the next turn of his or her favorite storyline.
Her writing style appears to be good, but then again my English is not - so how should I really tell? I liked it anyway, though I have read better.

2) The world is interesting, as is the magic system. The behavior of the characters throughout the book though is not at all plausible to me. In short and without spoilers: The villain could easily kill the heroes throughout the whole book, but he does not. The heroes could easily stop the villain throughout most of the book, but do not. So what could have ended after 10 pages is done with in more than 600 totally unrealistic pages.

Some examples: The King-in-waiting constantly fears for the safety of his queen. He has soldiers aplenty and the power to form a guard for her, yet she has no guards whatsoever. Therefor she almost gets killed several times - still no guards.
The villain recently killed the queens brother and is obviously ruthless and evil. The queen and the good guys know that he wants the queen to die. On top of that there are Forged ones (~zombies) in the region. And yet for some reason the queen leaves the castle without guards (!) in the company of the villain (!!) to then get lost in the landscape all alone with the evil zombies.
To the very end of the book King Shrewd and the good guys are absolutely blind to Regals plotting, though Chade and the Fool are supposed to know pretty much everything that is happening or going to happen in and around the castle.
There are forged-ones (zombies) in the region and everyone is unhappy that the king does nothing about it. Yet he secretly sends his assassin instead of publicly sending an army - thus the people continue to be unhappy and the assassin almost gets killed.
I could continue with more such examples, but I guess you see my point.

3) The book hooked me up, I really wanted to know how it ends. The problem though is, that it constantly annoyed me with its implausibility of character behavior and was therefor only partly enjoyable. The intrigues lack the plausibility of George R.R. Martin's "The Song of Ice and Fire" (Game of Thrones).
The real story though fortunately develops allot faster than in "The Song of Ice and Fire" and is quite interesting.

A good book flawed by many implausibilities, that was still quite entertaining. I would give it 3,5 stars if I could.
Sorry for my bad English, it was surprisingly hard to write this.
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am 15. Juli 1998
I loved the plot. The concept is excellent, the writing is okay, but the story, in particular the character interaction, leaves much to be desired. I finished it because I wanted to know what happened to the characters, so obviously there's some worth to it. But I really had to force myself to finish the book, and only my interest in the outcome kept me going. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. The characters are interesting, not two dimensional, but they simply couldn't hold my interest.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 4. April 2014
Royal Assassin ist das 2. Buch der Farseer Trilogy.
Assassins Apprentice ist der Anfang der Farseer Trilogy, einer Spannenden Geschichte über einen Bastard Sohn der von seinem Vater (dem König) aufgenommen wird und als Assassin ausgebildet und eingesetzt wird.

Die Geschichte ist aus der Ich perspektive von Fitz erzählt und ist so packend das es einem schwer fällt das Buch weg zu legen.

Nach dieser Trilogie kommt "The Tawny Man Trilogy welche die Geschichte von Fitz und dem interessantesten Nebencharakter den es jemals gab: Den Fool erzählt! Ich könnte diese 2 Trilogien immer wieder lesen!

Danach kommt The Liveship Traders welche zwar einen anderen Teil der Geschichte erzählt uns aber immer wieder bekannte Gesichert aus den anderen 2 Trilogien treffen lässt!
Anschließend kommt The Rain Wilds Chronicles die "Fortsetzung" der Liveship Traders Trilogie!

Robin Hobb hat mit dieser Buchserie ein Meisterwerk geschaffen in einer Qualität die ich bisher selten in anderen Geschichten gefunden habe!

Ich kann diese Bücher nur Empfehlen! Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!
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am 25. Juli 1999
If half stars were available I would award book 2 of the "Farseer Trilogy" 3 1/2 stars, rather than a full 4. While Hobb continues to improve upon the strengths of her first book - outstanding and mature characterization and attention to detail - other elements, such as her exploration of Skill and Wit remain, in my opinion, unfully realized. In addition, the plot decisions by certain characters in the tale hardly seem creditible to intelligent and worldly men and women aware of Regal's intent towards the throne. Finally, as good as Hobb's character development is, it is nonetheless limited by her choice of first person narrative, which confines the story's perspective to one level and prevents the reader from experiencing the richness in both character and storytelling available from multiple perspectives.
Nonetheless, this is a very well written and engaging tale which I shall continue into book 3. However, so far, it does not approach her work in "Ship of Magic," and is certainly not worthy of all the 5 star praise found herein.
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am 20. Mai 1999
I read this book first, then read Assassin's Apprentice to see where it started, then finally Assassins Quest with bated breath. Glad I picked it up.
"Royal Assassin" is a lovely play on words, best understood once the story is over, as is the premise that "Chivalry ain't dead" which, while never uttered, provides the foundation for the protagonist's existence. That sense of irony is ever present throughout the series, and is beautifully complemented by Hobbs' use of adjective given names: Shrewd, Desire, Verity, Constance, Regal, etc. The measured development and revelation of each character's flaws and motivations is a beautiful example of how to write a book that startles you with plot twists, all of which ultimately make sense. The hardest character to reach is Regal, which is a shame, since he is a believable self-justified villain.
Hobb's system of magic is easy to grasp, and does not require too great a suspension of disbelief to incorporate, since so few people in the book actually practice the Skill or the Wit. Her ability to demonstrate the suspicions and superstitions of commoners is admirable. Most compelling, however, is her ability to get inside the "coming of age" problem with a stark realism that most cannot achieve. Hobb is also able to address intimate relationships, love, and marriage from a very human, and often humorous perspective, a skill that is rarely displayed in the fantasy genre. The setting is rich with vivid depictions of life in a medeival castle. You can smell the stew cooking in the kitchen, and taste the warm bread that Fitz wheedles from Cook when it is fresh out of the oven. You also appreciate the plain difficulty of getting things done, even for one endowed with the Skill. And you empathize with the archetypical ailing king, whose hold on life and his kingdom are both weakening, and who nonetheless battles to impose his will on the events shaping his kingdom.
Best of all, Fitz is an imperfect protagonist, who must rely on tenacity and his various friends to achieve his goals and survive in the deadly environment of court intrigue. The only problem with reading this book is that most contemporary fantasy pales in comparison. Robin Hobb has raised the bar.
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am 24. Februar 1997
There are many things I am enjoying about this story line (Over two books so far).

o The main character is a bastard, born from a Prince (King-in-waiting) and a common woman. I have enjoyed how far the author has taken this in the Kings court. Where most of the people have looked at him as bastard, leeching from his King, hating him, the King himself has made him a tool which he uses in the background (an assassin), just like the King's half brother.

o The next piece of imagery I like is how the author has portrayed the concept of "being a king's man". Where the main character and his father figure have put duty above everything else. Atypical of how it is usually done, the characters have put there king or prince in the forefront accepting everything he does as what is right. They are ignorant of how that effects other people like there lovers.

o There are many conflicts which are happening over the story line, but two of the larger ones are coast vs. inland and six duchies vs. outslander
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am 3. März 1998
In an era of turgid, dreary cliches from many modern fantasy authors, this was different. Right from the start the book was absorbing as you explored the trials of the characters and their development in a land of dark intrigue and sweeping war. Fitz was an original and fascinating character. A lot about this series was original and fascinating. It is similar in many ways to Memory Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams - especially in the depth of the characters and the engrossing setting. And the ending...without giving anything away, the ending was a stunningly dark but emotional achievement : one of the best if not the best of any fantasy book I have ever read (which is a considerable number). If you disagree, reread the ending and you will feel the mastery of the author, the emotion and dark depth. It left me hungry for Assassins Quest which rounds off the series.
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Yeah, this book was good - not as good as the first, which I absolutely hated at first, the reread and fell in love with, but it definitely makes you think. It confuses you, plays with your head, and draws you in. And just wait... if you loved this book, but thought the ending sucked, just wait 'til the next one. I threw the thing up against the wall, I was so mad. Even though the endings to the books suck bigtime, however, they are wonderful books - it's just a love/hate relationship. Sadly, though... deep down in your heart, no matter how much you wish it to be otherwise... the endings are fundamentally RIGHT and totally consistent with the character. So, read it and enjoy it. But whatever you do, don't blame the author for the ending, blame the Fitz.
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am 15. Februar 1998
I'm sorry to say that I feel let down by this book. I really have to put myself to finishing reading it to the end. Book 1, I thought was delightful in its detail, and wonderfully imaginative, innovative and creative. A feast for a hardcore fantasy reader. But in book 2 nothing new happens. No new features, no new people, no new supprices. A lot of not interesting ('cause its repeating itself) politics, and moving around with the same persons we have met in the first book. Rather boring. The situation of the hero is desperate from the start and remains this in an oppressive way. I've bought book 3 nevertheless. Still hoping that some of the quality I've seen in book 1 will return.
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am 15. Oktober 1997
From the moment I picked this book up, I spent all available time, no matter how small, reading it. You end up feeling so much for Fitz, loving him for both his good and bad traits, as you do with all the characters. They never seem one-dimensional, all having their weaknesses and strengths. What grips me the most though, is Hobb's writing style, she uses her words so lovingly. She knows when to go to rich detail and deep thought, and when to go to fast, hard action. A must read. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because the ending leaves you on too much of a loose thread, although my judgement is a little early, as I am as of yet eagerly awaiting the third book.
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