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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 3. August 1999
This is a great book for anyone wanting to lose weight and/or feel stronger and healthier. The plan is not fancy or elaborate. The book is an easy, enjoyable read. Regardless of how much you want to lose, this book is for you. Strength training is a major key to increasing your metabolism, so if this is something you've left out of your fitness routine, this book can help you lose those last few stubborn pounds. I also think it's written with sensitivity to people who are very overweight. She lets you determine the amount of calories you take in and she teaches you the basics of nutrition, helping you add variety to balance out your diet and fiber to help you feel full.
She also stresses the benefit of slow weight loss--only 1-2 pounds a week, which is much healthier, easier to stick with, and less likely to be gained back after you're finished.
This is a book about changing your whole attitude about health and fitness and about changing your habits for the rest of your life. I think it's really beneficial. Personally I would give it five stars. The reason I gave it four is because it is pretty basic information. There was nothing in the book that I hadn't heard before or didn't already know. I really did, however, like how plainly it was stated and how easy the plan is to follow.
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am 25. Juni 1999
What makes Strong Women Stay Slim so exciting is that it is based on recent scientific research and actual clinical trials with ordinary people at Tufts University's prestigious School of Nutrition.
I've tried lots of ways to lose weight, keep exercising and stay energetic and healthy. Last year I managed to lose 27 pounds. I put together my own program, after so many others had failed, with a trilogy of strategies. 1. a "count and record every calorie and gram of fat that goes into your mouth" diet, 2. enforced strength training through 3x per week physical therapy for my bad knees and shoulder, and 3. daily moderately brisk aerobic walking. I discovered that it takes this "trilogy" (Diet, Strength Training, and Aerobic Exercise) to really lose weight, keep it off, and feel healthy and energetic. I've never had satisfactory results trying just one of these and ignoring the others.
I recently picked up Strong Women Stay Slim and realized that M. Nelson had put together the three elements that had worked for me last summer in a very sensible, postitive, easy to follow accessible format which I now swear by. In the SWSS diet system you choose one of three claorie levels (1200, 1600, or 2000)and track certain numbers of fixed portion sizes for the various categories of food in the official food pyramid (insuring a well-balanced diet). This is MUCH easier and accomplishes the same thing as my laborious system. The strengthening exercises are simple and don't take much time (I no longer need PT!) And the aerobic exercise discussion may be simplisitic to avid atheletes, but is just right for the rest of us. The logs to keep track of your progress on all three fronts are well designed and easy to use. The book also speaks to the motivational issues that seem to plague us all. SWSS proves you don't need rocket science or bizarre fads to stay slim, fit, and healthy but rather a tad of will power and a common sense approach.
My own suggestion: 1. Copy, then cut and paste the logs onto an 8 1/2 x 11" paper to create a quick and easy way to keep track of your health trilogy progress on one piece of paper weekly.
2. Read Nelson's equally sensible book Strong Women Stay Young on strength training to give you a wider selection and discussion of strengthening exercises (which we women don't usually know much about)to supplement or substitute for the ones in SWSS.
By the way, check out the interview below with Nelson under "author's interviews".
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am 25. Juni 1999
As a nearly life-long dieter and minimal exerciser, I can't tell you how impressed I am with the results I've got from using this book, compared with others I've tried. I'd followed Strong Women Stay Young (which I also highly recommend for us 50-plussers) for about 10 weeks, so maybe that gave me a head start, at least in terms of getting me into a consistent exercising regime, but the food plan in SWSS is what really got me losing weight & trimming down in size. I've lost 3 kg/6.6 pounds, gone from tight slacks/jeans in Australian size 14 (U.S. 16, I think), to where my Aussie size 12s are too big - in about 10-12 weeks. I'm rarely hungry and have stopped craving or being satisfied with junk food. The book is enjoyable to read, the authors' credentials seem impeccable, and the food plan is nutritionally sound and so wonderfully flexible that even to say I'm on a diet feels somehow dishonest. With its "no-fad," "no frills" approach, SWSS has made me really believe I'll never be fat/flabby/weak again. I reckon Dr Nelson & colleagues have given me the tools to stay slim/toned/strong for a long time to come.
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am 24. Juli 2000
I bought this book after some period of inactivity when I just didn't feel like doing anything at all athletic. But this book was definitely a catalyst for changing my life for the better. Through careful research, Dr. Nelson shows that just lifting weights a few times a week helps women increase their metabolism and start losing weight. Well, I didn't follow her diet plan and just started doing some of the arm exercises. But that was enough to motivate me to start working out with videos (by The Firm) at home, and now five months later, I'm working out 5-6 days a week. I've lost weight, but more importantly, I feel stronger and healthier. The diet plan that she describes in this book seems very sound as well. This book is clear, easy to understand, and is not spouting some crazy fad diet which avoids particular food groups. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start feeling better and more active and needs an easy to follow plan.
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am 16. September 1999
I bought the book from a book club and thought it was about weight training for women--I already know about aerobics, stretching and diet, and thought I had found a resource to help me with some basic weight training for women, perhaps along the lines of "Weight Training for Dummies". Well, for that purpose, it is a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. If you are seeking weight training that will enhance your overall fitness program, look elsewhere (fortunately, I found a book by Joyce Verdal and am currently getting outstanding results)...if you know nothing about exercise, fitness and diet, this book would be a good all-around introduction, but the weight training part is inadequate (only 6 exercizes and a few pages--most of the book, as I recall, is recipes!)
The book needs a new name such as Basic Advice for Clueless Fatties or something like that.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
Six months ago I was 20 pounds overweight and felt lousy. I was browsing in a bookstore and this book caught my eye. I was looking for a motivator to lose weight and I found it. This is not a weight training manual but if you follow the guidelines, you will lose weight. The most revealing thing was food intake. Before, I was focusing on cutting out fat, but the author made it clear that it's calories that count. I tried the exercises in the book and then took advantage of my Y membership. Since July, I've lost 17 pounds and I feel great. I don't have to worry so much about what I eat but I am diligent about my weight training. I am much happier with my appearance and my clothes fit. In fact, I'm a size smaller. If you want to lose weight, buy this book!
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am 22. Oktober 1998
This wonderfully written book describes an easy program that will help you gain strength and lose weight. It is similar to the Weight Watchers' program, but the strength training is really the key. For all women, building bone mass and staying healthy and fit will result in a more deeply satisfying life. By following this program, you will achieve your fitness and weight goals easily and quickly (quickly in a healthy sense: 1-2 pound weight loss a week or you may find your weight stays the same and you drop inches and dress sizes). I read it in a weekend. Additionally, the recipes by Steve Raichlen are to die for! Try the San Antonio Slaw, the Mexican Bean Salad and the Mushroom Pate for sure. Mr. Raichlen is three for three.
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am 21. Januar 1999
I was always an active person before my knee injury. Since then, I have found for the first time in my life, how difficult it is to lose weight once you have gotten out of shape. The author doesn't try to convince you that you need a radical change in your lifestyle, just to be conscious of what you put into your mouth and to put your body into the shape you gimmicks, no "fad" diets, no difficult exercises. She wants you to achieve your goal at a pace that your body can handle and to develop a positive attitude along the way. This is a must-have book if you want to be healthy and naturally physically fit without any drugs, special "diet" foods, expensive programs, or "yo-yo" results.
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am 29. Februar 2000
I did enjoy Strong Women because it made sense. Rather than focus on eating habits (though there are sections devoted to good nutrition and balanced diet), Dr. Nelson suggests a regular, low impact regimen of strength training for women, with an emphasis on losing inches instead of pounds. Just twenty minutes a day, three days a week is what the good doctor prescribes, with additional exercise optional.
Did it work for me? Not really. Though the exercise regimen did help tone my body, I did not get any smaller. It took parts of this program, part of Weight Watchers, and parts of Marilu Henner's book for me to see any results.
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am 20. August 1999
I've been significantly overweight and out of shape for a number of years. In the past, I've found that every time I attempted a new diet or exercise program, in an effort to speed weight loss, I either starved or exhausted myself, and quickly abandoned the program. I have been using this program for several weeks, have lost 10 pounds, and feel terrific. I have not been hungry, and I have much more energy than before. Headaches and various muscular aches and pains that plagued me before starting have virtually disappeared. I'm not planning to stop doing this anytime soon! Highly recommended
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