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4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 23. Mai 2000
In this, the third installment of the Lynley-Havers series, George expands upon her literary approach and succeeds resoundingly. Set at a typical British public school, Well-Schooled in Murder deals primarily with class and the subtle, but sometimes brutal, means by which class distinctions and pecking-orders are maintained. Disappointing however was the de-emphasis upon Havers, except for some interesting insights into her private life. I felt that this book more than either of the previous could have provided Havers with an opportunity to indict the British class system, but she merely slaps it on the hand with a few salty remarks. Regarding the mystery itself, George's skill at plot development increases with each outing in this series. Fans of Simon and Deborah will be pleased to learn that their lives and histories are explored much more fully than before and that these characters have evolved to become as important (if not more) than Havers. While pleased with the ever-improving excellence that George applies toward character and plot development, I hope that she returns to the original theme which made the first novel, A Great Deliverance, shine -- the conflict/cooperation between Lynley and Havers as representative of the evolution of Britain from an aristocracy to a meritocracy.
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Well-Schooled in Murder is a fascinating and critical look at social class, the traditions of English public schools and the problems with having a "stiff upper lip." What is more remarkable is that those themes are developed in the context of an unusually complex and rewarding murder mystery. This book barely misses becoming a classic in detective fiction and will greatly reward fans of Elizabeth George's series about Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers and those who do not know the novels.

This is the third book in the series. You can read this book as a stand-alone, but it will work better for you if you first read A Great Deliverance and Payment in Blood.

As the story opens, Lynley is still reeling from having destroyed his relationship with Lady Helen. She's gone off to Greece and sends him occasional noncommittal post cards. Lynley is burying himself in his work. That's making life hard on Barbara Havers whose parents are not doing well.

John Corntel, an old school chum from Eton, approaches Lynley for unofficial assistance in locating a missing student who was under the chum's care. The situation soon changes when the student is found in an unlikely place dead, nude and having been tortured. Lynley takes on the case to avoid having free time to mourn his lost love. A delayed autopsy means that Lynley has to develop a sense of means, motive and opportunity without knowing the facts. The various "suspects" and "witnesses" do their best to mislead him, adhering to a code of silence that protects their most delicate secrets as well.

As the case evolves, it's not a pretty picture that is revealed behind the "privileged" walls of Bredgar Chambers.

There's little to complain about with this book and much to praise. There's a powerful subplot about the marriage of Simon Allcourt-St. James that nicely develops Simon and his wife as characters. You also get a deep look into several other marriages and relationships. Elizabeth George seems to be saying that as much as we crave intimacy with others; such intimacy will probably bring us more pain than pleasure or happiness. That's a pretty downbeat message, and one that keeps the book from working quite as well as it could. The lesson is that we have to perfect ourselves with another perfected person who shares a mutual attraction before we can achieve happy intimacy. Even then, if we are not candid with one another . . . all bets are off!

Ms. George is equally suspicious of physical attraction. It only seems to lead to no good in this book.

For fans of taut, challenging plotting, this book has few peers. It's as though Ms. George wanted to move away from writing novels that contain mysteries into writing mysteries that reveal the darkest secrets of the human condition. I defy any normal reader to sense the outcome of this book in all of its dimensions until right before the end.

This book will haunt you the most if you read it on a dark and stormy night when unhappiness is poisoning your sleep.
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am 4. Mai 1997
For anyone who loves (or hates) English "public schools", George's "Well-Schooled" deserves high marks. The culture and class consciousness of private education serves as the perfect backdrop for murder. George masters a complex plot and set of characters in a way that captivates readers and holds their interest to the final paragraph. "Well-Schooled" was the first of George's fiction that I'd read, and I'm now well into my third of her novels
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am 13. September 2004
Ein alter Freund bittet Inspektor Lynley darum, das Verschwinden eines kleinen Jungen zu untersuchen, der kurz danach tot aufgefunden wird.
Mir hat das Buch gefallen, weil ich mir bis zum Schluss nicht sicher war, wer der Mörder war. Ausserdem gibt es durchaus glaubwürdige Einblicke hinter die Fassaden von Privatschulen bzw. Internaten.
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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 24. August 2007
This is the first novel I have read by the author and I am curious to read more. For a mystery it is pretty long but it never feels boring. The characters are well developed and the plot and the story keep you turning the pages. As an introduction to the Inspector Lynley series this seems a good choice. The story never becomes too convoluted and it remains credible until the surprise ending. I did enjoy reading this book and learning a little bit more about the school system in England at the same time. I am definitely interested in reading more by George since this book was an absolute pleasure to read. Highly recommendable.
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am 13. Mai 2007
Ich habe noch nie ein englisches Buch so schnell durchgelesen. Es hat mich so gefesselt, dass ich oft gar nicht dazu kam die Wörter, die ich nicht kenne, nachzuschlagen. Die Autoren schafft es einfach Gefühle rüberzubringen, wie ich es bisher noch bei keinem anderen Schriftsteller gelesen habe. Ich war mehr als einmal den Tränen nahe. Auf jeden Fall werde ich mir auch die anderen Bücher von Elizabeth George zulegen (natürlich in Englisch).
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am 22. September 2008
Inspector Thomas Lynley und Seargent Barbara Havers haben an der äußerst renomierten Schule Bredgar Chambers einen Mord aufzuklären: ein dreizehnjähriger Schüler wird, in einiger Entfernung zum Internat, tot auf einem Friedhof gefunden. Vor seinem Tode wurde er augenscheinlich noch auf das Schlimmste gequält und misshandelt.
Der gesamte Krimi spielt auf dem Schulgelände und es ist mehr oder weniger von Anfang an klar, dass der Mörder in engem Zusammenhang mit der Schule zu finden ist. Je tiefer sie "graben", umso mehr wird ans Tageslicht befördert, umso mehr Personen geraten in den Verdacht, Schuld an dem Verbrechen zu tragen, seien es Mitschüler, der Direktor, einzelne Lehrer oder auch der Schulwart..........
Äußerst spannend wird die Suche beschrieben, man mag eigentlich gar nicht mehr zum Lesen aufhören und ist immer wieder gefangen von den Ereignissen, die einem doch sehr nahe gehen. Immer wenn man glaubt, dass der Mörder nun enttarnt ist, gibt es wieder einen Haken und alles ist erneut offen. Manchmal wird einem das fast zuviel und man denkt sich, nun könnte doch einmal bald der Mörder feststehen-----doch die Suche geht wieder weiter.
Das Ende, das sehr logisch ist, das alle Fäden wieder in die Hand nimmt,entschädigt aber dafür....
Auch die Polizeibeamten sind sehr menschlich geschildert, beide haben kein einfaches Privatleben, das auch immer wieder mit hineinspielt....Die Atmosphäre in der Schule ist gut getroffen, man kann sich wirklich alles bildlich vorstellen.
Super Krimi!
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am 25. Mai 1999
The first half of the book is hard to get into. It reads very slowly. It is very cut and dry. It isn't until the last third of the book that the pace quickly accelerates. The ending is very exciting although a bit predictable. All the loose ends are neatly wrapped up.
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am 23. September 1999
I've read 5 Georges' books so far and loved them all, except this. You have to read about 20 pages of discriptions just to read a page or two of the story..Boring..
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am 8. März 2000
With its myriad twists and turns and excellent characterizations, this brilliant novel stands along Christie's "The Murder of Roger Ayckroyd" and any of P.D. James as one of the real champs of the genre. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I've read a lot of mystery fiction and have rarely been this engrossed or challanged. True, it drags a little towards the middle, but takes off like a roller coaster and never lets up until the end. I could also do without so much of Lynley's romantic travails, but that hardly makes a difference. A real gem. Can you tell I liked it?
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