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3,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 27. Juli 2000
Brionne is a good western and an enjoyable read, but is simply not up to the standards L'Amour set for himself. The best part of his books is the unexpected twist that always comes in the climax. This time, I was dissapointed. The climax was spelled out through the whole book so there wasn't much of a surprise when it finally came.
Don't get me wrong, though. I really liked the prairie fire scene, and the only reason I give this book 3 stars is the fact that L'Amour wrote many books that were much better. The fact that one of L'Amours worst books was still extremely enjoyable shows how far ahead of the competition he is. Kirby Jonas, Ralph Compton, Zane Grey and any other western writer you can name simply can't hold a candle to L'Amour. He is in a league of his own when it comes to westerns. Every one of his many, many legions of fans will attest to this fact.
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am 3. Januar 2000
This was a typical L'Amour, and it's easy to use the word typical with a L'Amour because let's face it, they were all an awful lot alike. The book was pretty good. I liked the characters and all. But like most of L'Amour's stuff they lacked the emotion I've come to enjoy from other authors. Take Kirby Jonas. He's the guy people have started calling The New Louis L'Amour. It's pretty fitting, because he writes in a lot the same style. But his books have more emotion, and you get more involved with his characters. What I like about L'Amour is how clean his books are, and how he keeps down the swearing. But Kirby Jonas is the same there, too. I think L'AMour has some stiff competition on his tail!
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am 5. Februar 1999
This is a heart-warming, and a tear-shedding story that revolves around Brionne -the father- and his young but ready to learn only son his wife left behind! Brionne leaves all the hard memories behind and seek for a whole new peaceful life in some other spot of the land but the trouble come after which put Brionne in a difficult situation! May not be the best of L'Amour writings but it's surely nice, and will keep you reading till you reach the end of the story!
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am 1. Februar 2000
I liked Brionne quite a bit. The country seemed so real, and I liked the history of the main character. Read this L'Amour for sure, and if you like it read Kirby Jonas's Legend of the Tumbleweed. The call Jonas the New Louis L'Amour, and I concur. They write like a matched pair, and I'd be proud to recommend anything by either of them.
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