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am 23. Mai 2000
I first read this book almost by accident in September of 1997. I was browsing through a bookstore out of town, and there it was. I thought $7 couldn't hurt. I've tried everything else. Why not this book?
Well, 2 1/2 years later, I've been able to pay off more debt than I care to mention. ($20,000+ comes to mind as a fairly accurate figure). I have often wondered what makes a self-help book really helpful. There are several things about this book that I really liked.
The first is that it is not a book about investments and how to get rich quick. It's not about depriving yourself either. It really doesn't give any specific financial advice which is why I liked it so much. There are other books for stuff like that.
Probably the single most important lesson in this book, and one which has changed my life immensely, is stop borrowing money. Just stop. Do it one day at a time. When I started on my debt repayment plan, I didn't worry so much about paying off my debt as much as not taking on any new debt. If that sounds simplistic, well it is. That's the whole point of this book. It's simple. It's not easy. If you want to heal, stop the bleeding. People who are in the rat race of juggling credit cards are bleeding cash every month. Stop the bleeding first, and then you start to heal.
Another lesson I learned is the monthly spending record. My friends howl when I suggest this. Keep track of every penny, yes every penny, that comes into your life and out of your life. I can say with conviction that that suggestion alone, coupled with not taking on new debt, will make your life so much different, you'll wonder in amazement. The author suggests keeping a weekly spending record and transferring it to a monthly record. I keep just a monthly record. It takes up very little time. It's also very eye opening how much money flows right out the expense column every month. The benefit of this is it allows you to make adjustments and find out where you are bleeding. It's not enough to guess. Until you write down everything, you will never fully understand where your money problems are. You can use a computer spreadsheet or you can do what I do which is write it down on old fashioned paper.
Another lesson this book taught me is that you don't need a credit card. Now there's a revolutionary concept. If you really think about it, how many people in your life including yourself say, "I need a credit card for emergencies." Hogwash! I've had two genuine emergencies in my life where I needed money and needed it fast. Well guess what? I had two choices, I could pay with a credit card or I could pay with cash. I paid with cash. Funny how many people accept cash as a payment these days. If you want to get out of debt, get out of the credit card habit. Use a debit card. I use my Visa debit card for all my purchases, and it works beautifully. Same as cash.
One more thing, if you use credit cards and you pay interest every month, do you realize you're making the bank rich? Do you realize you're working for the bank? Whether you like it or not, that's true. Here's another lesson. Look over your credit card balances right now and ask yourself out of all the money you owe, how much stuff do you have to show for it?
Why do I give this book 5 stars? Well, I can divide my life into two time periods. The first time period was everything that happened up until september 14, 1997 which is the day I bought the book, and everything that has happened since then. I have no credit card debt at all since reading that book. I do have a credit card (okay, I cheat) with a $350 limit only to rebuild my credit. I pay it off every month. One word of caution, reading this book can be frustrating at times because you will come to the full realization that your attitude about money is completely wrong and that you are overwhelmed with debt that will take a long time to pay off. Relax. Once you start paying off your debt, it's all downhill. It picks up speed as you go along. I know, I've done it. Thanks Jerrold Mundis for writing this book. I've saved thousands of dollars in interest because of it. Email me with your experiences. I have other books I also recommend.
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am 12. Juni 2000
If you are having problems with debt; if you have felt any shame or humiliation over your financial situation; if you keep hoping a miracle will come along and get you out of debt, this book is for you. This has given me more hope than I have ever had about my financial situation. I am a single women and have been going through more pain, torment and embarrasment about my finances than I can ever remember. This will help! Thank you Jerrold Mundis, I can't wait to read your next one.
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am 22. April 2016
Ich fand das Buch lesenswert. Ich möchte hier nicht auf Details eingehen, Leseprobe herunterladen und Inhaltsverzeichnis durchgehen. Der Inhalt ist ein wenig aufgebläht aber doch in Summe lehrreich.
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am 25. Dezember 1999
Seven years ago I purchased this book. At that time I was in what I considered at the time real financial trouble. I passively read the book twice before taking the time to concentrate on what it was really saying.
Five years after my third reading of the book I was completely debt free and I can tell you that the feeling of relief was incredible.
For those of you who are looking for step-by-step instructions, you won't find it in this book, but with a good head on your shoulders and some determination, you shouldn't need that type of approach. You will generate the method on your own.
As I mentioned before, it has been seven years since I last read this book. I still remember the basic principles but plan to brush up on it again. I was married two years ago, we now have a home, a baby, and several cars. Before I find myself in a familiarly uncomfortable position, I'm going to share this with my wife, and make sure it doesn't happen ever again.
I would suggest this book to anyone willing to work hard to get themselves out of debt.
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am 17. September 1998
This book is excellently written. It does not condescend or preach because the writer has been there and experienced everything related to having the joy sucked out of you because of money worries. "How to Get Out of Debt" has changed my life, literally, and its methods are simple, as in all truly great answers to life's problems. A shift in perceiving the way I viewed money and I am on the road to recovery (one day at a time) and for the first time allowing myself and my family enough monthly spending money. It really helps if you use a computer for working out your financial plan. I would recommend this book to anyone who is either in debt or starting out on that rocky road. As Charles Dickens said, "If a person has one pound and spends 99 pennies, then bliss. If he spends one pound and one penny, misery." (Or words to that effect). And he should have known, his family ended up in debtors' prison. Today, there are no debtors' prisons just misery and this book leads the way out.
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am 8. Mai 1999
Should be read by everyone who is in debt or plans to be in the future (which is probably everyone over 18). This book is amazing in it's simple, thoughtful approach to debt management both financially and emotionally. Mr. Mundis gives a heartfelt, rational, very sympathetic yet never condescending narrative to those of us who have been debtors over the years and have the bills and debts to prove it. Wish I read this when I was 18. Would have saved me a bundle. But it's never too late to start. A $7 book (less through Amazon, of course) that could save you literally thousands. Really. A book to be read over and over again. It's been around 10 years so you know people must still be needing it. A truly special, important book. Thank you, Mr. Mundis for an eye-opening experience.
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am 14. Februar 2000
This is one of the great books on the subject of debting and spending. I have been in D.A. for five years, and as everyone in that program knows, this book is a bible for some of us (though not "program-approved"). Mundis is a great place to start when you are feeling desperate, down-and-out, trapped and worried. Just reading the first chapter of the book can take a load off your shoulders. I, for one, do not have a problem with "twelve-step overtones." Hey. It works, if you work it. And this is one book that definitely helps you work it.
P.S. Another wonderful(and eminently readable) book on the subject: Money Drunk, Money Sober, by Cameron & Bryan. These authors have done a real service for people in financial trouble.
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am 7. Februar 2000
I really got a tremendous amount of insight from this book. It prompted me to make changes in the way I deal with money and debt that I think will last me for my lifetime. The book is based on a totally no-nonsense approach, and is filled with answers and reasons to combat the rationalizations we used that got us into debt. The book explains how one gets into debt and how to get out of it, without masking or sugar coating the effort involved. It is filled with charts, practical examples, and annecdotes one can apply to one's own situation. Don't be put off by the 12-step overtones -- it's subtle and totally disposable without robbing the book of its usefulness. A life-altering read. I highly recommend it. END
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am 17. September 1999
Mr. Mundis does a terrific job of explaining the Debtors Anonymous approach. If you are looking for more information on debt consolidation success strategies, you will love the newly published book: Slash Your Debt: Save Money and Secure Your Future! Slash Your Debt is the ultimate debt consolidation handbook: discover the 8 essential keys to debt consolidation, the secret of pre-payment, and avoid expensive traps when you use a home equity loan as a debt consolidation tool. Slash Your Debt is written by top credit experts Gerri Detweiler, Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman. Here's a tip from the book to get you started: to save the most, re-finance and pre-pay.
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am 22. Dezember 1999
funny how some other readers have been disappointed with mr. mundis' book - wanting more direct 'how to' instruction. so typical of debtors to want something for nothing. as a debtor in recovery, i understand that.
mr. mundis' book has changed my life and i found very clear and specific guidance in this book. it involves making a fundamental shift in my consciousness though, and that is far more difficult and profound than some accounting software.
the instructions are there, in plain language, and have the power to transform if one is ready to make that kind of bold statement. i'm going to read this again and buy a copy for a friend.
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