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am 16. April 2000
Imagine the opportunity to sit down in your favorite readingchair, mine just happens to be my buckskin leather chair, next to awarm fire... on a cool Florida evening in February. Add a nice bottle of Australian Merlot, and read the most commonsensical, witty, and highly diverse real world business success stories you have ever read, in one night. Directly from the mouth of one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, in one of the world's toughest markets. This book tells of experiences with success and failure in business and how to keep it all in perspective without being riddled with those $50 words.
Every competent entrepreneur knows full well that starting any new venture in your own backyard is extremely difficult and very risky. Imagine if you move to a new city to start the business or even a new state, can you imagine dealing with a foreign culture or a foreign country as an American? I would expect 9.999 of 10 would fail miserably in this situation. In this new millennium, Global Mega-Corporations with G-V's and Global Express' are still finding that doing American-style business in Asia is tantamount to climbing Everest, not to mention Thailand specifically. But one common theme prevails in Thai business, American business or business anywhere else in the world, it simply takes common sense and the logic of knowing when to check your ego at the door.
This is a must read for every college student that wants to "climb the corporate ladder" someday, all budding entrepreneurs in all industries, middle-level managers who truly want to move-up, and senior level executives who want to understand how to work efficiently with the "team-members" who work with you to "increase the wealth of the shareholder." It is truly a team effort in Global Business today.
Bill, thanks for an inspiring, educational, and motivational read. I look forward to filing your flight plans and breaking speed records on the way to Bangkok with your new..........
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am 30. März 2000
This has been one of the best books I have read in a while. Mr. Heinecke shows great insight into the methods of an entrepreneur. In addition, Mr. Heinecke's entrepreneurial endeavors have been centered in Thailand and Southeast Asia, giving the book great insight into Asian culture. After living in Thailand for 6 years as a child, it was very interesting to see the methods and organization of Mr. Heinecke's many business ventures I had grown accustomed to while in Thailand. Overall, and excellent book!
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